• May 29, 2024

Monster house

I only love Halloween, is a simple appreciation. It’s a perfectly natural combination of real history, mundane life, interesting customs, and pranks that, despite years of experience, still easily escape the usual routine. So that I am deeply fascinated by the history, culture and whimsy of Westerners, it is really interesting.

Unlike my favorite, The Nightmare before Christmas, which is a bizarre and amazing fantasy, Monster House focuses more on family drama. The story is set in a relatively realistic setting and inevitably tacky, but the frequent twists and turns of the plot and the elaborate casting make the film remarkable. The strange House is a clue throughout, interspersed with several different elements. Like a line wearing pearls, each small, but all shining their own light.

Children’s stories

Halloween is always in the children this piece, so there is the beginning of the small MM, the kind of innocence, naughty jump let me see once myself, it is no longer able to return to the past, so can only be engraved in the depths of memory to cherish.

Digger, Joan, and Jenny are really ordinary kids. Digger cringed, Joan stammered, and Jenny had a little ego. The two boys have a strong desire to prove that they are no longer children, but the adults’ inertia of thinking and experience are enough to ignore all their hopes, and what’s worse, they are often weak, weak, complaining, vain, greedy… Especially in front of Jenny But that’s what’s so cute about them. Yeah, they’re just kids. So all these little faults after they work together to defeat the monster house all turned into flowers on the brocade, dazzling, brilliant.

Love story

A house of demons, a strange old man those two things alone are enough to give off a creepy vibe.

The old man was grumpy and disagreeable. At first I thought the same thing Digger did, that he was the one who killed his wife.

However, as the children enter the magic house and unravel all kinds of doubts one by one, I suddenly found that under the appearance of the strange old man who seems to be cranky, there is a gentle, forbearance and lonely soul, which guards the woman she loves deeply. Even though she is fat, sensitive and neurotic and arbitrary, it is just because she lacks and cannot love, but also yearned to love and be loved. So even death still stubbornly into the spirit of hatred and the house, perhaps unwilling to leave her husband alone. Those hideous claws, the grotesque red Windows green board is only her to defend and protect their own love and loved ones tools, the same desire but because of Yin and Yang and use the wrong way, but in addition to this she has what method? So it seems that this gloomy magic house has all been replaced by helplessness and sadness. 45 years of bondage, how sad and sad. Looks like a strange old man to the room muttering, but it is how to get unbelted gentle. The moment the house was blown up, Content’s spirit turned into smoke and hugged the old man with a tender farewell, and her nose began to ache. Never give up, together with each other, can actually be expressed in this weird alternative form. It was really unexpected. So I was impressed. Love, responsibility, unwillingness, persistence, tolerance, resentment, destruction, redemption, relief, liberation… Nearly half a century of entanglement was finally settled when they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

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The magic House ate too many children’s toys, including the old bones. Childhood kite not only has not disappeared away, but more deeply stationed in the heart. In fact, everyone has their own cherished toys; it has nothing to do with age. Is the bearer of dreams and memories, unique, uncle? Grow up is inevitable, but childlike innocence did not leave. Just like the two cops at the end, they’re still talking about Halloween candy, right? Digger’s parents are always showing a variety of funny behavior. If they do, then Digger and Joan are not to mention ~

Ha, ask a: “Trick or treat?” Savor the candy and listen to the past in a monster house this Halloween…



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