• May 29, 2024

Ghost Mother

This is one of my favorite animated movies (I seem to like stop-motion movies, the same genre recommended Suicide shop and Box monster) Super recommended, super recommended, super recommended (especially the original)

Before the code quite a lot of words, but deleted, originally wanted to comment on the film but found themselves in the movie and the original have seen too many times, the original in my mind is higher status, so although like the movie but cannot write any benefits, so write some in the original or the movie to see, Very, very good details and lines this is when coraline escapes herself and goes back to rescue her parents and it’s a very short dialogue in the movie but in the book, there’s a great line where coraline tells the cat a story about when she and her dad were playing in the valley when they encountered bees, Dad gets stung himself trying to save coraline. Coraline: “When you’re scared, you still get it done. That’s brave cat.” So that’s why you went back into the world to save your mom and dad, because your dad saved you from a wasp?” “Don’t be silly, because they are my parents” although there is nothing special, but really inexplicable warm, because you are my parents, so from small to big bit by bit, do not need what earth-shattering fatherly love, this is probably not understood by the cat, but coraline with a very simple sentence to express it, “because they are my parents”, There’s no need to say anything else. Mom and Dad are enough to mean everything. Perhaps the cat is motivated by this, so the cat looks down a little and gives coraline a hint. (The cat had warned coraline a few times before, but only after doing nothing, did she really help

coralline’s line “You don’t get it, I don’t get what I want, no one does, really, if I get what I want, what’s the fun, what I want, what I want, it’s not fun, what if I get it,” I really like this line, In fact, I think this is beyond the definition of “children’s books”, because children can’t understand that when you get what you want, in fact, you have lost the right to “want”, no longer have what you want, no longer have the last fight with the spider mother, coraline in order to distract the spider’s attention, Throwing the black cat in the spider’s face is, of course… Very hurtful to your friend… The black cat helped her for so long but I still like the design here (not so much the translation here) “That’s all I can think of” coraline is a little girl, that’s all she can think of and then the black cat forgives her coraline has no excuse, the black cat doesn’t need, the black cat just needs an apology, It understands that coraline is very simple forgiveness, very simple dialogue, but it feels beautiful and then the ending, the question has a folded answer to the ending, Coraline although closed the door connecting the two worlds, but Mother Spider’s right hand remains in the real world, and wants to get the only key in the original, coraline took her doll to the well to pretend to have a picnic. She put a cloth over the well, pressed four plastic cups of water into the corners of the cloth, and placed the key in the middle of the cloth. The cup was just heavy enough to hold the key, and when the right hand rushed for the key, it knocked over the cup, so the right hand and the key fell into the film. Coraline went straight to the well and tried to throw the key in, but the right hand rushed over and they started fighting for the key, and finally the boy WY by helped coraline beat the right hand. Actually, I think the design was a foreshadower for coraline to let go of her prejudice against WY by. Of course, the design also showed that, the adaptation of this film is both successful and unsuccessful. Both success and failure are due to the fact that the pace of the younger age film is very tight, while the original book does a lot for coralline’s disappointments in the real world, and even removes many dark details in some lengthy foreshadowing films. In the original book, even the dream world created by Mother Spider gives people a dreamy and somewhat scary feeling. For example, in the garden, the heroine fights with another father. The father is completely forced and controlled by mechanical mantis, and actually wants to help the heroine. Finally desperate to give the eyes to coraline but in the original this section is she and another father in the dark damp basement of the confrontation, another father is a huge worm, although said his action is out of helpline, but still follow the command of the spider and she fought (not by mechanical control, but out of initiative), did not help her, That part is very thrilling and wonderful, it is very recommended to watch. For example, when we first see the other mother, she is almost identical to the real mother. But when we first meet the other mother in the book, its image is close to the image in the later part of the movie, thin, pale, tall, long nails. In the movie, the first time the heroine enters the other world, she feels happiness and beauty, but in the novel, the first time she feels the information of the other world, it is actually a group of rats, singing strange tunes in her dream, which is not so comfortable. And the above lines and details which I think are great are deleted in the movie. In fact, one is that the rhythm of the movie needs, the second is to… Let’s get younger… It takes a little experience to understand those lines. The ending in the original book is something that requires thinking to complete, but the simplification in the film can also be seen. If the English foundation is good, in fact, you can go to the English original, which uses a lot of description, adjectives and so on, read very feel.


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