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Hal’s moving castle

At the beginning of the movie, the theme song “Carousel of Life” slowly brings the audience’s emotions into the moving castle unconsciously immersed in the beautiful fairy tale world. The music is matched with the light green and blue nature beautiful background, the whistle of the train passing by, the lively small town, white clouds hanging high in the sky and far line.

The black copper color of the castle contrasts with the natural scenery

Hal and Sophie walk lightly in the air. These beautiful pictures are like magic, which can instantly calm down the impetuous mood and enjoy the fairy tale world created by Hayat Miyazaki.

Hal and Sophie bravely stepped out of the fear of the heart for each other, Hal in the sky to spread wings to fly to protect Sophie’s firm eyes, Sophie close to the Hal side and take care of the castle when the spirit of the look, they are in the heart to protect each other. And the general love story is different from Hal and Sophie’s love never said, no romantic sweet words; two people are really put into action to protect each other, hoping to stay safely around each other for a long time.

Hal knew Sophie existed long before they met at the beginning of the show but didn’t recognize her at the time. Sophie, on the other hand, knew her fate after meeting Hal and Cassis (fire demon) and went through hardships to travel back to the day when Hal and Cassis signed the contract. She left a heartbroken “Wait for me in the future”. In the movie Hal and Sophie meet the first day is when the two people meet, the kind Hal saved the Sophie who is being mulled did not expect to harm Sophie was cursed by the witch, but also therefore traction Sophie came to Hal moving castle smooth development of both romantic and mature love story ^^

Sophie, in particular, refused her sisters’ invitations to go shopping, turned a blind eye to everything the girls liked, and a job in a hat shop was clearly not what she wanted. There were so many hats in the store, but she liked the simplest one with a small bow. Shows that she prefers simple beauty to ostentatious flamboyance

Hal has also been running away from the pursuit of Salman’s magic teacher and the Witch of the Wilderness. Hal is a timid boy with strong self-esteem but weak “inside” and can’t stand any small stimulation, such as the change of his hair color, which causes him to lose his beauty and his confidence to be seriously shattered. Even powerful magic can’t cover up the emptiness of Hal’s heart (in fact, Hal “doesn’t” have one), but Hal’s inner world begins to have a subtle change after he meets Sophie.

Sophie because Hal was targeted by the wilderness witch was under a magic spell, even the witch he do not know how to solve, Sophie suddenly became a 90 years old silver-haired grandmother. Sophie was just surprised at her appearance but did not give up on herself. She dared to ask how many young girls suddenly looked in the mirror one day and found that their wrinkled and vicissitudes could still face their youth so calmly but could not be continued.

Sophie is different from other people. She is mature enough to see things rationally without crying. She wants to go to the witch to break the spell and get her looks back. Sophie is the kind of strong, and has the ability to make she quickly cheer up in the face of difficulties, especially in the dirty, full of smoke, cobweb castle, without a second to pull up the sleeves and try to clean up the way is very simple and cute.


I’ve never seen a 90-year-old woman with such spirit

Sophie was cursed after the decision to leave the hat shop (is also to find a good excuse to leave, has been carrying the identity of the father’s eldest daughter in the care of the hat shop), Sophie old lady left the city came to the suburbs met male 2- Scarecrow, saved the scarecrow, male 2 has been following Sophie. The Scarecrow was actually a cursed prince from a neighboring country. Every time Sophie was sad, the Scarecrow was there for her. Scarecrow coincidentally found Hal’s moving castle, successfully let Sophie in. Cassis (the fire demon who moved and guarded the castle and signed a contract with Hal) himself did not know why he listened to Sophie, including when Sophie put out the heart of Cassis and Hal with water, they were both miraculously still alive, which indicates that Sophie is the key to break the contract, the “magic key” that can only be bought with sincerity.


Keeps getting nice guy cards

I think ordinary Sophie is more like someone with real magic than Hal or Hexenbiest. Everyone and every animal that Sophie came into contact with liked her; even the scarecrow that Sophie had kissed was able to break the spell. This is because Sophie’s heart is pure and sincere, the most feared weapon in the dark magic world (sincerity is also a rare thing in our real world).

Fate let Sophie and Hal meet again in the castle outside the troubled times, the magic of Hal should see at a glance Sophie was under the curse cannot say, Hal see Sophie can let Cassis feel very surprised so she left. As for Sophie, instead of trying to prove her identity, she’d rather stay in the castle as the clean lady even if Hal doesn’t remember her. Sophie’s heart throbbed at the sight of Hal again. As early as the first time when she met Hal and saved Sophie, Sophie’s heart was like being hollowed out, and she always wanted to grab something to fill the hole in her heart (after seeing it, she realized that fate had already destined Sophie to fall in love with Hal and become the most important unlocking person in each other’s lives).


