• May 29, 2024

Volleyball boy

Once blood basketball, sideline football, old found volleyball is very leisure in recent years has been specializing in volleyball. Since the comments didn’t see a single article talking about dirty young people from the perspective of sports, it was a hit.

The first natural is its seemingly rebellious bounce, in fact, from the author’s description and the results of the battle, Xiang Yang’s bounce is just better, 180 or so height of the positive blocking can be completed to seal him (the first battle king normal attack was completed). This is not much to talk about in reality. In the peak of the Cuban women’s volleyball team, the two main attackers were around 175 heights and beat the world’s 190+ blockers. Brine cooking has personally seen 15X height touch high finish abuse Xiang Yang (a weightlifter).

As for Xiang Yang another trick of all kinds of high speed change is more ordinary, a small range of high speed maneuvering ability is bound to be stronger than tall. What is truly outrageous is the large number of changes in the direction of its single attack, which is impossible in reality. The author blindly describes this stunt of pig’s foot, completely putting aside the main attack of really standing in the same row. In fact, if a volleyball player changes his position widely, his teammates in the same row will also need to make corresponding adjustments, otherwise when the pig’s foot randomly changes and jumps backwards, the aggressor will either collide with him (which actually happens in the comics) or stand back and watch the male pig perform. If you want to avoid this, the hogs have very limited space to attack, and the quality of their fast breaks is not as scary as in the comics.

Technically, the king has no weakness at all – the author just pulls the king from character. In reality, 2 pass is the most difficult position to practice, so the king’s BUG is that the technology is too perfect, perfect is not interesting ~ according to the king’s technology, in fact, put him in the back row should be a big killer – tactically, you can change the rhythm of the need to change Sugawara as the setter, the king in the back row to provide offensive ability and perfect receiving ability, Far better than allowing Tanaka’s wonky catch (once in the manga the king catches the ball in the back row – but the top setter is Nishitani – and only once). Maybe this is a meme the author left for later upgrades.

The captain is the most realistic relative to the above two – work hard to perfect the receiving ability, but the captain’s service is not a skill is too bad – The powerful service requires talent, but aggressive and stable service can also be developed (relatively perfect defense, service is too easy).

An average attacker – volleyball Angle has nothing to say, so the author tries to make him cute.

Like Tanaka, although under the name of genius, but in the perspective of free people is also plain existence; reliability is not a good stunt, so it is also joined in the cute group.

Different from the above two, although the main attack character is very weak, but attack ability and bounce can be a characteristic player, the description of the attack is very authentic, advantages and disadvantages are very clear. The only odd thing is the serve, which is supposed to be a strong attack, but the author has reduced his serve to a beginner’s level…

The main 6 people to this, other characters have love can put forward, boiled will answer ~

The author also obviously played volleyball – it’s a great detail that there are no muscular men in the characters – volleyball is a non-contact sport – so the genre is defined by the lanky physique of the participants.



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