• May 29, 2024

Midsummer Night Magic

It has been nearly a week since I first came into contact with this film, and my heart has gradually eased from a very excited joy. Although every day is still irregularly repeated several times the song of the movie, cannot help but immersed in this magic and singing world. Because I can’t help my love for this film, I decided to dedicate my first review on Doosan to this lovely film – Strange Magic. I won’t say much about the analysis and detailed evaluation of the plot here, but I can proudly say that I have watched many parts of the film for more than five or six times, so that when I understand the plot and lines, I even have more time to pay attention to those vaguely visible surprises.

It’s not just the subtle expressions of the characters that are memorable, but also the fight scene when Boggy and Marianne meet for the second time, and the emotional affection between the two. Later, however, when Roland kidnaps Dawn and they work together, it becomes clear that the wand is also hiding a sharp sword. This is also a side expression of Bogy’s gentlemanly manners towards Marianne at all times.

More or hope that you can go to the movie experience, each character’s small actions and small expressions are performed incisively and vividly. However, as far as the plot is concerned, this film is not perfect. Although some of the plots are a little old-fashioned and there are some vague feelings about Dawn, generally speaking, the main plot runs through the whole film to achieve a good effect. As for Dawn’s love line, her sister seems to love each other all the time, but Sunny always accompanies her, so my understanding is that her sister does not realize that she always depends on and likes Sunny. It was not until Sunny came to hug the frightened girl that Dawn perhaps unconsciously realized that she liked him. All of this is pure imagination, of course, but it’s probably what the movie is trying to say, right?

As a guy who has always been passionate about animation, I have seen most of the animation movies, especially the style pattern of the European and American. When it comes to the men who get love but do not necessarily have handsome appearance, cannot help but think of the most famous green monster Shrek “Shrek the monster”, he with a local flavor and strange bad habits because of the hero won the princess’s heart – even let the princess also assimilation with their appearance.

The other is also the villain of the male lead Megamind “Megamind”, although the face is still good but the big blue head is also like a mutant avatar feeling dissonant. The feeling line with tying is due to a long time understanding of two people already familiar with each other, but in the love of the change of appearance, although there are some episodes in love but he is also as a hero to save the city also got tying admiration. And The Bitumen Reaper from the earlier amorous anime book of life, Xiablba The book of life, surrounded by jealous green flames, is rendered lovely at the request of a former lover.

In terms of looks, they are not conventionally handsome, but their likability in personality makes up for their low level of appearance. In the same sense, our swamp king bog is the same. Although as a king, he is of excellent stature, height and voice, and has such a good singing style, gentle personality and gentlemanlike style, his scary appearance at first glance makes people stay away from him. However, after spending time with Marianne, a female protagonist with whom he has the same smell, he becomes softer and more protective towards her than ever before. So finally two people can calmly accept each other’s feelings, become one.

In general, and this is the only thing I want to say, everyone deserves to be loved no matter what they look like. Just as the opening line of the film says — Everybody deserves to be loved. Do not understand may be terrible, but once understood but found is so lovely. Thanks to Lucas for bringing this film that brightens people’s eyes and rebuilds values and social outlook in our hearts. Unfortunately, although the box office and public praise in foreign countries are somewhat unsatisfactory, this film has filled our hearts with girls and cute spots and really brought us joy. I hope it can be introduced to China, because this is a good work worthy of being loved and teaching people how to love.



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