I want to be better because of you

Later, when Hal’s confidence was greatly reduced due to the change of his hair color, Sophie pulled him out of his fear (Sophie was supposed to be an angel from heaven to save people who gave up on themselves) and said sarcastically that “losing your temper is not going to kill you” (in fact, it is also implying that it is of no use to blow yourself up in the face of things, keeping an optimistic attitude is the best way to solve the problem). It was only when Hal saw Sophie trying to convince Salman (Hal and the Witch of the Wild’s magic teacher) to spare him for his own sake that he bravely jumped out and protected Sophie from danger. Teacher Salman also found that Sophie was Hal’s weakness, so later she tried to hurt Sophie to draw out Hal to bring Hal back to the castle as her heir.


Hal, who was afraid of being alone, wanted Sophie by his side

In the dead of night, every time Hal returns to the castle tried to see Sophie sleeping (Sophie will turn back into a younger look when she is asleep), he is more determined to protect her in front of him. In order to escape the tracking of the teacher they moved to Sophie’s hometown, Hal put their own ability inside can give Sophie to her, create a small room belonging to her, secret garden, he knew he had to face the chaos of the outside world is not sure he cannot return safely, so want to let Sophie stay in the castle by Cassis guard, and he is guarded outside the castle against the enemy.

Sophie is the one Hal wants to protect

Hal takes Sophie to his secret garden and cabin (only Sophie is allowed into Hal’s inner world), and when Sophie sees the secret garden, she always feels like she’s been there before. Hal was supposed to tell Sophie about his childhood, but Salman found out where the castle was and Hal went off to fight the enemy. Sophie is very worried about the safety of Hal do not want to let Hal to fight for the castle, so decided to give up the castle, with their hair and Cassius exchange want to go to the side of Hal, but the plot reversal did not think he accidentally poured out the Cassius and Hal’s heart…

Through time and space, I wait for you in the future

Sophie who thinks she killed Hal by mistake

In despair, Sophie, who thinks she killed Hal by mistake, uses Hal’s ring to guide her through time and space to Hal’s childhood and witness the contract between Hal and Khakis. Hence the phrase “Wait for me in the future”.

Throughout the show: “Hal, wait for me in the future…”

Through the door of time and space, Sophie found the injured Hal is indeed waiting for her at the door, in fact, Hal has been waiting for Sophie just Sophie does not know, but Hal was seriously injured at that time in danger, fortunately by Sophie poured out the heart and Cassis are not dead, insist on waiting until Sophie back. Sophie put Hal’s heart back into his body, saying “I wish Cassis a long life” and thinking “Hal must wake up”. Finally, she successfully broke the contract between Hal and the devil.

Sophie with heart for Hal’s “heart”, Hal woke up. At this time male 2- Scarecrow in order to save the group of people falling from the cliff also sacrifice themselves, but finally Sophie a kiss also lifted the curse to come alive and change back to prince, prince really deep love Sophie, but Sophie love is Hal. Sophie’s spell is broken and she returns to her youthful looks, with silver white hair. Since the time and space gate out to know Hal has been waiting for their own, Sophie heart becomes very strong, firmly believe that they can protect Hal, strong heart will eventually lift their own magic spell.

With Sophie’s help, Cassis managed to break out of his contract with Hal

Freed from the contract, Cathie is willing to work for Hal and Sophie, and live happily ever after in an upgraded version of Hal’s moving castle with Salman’s dog and adorable apprentice child.

As the story goes, no one in the series really hates Sophie, not even the Witch of the Wilderness, the demon Cathie, or Salman’s dog. Sincere, kind, thoughtful and mature Sophie is very much loved by everyone. ^ ^

An old witch who uses her young heart to stay young forever


In my opinion, the key character of the plot reversal is the Wild Witch. At the beginning, I thought that the Wild witch was the big hand behind the plot, but I didn’t expect that the wild witch was KO out and lost her magic before half of the plot. However, until the later plot, Hal and Sophie fell in love more and more deeply actually thanks to the “credit” of the witch. Whether it is because of indiscriminate feeding of Caxias makes Caxias weak let Sophie face the shell attack when Hal to help her block the moment, Sophie pulled Hal to stay and not to fight, or when the witch took the heart of Hal, step by step let Sophie more firm to protect the determination of Hal, finally successfully untie Hal’s contract, also untie their own heart


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