• May 29, 2024

Review of Your Name

In Your Name, the story is accompanied by intense and soothing rock music, full of attacks and surging electronic music. The orchestral music is full of mild shock, the piano is crisp and clean, and the Japanese songs with rapping words are interwoven. The narrative and plot of the story are incisively and vividly displayed. From the beginning to the end, the audience’s heart follows the theme and the content, ups and downs, exciting.

One of the films, to count, uses a rotation of the camera from the bottom up, as if opening the field of view of the eyes focused on the screen. The vast expanse of land and the vast expanse of the deep space encapsulate the fragility and insignificance of “man”. In the same way, it’s the audience standing at the lowest point of the character looking down on the world. As the camera moves back and forth between Take and Mishap Miyazui, the two protagonists’ expressions of surprise and novelty, culminating in the woman’s dark eyes, “What’s your name?” It’s the knot between you and me. With the aid of music, Xing with help, in three points, When, it seems to open the two doors of the world in the heart, and the curiosity and arrogant imagination are thus developed.

All the encounters in life are long-separated reunion. Affect the reunion, is always forward time in the push. Maybe in parallel worlds, maybe in vertical space, As the film says: “Gather, shape, twist, twist, return, pause, rejoin. This is the group button. This is time. Here it is.” So are all the encounters of life? The first few times Tachibana Take and Miyazui Mishap exchanged their bodies in vertical space, from the first time they were surprised by their lives, to the latter two people reached a consensus, and then Tachibana and Mimi Oji failed to date, Tachibana Take was a little upset when he dialed the number Miyazui Mishap left on his mobile phone, where time and space began to pause, break and recombine. Finally, the two are reunited when Tachibana learns of the thousand-year-old comet’s visit to Earth. Trying to keep the entire garrison town alive

In the throng of people, first meet; Then there is an inexplicable consensus forming in the heart; But also through certain things happen, several times again; Then, there is also a relationship between regression or stop, no people may be dissipated in interpersonal, predestined people meet again; Back and forth, back and forth. Therefore, all the encounters in life have become a long-separated reunion.

More importantly, the film expounds the truth of “God is dead” in the postmodern society, which is no longer an ancient legend or weak superstition to confuse sentient beings. The cultural form with Japanese color is used to explain the “faith of man” in industrial society. For example: knot rope, chew wine.

The knot connects all living beings like a comet hitting the earth. From the palace water three leaves are born from the mother’s womb. The moment the umbilical cord is cut, the “commonness” between mother and son has been cut off. Complete personality “man” is born from this society, or in the world, or in time and space. Then the story is reversed to the scene where Tachibana and Miyazui Ischia switch bodies. From grandma Gong Shun Yi Ye mouth said: Gong Shun Yi ye mouth chewing wine, is half of her (brain, Gong Shun home is to recruit son-in-law, so Gong Shun Yi ye, Gong Shun two ye, Gong Shun three ye, Gong Shun four ye feel is “four golden flowers”, in fact, it is not; In addition, Japan is a nation with no surnames and only first names, so it is a little difficult to understand their respective names). Ichihara Miyazui took Miyazui Mishap and Miyazui Shisha to their respective chewing wine into the shrine. Tachibana Take came to the shrine three years later, drinking Miyazui Mistaya’s chewing wine, which caused time and space shuttle, only Tachibana Take submerged back to Miyazui Mistaya’s body, trying to do everything possible to let the people in the town evacuated to the safety zone. Here, too, will the film illustrate that divinity and faith will produce commonality through the medium of matter. Thus ascending to: divinity, no longer the ethereal and illusory “spiritual product of man”,This kind of commonality can make people equal “happiness, sorrow, life and death”.

In the story arrangement, the first half of the film is a double line will be told, female Miyazui a leaf for the first line, male master Tachibana Take for the other line; In the latter part of the film, the two main merged into a line, and then the cause of the story, the process of the story. If you are a Jin Yong fan, you should know that when King wrote the Blue Blood Sword, it was a two-line narrative, and then combine it. The two lines of “Blue Blood Sword” lay in that the golden snake Lang Jun is the first line, and Yuan Changsha, the son of Yuan Changchun, is the other line. You’re Name. Compared with the Blue Blood Sword, Jin Yong tried to write in this way, but failed. The novel generated so many criticisms that the Blue Blood Sword (TV series and book) was not smooth and completes enough to enjoy, so King changed the Blue Blood Sword for the third edition. In recent years, TV shows and movies seem to have adopted the customary bridge narrative technique, “flashbacks, flashbacks and flashbacks”. Rather than being creative and innovative, it’s time to “test” the audience’s intelligence. For example, the discussion on “Mate Choice” and “Life”, which I wrote before, was a movie review after watching the domestic TV drama “Good Mr.” There is also “to remember with feelings”, is watching the movie “Tomb Robbing Notes” feeling, practice writing film review.

Makoto Sinai’s Your Name. Every frame is beautiful, beautiful to the breath, even the boys in the screening room, not to mention the girls in love. Realistic, meticulous, aesthetic is the picture label of this film, conquer the eyes. The script is full, novel, profound meaning, so that the rebellious aesthetic after watching the whole film shattered and rebuilt to reach another dimension. Let the scenery set off the characters, let the script control the whole animation kingdom.

As a professional, with “three two bear gall, two blood, one or two calm”, appreciate this film coquet.



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