• May 29, 2024

Go boy

When I was a child did not see “Go boy”, now only to see, I am an adult view of this animation.

As soon as Jiang Lauer appeared, he had the aura of the leading role. The son of the Emperor (good family), he showed the edge of Go at the age of three (high talent). However, naughty good martial arts, worship demon knife king. These two factors hinder him from becoming a master of Wii. His rich family leads to his dandyish habits — playing on young monks in Lignin Temple and destroying books, which will affect his chess product — gambling. Good Wu does not love Wii, although Hong Yong has the talent, the good time will not last long. His father’s death, Lin Inching’s book to these two problems initially solved. Why preliminary? His father’s death let him suffer a blow, from now on no protection for orphans, but his bones that the strength of bravado fighting ruthless is still in, so easy to be used by Jin Wenyuange, become a small dagger, through gambling to make countless chess players broken, through the long test to the respected old national Liu Nan Run drag down. Lin’s books inspired his love of Wii, but he used it as a tool — revenge, money and fame — not a true love.

It can be said that from the moment he fell into the river’s lake, the road of go and the road of growth is just beginning. From his opponent after each game can be said to be his teacher, whether it is Scar, Wan Hong, or Jin Wenyuange, Li Musing, Goo Fengshan, he is in the fight to improve the chess quickly, because the opponent is different, so he can learn from everyone.

Liu Nauru was an important turning point in his life. He knew that Weiqi is not only about winning or losing, but also about getting happiness. Now a lot of people play League of Legends, King of glory, eat chicken and other games, but play with play, we forget the original intention, because of teammates hang up, send heads, dishes and because of their own mistakes and affect the heart, and even scold each other, in order to name the section and excessive fatigue, the game is to get happy ah!

Lin Inching is another important turning point in his life, there is a former master of chess guidance is different, the strength is a leap forward, the understanding of go on a level. “Heaven and Earth Datong” is equivalent to the top martial arts secrets; the next step is the way of nature, no move to win a move.

The reason why “Go Boy” is good is that its portrayal of characters is very fresh. West Jing Chess Academy as the villain, which is represented by Jin Wenyuange and Lei Lignin Some people don’t understand why Jiang Lauer suffered when Jin Wenyuange died. Jin Wenyuange could be regarded as Jiang Lauer’s first teacher, and the West Jing Academy was also a regular classroom. He began to learn Weiqi knowledge here, which was a crucial period for him to lay a solid foundation. Jin Wenyuange has bad intentions, but he is a serious teacher. Of course also taught him to win chess by hook or by crook, Lei Lignin did not have the luck of Jiang Lauer, Liu Nan such predecessors timely correct the detours.

Although Jin Wenyuange, Lei Lignin let people hate, to take chess, means. But five grand war chess, the next generation Pan Gouging hidden master hate object learn chess, Wu Yankee whiplash Jiang Lauer, chess ghost king drugs, on the way to compete for chess saint, the darkness of its heart is exposed, but in comparison, by their remorse easily forgiven, chess ghost king may be because of his honesty. Can you forgive Jin Wenyuange and Lei Lignin? Poor people must be hateful; the same, hateful people must be poor. If not for their love of Go, they might not have gone down the wrong path. Chessman’s title is like devil fruit. Lin Inching body no stain, a white suit, master style! He’s so good at chess. The best students don’t need to do tricks.

Those who fight for the chess master are pathetic people! I do not know if anyone noticed, Jiang Lauer said to the emperor, Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting is to cultivate sentiment, cultivate one’s character, not to fight for victory. The contest on the board is to further improve the art of chess, to reach a new realm of Go. That’s the purpose of Go! Lin Inching does not care about chess title, focus on the study of heaven and earth Datong; Liu Nauru played chess happily; Jiang Lauer and Kuroki’s Sino-Japanese Go exchange. The first and only game between Fang Sheng and Jiang Lauer was the greatest display of his chess ability, because at this time he did not have the burden of a master of chess, but just wanted to play chess well, and the opponent was very strong.

Compared with the first part, Jiang Lauer is mature and responsible, just like a person’s middle age. Chess ghost King Equivalent to the first part of the river Lauer, not afraid of heaven and earth, heart high Qi proud. At this time, Jiang Lauer played the role of father to the ghost king. Sharpen his mind and teach him chess by playing chess. Play the role of boyfriend to the flowers. To complete his father’s wish, bear the pain alone, first in the master Lin Inching and girlfriend father Fang Sheng hatred suffering, after is misunderstood by the world, but every time to see flowers, all these hidden in the bottom of my heart, concerned greetings.

Real chess players I never think go is more important than life. Three chess masters, Lin Inching, Fang Sheng, and Lei Lignin are such people. In this regard, the divine operator Goo Fengshan does not count.

Japan’s cultural invasion of Go to China. The Japanese shogun ate tried to destroy the confidence of Chinese players through Weiqi. From Shanghai to Kuroki to the trio, the wind swept the leaves every time, making people feel that the dark clouds were crushing the city, but they were successfully blocked three times. If Japan wins, will China be as resilient as Japan and have the courage to challenge again? Japan must be scary.

Little beggar to square hundred flowers, some powder turned black. Personally, I also prefer little beggars. Fang Bahia, dressed in beautiful women’s dresses, always feels less lively, clever, free and unrestrained, showing feminine, sentimental, crying and decent manners. Because she has more emotional bondage, identity bondage, some people sympathize with Jiang Lauer, think Fang Bahia inhumane. Jiang Lauer is misunderstood to sleep in the horse barn, but she guesses lantern riddles with people, watching lion dance, promised to share the good and bad? Xiao Jiang is so poor! Fang Bahia also poor, Jiang Lauer hate Fang saint, she sandwiched in the middle, after the death of his father, if heartless, and why cry many times?

For whom

Are you still a river?

Sometimes the outcome of the game on the board is not in the board and outside the board, it can be understood that the negative emotions outside the board, such as fear and tension, will affect the outcome of the game on the board. It can also be interpreted as taking unfair measures against the opponent to make up for their lack of skill and win by weakening the opponent.

From this cartoon, we can see a group of chess players who love Weiqi and are infected by their atmosphere of playing chess. The posture of playing chess is so handsome! You look your best when you’re focused on what you love.



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