• May 29, 2024

Look and feel of Spider-Man Parallel Universe

Favorite part:

Visual effect

The visual effects are perhaps the most prominent part of the film. It’s not uncommon to see someone describe a film as “wallpapered every frame,” but Spider Universe may be the first film to actually claim that title.

“Spider Universe” used more than 140 animators, the most ever for a SONY film. The reason so many animators are needed is because Spider Universe is more than just a CG animation. Almost every frame on the screen is hand-painted and penned by an animator. Needless to say, the various speed lines, because the film chose not to blur the action, some action scenes also need to be painted by the artist a variety of residual shadows, to make the characters’ movements appear smooth.

A double image painted by an artist

Spider Universe was also probably the first film to truly bring comics to the big screen. The audience should easily feel that the film has been deeply influenced by the manga style. Not to mention the fact that every Spider-Man appearance uses a comic book to tell his backstory, the yellow text box used to represent his inner monologue, the imitation of a comic book grid, and the occasional flash of a comic book style middle frame all pay homage to the comic book.

Comic division

Manga style middle frame

Not only that, but the movie heavily mimics the techniques used in comic book drawings. Speed lines, dot points and so on you should be able to notice that. Even the color difference, which is often seen in the movie, is a parody of the comic book.

The difference in color between red and blue

In order to reduce the cost of printing, the quality of printing is often not very high, and there is often dislocation between colors. The film imitates this and stylizes it.

In fact, it is not only that, the camera language, the use of color and so on is very perfect. For the sake of visual enjoyment alone, this movie is worth the price.

By the way, this movie is definitely worth seeing in 3D.

Step 2: The story

I’ll start by confessing that I don’t really know much about Spider-Man or how well this movie conveys his spirit. But the film itself is also a well-told coming-of-age story.

At the beginning of the story, Miles, our main character, is just a very ordinary teenager, with some exceptional qualities but a lack of confidence. He was able (and lucky) to get into a very good school, but he didn’t want to face the expectations that were placed on him. He felt his father’s expectations for him were too high, forcing him to attend an “elitist” school, and therefore had a difficult relationship with his father. And his aversion to expectations stems from his fear of failing and letting others down.

The character is so realistic that it wouldn’t be surprising if there were a kid like Miles in the real world. His confusion and struggle are also easy to relate to. The confusion and struggle after he got the power of Spider-Man are in line with his inner confusion. It made it very easy for me to relate to the character, and it reinforced the emotional impact of the scene in which all internal conflicts are resolved.

Dissatisfied part

The “convenience” part is too much

A little too much coincidence for the plot

2. Too few supporting roles

There are six Spidery characters, but with the exception of Miles, none of them has been properly developed despite their potential. Take Peter Parker from E-616. After serving the people for 22 years, the Spider-Man gradually loses interest in his work, divorces Mary Jane because he is afraid to take on the responsibility of raising children, and loses Meryl Streep, living a miserable life in a small apartment. Obviously, it would be an interesting storyline to have a character like this regain his faith in life. The movie moves a little in that direction, but he doesn’t get enough of a scene to make the character real.

The other Spidery guys were worse, and they basically just recorded a face. Gwen gets a little more, but not by much. It’s hard to create two or three characters in two hours, let alone six. I understand why the fortress has so many Spiderman, but it doesn’t make me happy.


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