• May 29, 2024

Strange journey of Mind

The film, which scored highly on all platforms, was produced by the same company as Coco. Although it is a cartoon, it contains a lot of things worth thinking about. When I went to see the movie, I found that many of them were parents with their children. It was just like a cartoon, which could not bring much harvest apart from being funny. I could not help feeling sorry for this movie, which contains too much meaningful content.

The main content of the story:

Joey was a middle school music teacher, and his real dream was to play the piano — not just to teach kids, as he does now, but to make music and jazz for a living. When he finally got his first job as a musician and could collaborate with his idol, he accidentally fell into the sewer and “died” and woke up in a black hole, becoming a lonely soul. Before long, he found himself not alone, but in your seminar. Another spirit, nicknamed 22, has been attending the seminar for hundreds of years, and it hates humans so much that it has never been possessed. Soon, Joey and 22 are back in the real world together, where Joey will find his passion, intelligence, and learn what it means to be truly “soulful.”

Let me explain in detail:

Earlier in the film, when Joey gets a contract for a regular job (note: a piano teacher at a school), he is not happy because he wants to pursue his dream, his dream is to play jazz music and collaborate with his idol, contrary to his mother, who wants him to have a stable life so that he can support himself. In connection with the real life, we often face the reality and ideal, which is a cliché topic. Most movies and books tell people to have the courage to pursue their dreams, depict the history of a person’s struggle to realize their dreams and praise people’s pursuit of their dreams, but this movie is different, when the hero Joey experiences a series of difficulties, When he wore a suit and played with his dream idol on the stage, he enjoyed the process very much, but then he felt that he did not have the beauty he imagined and the feeling he expected. I remember what his idol said to him was worth thinking about. She said: “A little fish asked an old fish where the sea is? I will look for the sea, the old fish told the little fish, and we are in the sea.” For my understanding is: people tend to pursue the ideal, the ideal to think big, very broad, just like the sea, ideal has become a kind of obsession, and ignore their own side, I think personal in the way to the ideal of the process of people pursue the “ideal”, so the sea is around you, you need to enjoy the process, enjoy life.

There’s a scene in the movie where Joey worries about a group of souls when something is crushing them, and the world-weary Soul 22 says, “I can’t live on Earth if I can’t bear the pressure.” A sentence has struck us in the heart. People living on the earth should learn to resist the pressure, or how to live. This sentence makes a deep impression on me.

The world-weary soul 22 accidentally entered the body of Joey, the hero, she felt taste, touch, hearing and other senses for the first time, she learned to walk, learned to communicate with others, and tasted the taste of pizza that she had never tasted in your seminar. All these made 22 feel the beauty of life on earth. I decided to find a passion or talent that I was missing. People are so busy with their work and study that they tend to ignore a lot of our feelings. We have hearing; we can hear music in the street. We have a sense of taste, we can taste delicious things; we have the sense of touch. We can feel the leaves in our palms. In fact, we forget to enjoy life.

After seeing his mediocre life at the YOU seminar, Joey decided to pursue his dreams. In 22, when she wanted to find her ideal and life goal, she learned to walk and fell in love with music, but Joy denied her, thinking that she was in her own body. At the end of the film, 22 returns to the seminar as a lost black soul, surrounded by piles of humanoid sand accusing her that she can’t, that learning to walk is a common thing, and the words in which Joy denies her are repeated. Isn’t that that we are in real life? We try to live, but also just mediocre living, doing ordinary things, but few people have a legendary life, most people are just mediocre living, to live an optimistic life, enjoy a lot of good things in life, such as the golden leaf in 22 hands, blue sky, delicious pizza.

In the movie, there are some jokes, humorous colors in it, the plot development is in line with the psychological process of the characters, the production is very delicate, there are before and after pictures, there are also before and after the plot contrast, color, for example, the color of your seminar room is blue, which makes people feel like in the sky, and blue is a sad but healing color. Personally feel some of the screen jump faster.



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