• May 29, 2024

Tennis prince

Follow you. I can reach you from any height.

Most like not two weeks help this sentence, in the face of his waiting for three years of companions and opponents cut, he still said this sentence is the most two words. This not only shows the unique charm of character: peaceful but persistent, maybe not obsessed with winning or losing, but persistent in a higher level of tennis, not only technical, but also the physical and mental limits of the double transcendence, just like he and hand Zhou in the final dedication of the perfect game for us. It also shows the excellence of his partner’s hand which is deeply recognized by him.

I think many friends who like him will also have a little regret for him losing the match, especially when he finally left tears of happiness. You know, the secret of unbeatable genius lies precisely in the enjoyment of tennis rather than the peace of competition. So I don’t know whether the match with the hand cut will really change his personality, but I hope not. No two and hand cut, originally is two different kinds of perfect, no points of victory and defeat, but just in the tie-break rules of the game, I’m afraid two people are very clear, the next ball, not necessarily who will win.

What is missing is the kind of leadership and control that is needed. But no less they are two different kinds of geniuses.

Hand cut is the undefeated king, always in the not distant front, inspiring Noni, Rishi, Echini, even Canada, Kobe they. He had the quiet power and strength of a king. You automatically look up to and follow such a leader. You never see a moment of confusion in your hands. He’s perfect in this comic. Strong, decisive, sharp judgment is the perfect expression of a man.

Not only is the undefeated angel, above the competition, perfect display, interpretation and pursuit of the realm of tennis, he is not following who footsteps, he is in their own intoxication step by step to challenge themselves. As shown in the cartoon, every time he opens his smiling eyes, he is ready for a real fight. He defeats Antinuke to save his brother, defeats ferocious Kanda to save Orange, saves Kanda who mistook a tennis ball for a weapon, and defeats Bartram to save him from the evil hand of Coach Baker. Is that all? In fact, it is not, in the real stand on the court, no two will still pursue the outcome, but need to be inspired by the opponent’s strong; he does not need to care about the result, but every ball control and perfect. In the small beauty fell and was not two caught that small moment, I was really a small heartbeat, ha, 25 years old, long lost feeling, infatuated with an angel in the animation.

Yeah, I haven’t felt it in a long time. I’m so hooked.

A little like when you see Slam Dunk master feeling, gently but closely behind their persistent footsteps. They are more real than Yukawa, showing the same excellence on the field and in life. The most like not two light smile, hand cut down-to-earth eyes, if there is such a perfect combination in the world, it is a feast for the eyes, of course, can have such animation is also very beautiful enjoyment.

Compared with the two of them, Echini were more far-fetched as the protagonist. Especially in the last episode, I was a little disappointed when I rushed back to make a decision with my hand in order to compete in the United States. You know, chine is just a person who constantly follows the strong and tries to surpass them, so in this sense, can constantly challenge their own hand cut and perfect is the real king.

Ha, I see. That’s probably why Echini are called Prince.

I’m afraid this interpretation and the author’s meaning is a little close, the most typical evidence is, in the small version, the hand cut and no two is as the grandparents of the family appeared, ha don’t say much, have seen without more words.



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