• May 29, 2024

​ A review of Coco

When tears fall, mixed with dreams and feelings of life and death, Coco also ends in a song about death. The film is set against the background of the Day of the Dead, a traditional Mexican holiday, and tells a story about dreams and family ties. Miguel, the hero, is like millions of us who pursue our dreams because of our love, and his relatives play the role of “blocking” the dream. Between dreams and relatives, Miguel chose dreams. When he was confused about his music dream, his relatives resolutely chose to support him. The little boy also found the importance of his family in the end.

What attracted me at first was its delicate pictures and delicate cultural integration. The unique Mexican style makes every scene worth appreciating. At first, like most viewers, I might have thought that Coco was a cliché story about pursuing dreams. However, I will be unconsciously attracted by the ups and downs of the story. The person who doesn’t understand me the least helps me in the end. The person who I want to be the most is a thief who steals other people’s dreams. Our life is so full of twists and turns, but the original intention is more clear in every inadvertent. Our family is just like what is shown in the film. They lead us in their own way in order to reduce our injuries. Maybe the way is not necessarily rational, but even if we choose to go ahead, they will never leave.

My greatest feeling was on the night when my grandfather passed away. I knew at that moment that the end of my life was unexpected. When the old man, who was suffering from illness, left suddenly, I was still preparing for the senior three exams. The moment I received the phone call, I realized that I had no grandfather and my father had no father. Not enough time to grieve, my mind is full of grandpa smiling appearance, a few days ago was still concerned about my people can no longer accompany me, the side before school has become the last side, and those left regret can no longer make up, those later there is no result.

During the three days of my grandfather’s vigil, I kept repeating the song “Remember me” in my heart. This song from the movie carried my deepest feeling. Suddenly, I also want to believe that grandpa is living in a bustling world like the movie without any disease or pain. Maybe he has met his parents, maybe he is thinking of us in another world, and he is still around us.

The special feature of Coco is that it is a true representation of people’s reverie. Knowing that death is not leaving, knowing that loved ones is just across the river living the life they want. It seems that every year they really come back to the world, back to the other side of the river, to reunite with us, to share the warmth of home. Even when Yin and Yang are apart, people want to believe that they are never apart. In fact, this idea is more to make up for the regrets of the family are still alive. Just like writing missing on paper, and then lit the paper, whether these words really will be heard by the other side is not important, we just want to let each other know that we miss. The two sides of the film are the same world, because of the memory of each other; death is never the end of love. The real disappearance is to forget, is no one in the world remembering your existence. As long as we are in each other’s hearts, then death is not separation.

Grandpa’s departure made me have more feelings about movies, and let me learn to cherish the people who love me and loved me more. So, while our memories are fresh, try to pursue our dreams and love our families.


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