• May 29, 2024

Sprinting Prince

The so-called B female direction is aimed at the majority of girl’s friends launched animated stories; the story is often around the heroine open harem and unfolds. Today, of course, this “Racing Prince” is no exception. Adapted from the game of the same name, Mad house produced January TV animation “Racing Prince ALTERNATIVE”, which tells the story of a female and five male high school students in Fang nan Taken, in order to save the abandoned racing club, Take part in the inspirational story of “Stride”, a fictional extreme sport.

First of all, it is necessary to explain to you what is “sprinting”?

In fact, it is very easy to understand from the literal, is fast running, but different from the previous sports, in the animation of sprint and park our very similar, and on the basis of the addition of more than one relay link, in addition to a person outside the overall command.

Secondly, although it is adapted from the Euler female to the game, the plot is developing towards the basic direction. At least, there is no sign of the girl story around the heroine. No matter whether it is a female or a basic rot, people are naturally excellent, and boys probably look like this: PRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPRPR (green hair, yellow hair, black hair, brown hair, white hair, gray hair you name it, I don’t believe I can’t catch the hearts of these girls -).

For a sports + B girl (or is it basic corruption) animation like the Sprints Prince, straight man I absolutely rejected at first. Titles such as Free! “, “the basketball of the Sunspot” and similar figure beautiful male high school students do not study hard to know together to play handsome animation for people lick the screen, I have never touched.

Added: When I saw Hanazawa in the CV lineup, however, I added my headphones to open the first episode…

Coriander data is good, a smile to protect peace……

So far, three episodes into the show, “The Sprinting Prince” have generally fallen short of my expectations. A big part of it was that as the series went on, I just couldn’t accept the gratuitous selling of meat, like…

I’m trying to get sponsorship for a competition by being a model, and then I end up in a fashion advertising show. Could you stop being so handsome Hey, I feel like I could be bent at any moment when I watch this animation.

Still, there are some bright spots in “The Running Prince” as a sports drama, regardless of the meat plot.

First of all, sprinting is really attractive to me. My idea of park had always been the high-stakes antics of the comic book compilations, but the passion of these beautiful men added a lot of artistry to the sport. In the competition, there are many wonderful fancy tumbling movements, and the breath from the intercom can be heard continuously. Finally, the gay love eyes at the moment of hitting the line seem to continue a fate story…

The artistic display of the competition is also based on good storyboards and pictures, and the requirements for the direction of the shot are also very high. “The Sprinting Prince” also does a pretty good job of interpreting the race from different angles for runners who have been running. Two examples

From the Angle of looking up to the Angle of looking down, the air movement smoothly

Jump shortcut, horizontal bar landing, complete the relay in one go

In the picture color, a variety of rich colors with the sun is very bright, and cannot help but start to envy the Japanese high school students shining youth –

Finally, let’s talk about the music. Keisha Fujisawa is in charge of the music production of “The Prince of Racing”. Less than 35 years old, he has already participated in the music production of LL, “The Sky Family”, “Swaying Lily” and other dramas. Especially in January this year, besides “The Prince of Racing”, he also appeared in “Gate Fantasy Force” and “Dimension Wars”. A rising star, so to speak

I like STRIDER’S HIGH even more, at least one of my favorite op’s in January.

In fact, the above elements are a good sports fan must have. However, on this basis, if “Racing Prince” can dig deep behind the story of each character, so that growth and encouragement become the main melody of youth, it is possible to become a more interesting animation like “Slam Dunk”.

But unfortunately, I don’t think fleshpot is going to back down so easily.

Generally speaking, aside from the basic or B girl, “The Prince” is still a relatively excellent animation, especially as a sports, rhythm and sense of good storyboard, whether boys or girls, can find the feelings they want in it.


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