• May 29, 2024

“The Incredible”: Family, together, seeing is power

Dr. Cohen also mentioned in the book “The Power of Play” that letting children play powerful roles, such as superman, princess, and good student, will make children feel their own inner strength.

Ha, unexpectedly, it turns out that children like superman, heroes these characters, there is an important psychological significance.

When I got back home, I took the opportunity to finish watching The Incredible 1. Although these two movies presented the plot of Superman, as a mother concerned about family education, I also saw a lot of problems existing in ordinary families in this movie, such as:

The mother’s self in marriage,

Balancing the needs of the child with the needs of society,

Adolescent communication,

Dads are involved in parenting,

A baby’s sense of power

Wait, there are other characters who present the good and evil of human nature, the worth of self, is really very rich, I won’t give away the plot, let’s take a look at the Superman family, how they face and solve these problems.

First, the mother’s self in the marriage relationship.

The Elastigirl mom without her super suit is just another stay-at-home mom who relies on her husband’s regular insurance job to support her family and is paranoid about his actions.

Mr. Super Ability received an unexpected job, income doubled, status rise, suddenly cannot find the whereabouts, which makes the mother crying tears, just like ordinary women.

But in order to rescue the distress of Mr. Super, in the designer friend Mo Yana’s drum (ci) encouragement (jig), return to the river and lake, but in the moment to see her husband, but to see Mr. Super with a young girl affectionate embrace.

What happened then?

Ha, even Elastigirl, don’t lose yourself in marriage. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or not, you should have your own life, your own hobbies, and even your own career

In the second part, there’s a big twist, with Mom being chosen to work as the spokesperson and Dad staying at home with the three kids.

As moms, we deserve to be seen.

Second, balance the needs of children with the needs of society

The eldest son Ba Xiaofei, special function is to run fast, he especially want to participate in the school sports games, but the mother in order not to expose the identity, has not agreed, for this Ba Xiaofei very angry, often use their super ability in the school to make trouble for the teacher, for this mother is often called to the principal’s office.

After a series of events, the whole family worked together to defeat the evil forces. Mom and dad also saw the power of the child and saw that the child is worthy of respect.

The whole family watch the game scene of Ba Xiaofei, while Shouting, refueling, while Shouting not to run too fast, run a second can, let the audience is very confused, but, participate in, is the growth of the whole family is not it?

Every child’s needs deserve to be seen.

Third, adolescent communication

Daughter Dashiell, puberty, with a strange hairstyle, the date saw himself wearing super clothes scene, was erased memory, also erased the memory of Dashiell, as well as the agreement of two people dating.

Therefore, she hated her father, and her father was very worried about this. He tried his best to make a chance for her to contact with the boy, but the result back tripped and made her look ugly in front of the boy. In fact, his father was also very sad.

In order to take care of the three children, my father did not sleep well for several days, very tired, also very frustrated, he sat beside Dashiki and told him that he really want to do something for her, but did not know that doing so will hurt the child’s heart, he really want to be a good father.

The result of a genuine expression, but let the daughter understand the father’s heart, the father slept for several days in a breath, the daughter assumed the work of taking care of the family, the adolescent daughter, the same worthy to be seen.

Later, the daughter changes her strange hairstyle and leads her two younger brothers to rescue Mom and Dad and all of their Superman friends. The power of children is really worth seeing.

Fourth, dads are involved in parenting

Mother as an excellent representative of superman, go out to work, father helpless at home to take care of three children, so that his wife has no back only worry, the results can be imagined, there is a word to describe: want to crush the children have broken heart.

But through his own efforts, he won his daughter’s heart, helped his oldest son solve math problems, and discovered his youngest son, Jay, 17 kinds of super powers.

In a family, father also need to be seen, many fathers do not participate in parenting, not their own lack of power, but in this family, mother and the elderly are too capable, father does not need to do anything, but cannot find their own parenting position.

If you can’t do anything without being criticized, don’t do it at all. Say something, you’ll be complained about, you’ll just say nothing; What’s more, since there is no room for me at home, I will not go home at all.

We need to see Dad’s energy, give dad more opportunities, more encouragement, dad also needs to grow and be seen.

Fifth, the baby’s sense of power

The youngest child in the family, Ba Xiaojie, is actually the most super ability of one, in the big action to save mom and dad, it is Ba Xiaojie took off the control of his mother’s glasses; just make the situation has been fundamentally improved.

Not to mention the baby’s 17 superpowers. After watching the movie, my son also invented two parent-child games according to the plot of the baby’s super power. I would like to share with you, so that you can play with your children.

The first game: Eyes can fire

Mother holds the baby, let the child pretend to be a gun, shooting at the father, mouth dubbing, tutu, dad pretend to be shot, the focus is on the father’s interpretation, ah ~, with body movements twisting.

The baby will laugh.

This game can enhance the child’s inner sense of strength and self-confidence, let the father participate in, create a warm family environment, cultivate parent-child relationship.

The second game: Attract the baby with cookies

The child pretended to be a small Jay disappeared, the mother pretended to take out a cookie to attract the child, the child heard that there are cookies, quickly ran out. Then switch roles with the child. This game can relieve the child’s nervousness about not having a snack.

Finally, in every family, everyone has different roles, and everyone deserves to be respected and seen. Only a balanced, harmonious and relaxed growth-oriented family atmosphere is conducive to the growth of everyone, including parents and each child.

Everyone needs to grow up, and everyone deserves to be seen, right?


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