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Luff’s Way of team Building–On the management wisdom in One Piece

Luff’s way of team building — 1 does not suppress. (Representative character: Saur on, representative event: Saran’s joining)

It is well known that Saur on is the next most effective member of Luff’s team. Helped the Luff team out of trouble many times,It’s hard to imagine that the Luff team didn’t have someone with more experience than Luff. What a Luff team would look like!

Saran’s personality is as prominent as his fighting power. Luff had a hard time inviting him to join the team. One of the things to be praised is Luff’s uninhibited attitude towards the highly capable Saur on. Whether in the story, or in reality, it is difficult for the average leader to do. It is usually the ability to lead that is strongest. Some leaders are even wary and restrictive of those on their team who are more capable than they are. I’m afraid I’ll be outdone and lose my position. Teams like these may thrive on the individual abilities of their leaders. But the ultimate fate is not far away. Just like the failure of Armin’s group of Thieves.

The author’s design of the labyrinth defect for Saur on may be to illustrate the idea that the wrong direction is the beginning of failure. So the powerful but directionless Saur on is not fit to be a team leader.

Luff’s way of team building — 2 No suspicion (representative character: Amy, representative event: Amy’s departure)

Mutual suspicion is the absolute poison of any team. It is the beginning of the collapse of a successful team (just like the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in China).

Just as the saying goes, “No doubt about people, and no doubt about people.” When the straw hat team members appear Amy with money absconded, as the leader of the team Luff did not refer to the sky to blame the ground, or shouted “her conscience let the dog eat”, and then call 110, let the traitor pay the price. On the contrary, what he wanted to do was to find Amy, not out of spite, but to find out why. It is rare for a leader to be able to act in such a non-suspicious manner when faced with such a practice that annoys ordinary people. Either a real hero or a real retard

Luff’s way of team Building — 3 not picky (representative characters: all members)

Jesus said, “Why do you see a thorn in your brother’s body, but not a beam in your own eye?” As a team leader, you need to use your strengths, not your weaknesses (unless you have a very bad character). Obviously, Luff does this very well.

He did not say to Saur on, “Mend your ways and learn more about navigation from Amy.” And if Saran’s heart is in the wrong place, he humbly learns to sail. Luff, you dare put the ship in his hands? Unless you want a boatload of people to die soon

Put on your work clothes at once.” I mean, if a guy can handle a boat, why don’t you respect his personal dressing preferences? It doesn’t have to be all Luff! You do. The reader doesn’t. (It could be a parody)

And so on without going into detail.

The sage Russell once said, “Know that variety is the root of happiness.” The popular explanation is that cooking and making toilet paper are both important to happiness. Cooks can’t look down on toilet paper makers, unless you have a penchant for using leaves instead of toilet paper, then no one else can say anything. Toilet paper makers don’t think there’s anything wrong with a cook’s love of hygiene, because without a cook, your sales will be down, right

Luff’s way of team building — 4 do not force (representative characters: Ace; Representative event: Ace endorses White Beard as One Piece)

Every team leader wants to have a team full of talented people. In the face of such excellent talent as brother Ace, Luff naturally also hopes that his brother can join his team.

Unfortunately, each man has his own opinion! Ace has decided not to join the non-White Beard team and will not move to his brother’s team. In the face of brother so regardless of the decision, Luff did not cry tears to tell the brotherly love, brother to pull a brother. Or, according to the practice of the underworld, (” This man shall be used neither by me nor by others.” The design removes this big stumbling block to the future. But confidently said to his brother, “One Piece, I will do it

Later, when Luff learned that the brother who did not want to join his team was killed, he didn’t gloat and said, “It’s time to… Bad luck! That’s what happens when you don’t listen to me!” Yes, we can. We can do it now. What a man!

Luff’s way of team building — 5 not heavy strong lights if (representative figures: Sop; Representative event: Golden Mere incident)

There are people on every team who are less competent (I’m one of them in my own company). If team leaders adhere to the principle of survival of the fittest, sooner or later such people will be removed from the team.

Our Sop was lucky to have a leader like Luff who was willing to take this negative, timid, boastful man into the ocean with him, and who valued and trusted him as much as any other member. Espoo proved to be important to the Luff team.

If it weren’t for the unprofessional Sop, who likes to gather strange equipment, he used the wind belles to slow the ship’s descent at the moment of danger. So, from the empty island to return to the ground Luff line of people may be buried in the belly of the fish.

It is worth mentioning. When Luff decided to abandon the Golden Merry Sop unexpectedly against the past timid character, beyond his means to the eldest brother Luff challenge,Although he was seriously injured and lost, but its courage and wisdom can hit Luff, had to let everyone sit up and take notice.

Why would Stop, of all the crew members, risk his life to save the Golden Merle?

Besides the fact that the boat was given to the Straw Hat Thieves by the girl he loved. And here’s the thing. Growing up alone, he had few friends. After joining the Straw Hat Thieves, he felt the warmth and happiness that friendship brought him. For him, the Golden Merry has evolved from a vehicle to a symbol of these blessings. For him, it is an important symbol of the team, even a spiritual home that cannot be abandoned. When someone tried to harm it, us sop instinctively thought the team was threatened, and naturally stepped in to protect it with a shudder.

There are always weak members of the team who seem to be doing nothing right. But it is these underdogs, often overlooked, who stand up in the most critical moments and hold the team together. It is because of the weak, so more cherish and protect a warm team like home. I think that’s what those people believe!


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