• May 29, 2024

Giant who interprets dreams

After watching the Giant, I came back in the middle of the night and searched on Doosan to see how many points I could get, expecting it to be more than 8 points. Only to see this happen,I feel bad about it.

Don’t many people see the true meaning of the movie? This movie gives me a little bit of Life of PI, and a little bit of the Little Prince.

There is a hidden line below the film: Sophie, the young princess of the British royal family (the main character) does not feel loved by her relatives, and the monotonous life makes her feel like living in an orphanage. She thought the Queen was as cold as an orphanage director. She was lonely, and she hated the people around her — the queen, the mother, and the guards. I think they’re being hypocritical. The only fun is when I see people around me in a serious way; I think they farmed in public. She longs for an ordinary and happy life. Until one day, all the images in her mind combined together and made her have a dream. This dream made her look into her heart and see her subconscious thoughts step by step. Slowly opened the heart knot When she woke up, she thought everything was fine. The second possibility is that the dream giant is real. He thought the English princess was unhappy and wanted to change her. He created a dream for her, in whom they met and the giant untangled the little girl step by step. The whole movie is the whole dream.

For example, when a few hooligans wander into the orphanage at night and are scared away by Sophie’s scolding, the whole feeling is royal, showing that although it is a dream, the nature of their own will not change. And the first time was sent back to the orphanage by the giant, as if everything had not changed, the beginning to go downstairs looking for food cat is still downstairs, dormitory children are still the same posture. How can everything be the same if a child is missing? Only a girl’s dream would make this scenario plausible. Another example is that the girl wipes down the grey portrait of the Queen as a symbol of her changing view of her grandmother. At the end, when Sophie asked the giant what her dream was, the giant’s answer put the finishing touches on the whole theme — Sophie wanted to be ordinary and happy. She said she had a family, people who loved her. These spoke to Sophie’s heart and made a real change in Sophie’s mood. But the giant did not answer what the dream was, for it was what Sophie was now experiencing.

Those who say they are not good are generally used to the commercial blockbuster model of the audience; only love the ups and downs of the plot. However, a master is still a master. When you really calm down and immerse yourself in the art world instead of the “film”, what you can see is the inner world of a pure little girl, where all kinds of strange images and unreasonable phenomena are not surprising. We appreciate it through the eyes of a little girl, to see her change of heart. The whole film, profound artistic conception and gorgeous pictures, really enjoy.

Update, Oct 31: I’m glad that the first film review on Doosan has struck a chord with so many denizens. I’m here to answer some questions from critics and those who have questioned me.

1. Conspiracy theorists think I’m a water soldier. Registered new number plus the only film review,Here I can only wish your future life can be sunnier than now.

2. Some denizens say that I over-interpret things and make things out of nothing. To this point, first of all, nobody knows the essential intention of the director, because you have not talked to the director, so you have no basis to say that I over-interpret. Secondly, the essence of an artistic work can only be realized after we, the recipients, go to see it and draw our own feelings. Everyone has the right to get their own unique experience of the art. This is how I felt about the film, and it was aesthetically pleasing, and the film realized its essence for me. There is no such thing as excessive or not, because art itself is a calling structure to be filled by the viewer. There are a thousand Hamlets for a thousand readers.

By and large, you’re reading my reading and saying I’m over reading you’re also over reading…

3. Some denizens say that my interpretation is different from the original novel. Is Li Bahia’s Farewell My Concubine the same as Chen Paige’s Farewell My Concubine? Is Yu Hue’s To Live the same as Zhang Yahoo’s To Live? Is the novel Journey to the West the same as the TV series Journey to the West? If you are satisfied with the original content instead of pursuing something new, why go to the movies? If the director just copies the original without designing new connotations, how can the director’s dominance over the film are reflected?

4. Just as everyone has the right to feel and interpret the movie, everyone also has the right to dislike the movie. But that just means you don’t like it. There are many people who like this movie, so you have no right to say that the movie itself is bad.

And finally, it’s not because of these so-called dark lines that this movie is good. It is because of the innocence, innocence, dream, childlike innocence and fantasy of this film. And then the final revelation sublimates the overall connotation of the whole film.



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