• May 29, 2024

Wreck-it Ralph

Over the years of the Spring Festival Gala, the most make my body up and down the goose bumps, hands and feet at a loss to bear toilet meaning, must be CAI Ming’s skit, not because the actors ugly or poor acting, but they must finally come to a touching scene, such as a few paragraphs said, sad and beautiful piano music together, comrade CAI Ming will tearfully shout with aria love, From a comedy actress to a disaster relief hostess, she changed her face so quickly that she was worthy of being a national treasure.

This kind of feeling that cannot bear to look at the screen also appeared when watching the destruction of the King Feeing regardless of the sky to hit Mount Keshena, of course, when the plot development to that step has to come to a climax, not the main character broke out against the trend or the main character sacrifice his life, but this simple and rough tears still make people jaw-dropping, After all, before entering the movie theater, everyone knew that this was a Disney animation, and the event that the protagonist really died was just like the Chinese men’s soccer team winning the world championship, which could not happen in any parallel world. However hard Ralph tried to smash the movie in the case of the plot being revealed in advance, it would not break the waves in the audience’s heart.

Fortunately, the tear-jerking scene is only a few scenes long, followed by the welcome showdown between good and evil. Finally, the bad guy is defeated, the beauty saves the hero, and the whole family is reunited. Unfortunately, the alien moth did not get the treatment of “bad guy”, but was destroyed as the anti-horn. The ghosts in Pac-Man were all hired and became the president of the bad guy mutual aid fraternity. Be a boss with a name and a surname, a style and a style, don’t be miscellaneous fish, otherwise when it comes to the overthrow of the old society and the construction of a new civilization can’t think of you.

After watching the movie, I thought it would be great if the final battle was like this: all the game characters in the arcade started to fight off the invasion of alien moths, Pac-Man ate all the worms that could be eaten in front of him, Mario kicked his head, and RYU kicked him with rich oil roots. This scene was lively, crazy and loving, and it could make the otaku see tears.

If the movie was intended as a tribute to a game from the last century, this arrangement would be possible. Unfortunately, Disney didn’t spend a lot of money to make the animation to give the nerds a good time, and no amount of money could cover the royalties for the use of so many characters in the game. It is said that the Nintendo Lion opened its mouth so that Mario only appeared in the lines. Virtual characters, such as the Beatles and Michael Jackson, are now dead, and their music has to be used in movies for a lot of money. I don’t know who is being hurt by this copyright system.

Apart from the copyright, Wreck-It Ralph, after all, just gives a Zhao a smile, puts on the coat of childhood nostalgia, slowly goes to the commercial BMW, and finally dives into the arms of the children without hesitation.

All kinds of famous game characters in the posters are just used to set off the atmosphere. The games that do the main scenes in the movie are all fictional, representing several stages of technological development in the game industry, from 8-bit red and white machine to full 3D first-person shooting. However, no matter how the picture is improved and how the game experience is improved, there are still a lot of children players in the game center. There were dozens of children in the cinema.

The producers make no secret of their desire to please the hearts of audiences of all ages. In just over 100 minutes, they try to incorporate various elements as much as possible: Want to make children happy? That requires cute characters that can make exaggerated gestures and expressions. Want to entertain parents watching with their kids? Well, let’s just bury a few more eggs in the faces of past characters. Want to entertain popcorn lovers? It must be driven through beautiful scenery with beautiful music. Want everyone in the movie theater to have fun? Then make a moving sacrifice for love and a perfect victory for justice.

The more you please the audience, the weaker the story will be. When a work highlights technology, creativity and story, it has to have both if it wants to make money. Action movies tend to have a thin plot, while art-house movies have little to show for it in terms of technology. Wreck-it Ralph’s creative ideas, coupled with the technology he got from Pixar, if the plot is too complicated, if the audience munches on some popcorn, it will undoubtedly choke and cause a murder in the theater. Presumably Disney would rather be a smart businessman with cash in his hand than a murderer, whatever geeky nerds are shouting about, or whatever the critics are saying about their perfection-seeking movies.

Holding popcorn in a movie theater, it doesn’t matter what’s on the screen, it has to be interesting. To make an interesting film, a powerful production team is needed. Behind a production team is an investment project, behind a project are many companies, behind many companies are the whole industry, behind the industry is the economy, and the background of the economy is the country. No wonder the box office for domestic films has been dismal this year, as GDP has also been weak. Wreck-it Ralph makes us happy, we pay more, we pay more, we have more interesting movies, and this is how good commercial movies develop — not by slogans, but by the efforts and progress of the whole society.

In the movie, the first thing that struck me was the scene when the arcade closed, the animation figures in the machine also went home from work, Ryun and Ken met for a drink, and the “hero” of Hero’s Mission got drunk and complained about the boring work. At the end of the movie, I was a person to watch the end of the three song, cleaning aunt and ticket brother’s eyes let me pressure, even Watanabe Ma You cannot taste the song, for them, the movie watched over and over again, the heroes burp fart over and over again, and then the beautiful film is boring.

At the end of the movie theater, when all is quiet and the empty screen flashes with a faint light, the heroes who perform on stage will not get off work, walk to the bar, drink a glass of wine under the dim light, take off their masks, and talk about life and ideals? Recently, the work is busy, the income is volatile, the wife and children are too worried, how about you? Heroes have a lot of burps, but they have more burps and farts. I find an interesting phenomenon that foreign movies like to complicate and humanize the labeled and role-oriented characters, while domestic movies are on the contrary. I don’t know why?


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