• May 29, 2024

Thin cherry ghost

Originally for this kind of filled with Mary Sue taste of historical figures to love to develop little interest, and for such a B female to the game adaptation of animation, in fact, do not have what high expectations, just to gorgeous voice actors and the group of brothers beautiful Yan to see.

The first episode:

In the midst of all this chaos, the newly selected members of the group are so lax in their vigilance that they let an unidentified young girl wander in and out of the village. Well, being a woman in love is a necessity, so it’s relatively reasonable to make it so that girls who can’t prove their identity just by saying they’re the unknown daughter of a mysterious doctor live in a settlement and gradually gain freedom of movement.

There was already a hunch that the show was going to be ridiculous.

By the second episode, the phrase had been stretched beyond endurance.

This episode, let her in charge of Shannon’s food, it is too much trust in her

Even if she was the daughter of the mysterious doctor, it would not be impossible for her, as the doctor’s daughter, to make something of her own that should not be made. At such a time, Shannon, as the deputy chief, would be given food and drink to the little girl with an injured arm. What is the level of disregard for the life of the assistant chief or the level of trust in the girl to make that decision?

Later, the Ikeda Yak Incident, of course, it is impossible to make a film with the theme of Shinko group without mentioning this incident, so that my unbearable development to the extreme.

In the previous episode, it was shown that the young girl was good enough, but innocent enough to say to Saito, “If Mr. Saito gets stabbed, he will die”; an ordinary girl who falls down screaming and closes her eyes in the face of a knife-wielding enemy.

It’s just a girl like that.

Ikeda House incident you must also be familiar with, vice president Tsukiku Damming God took most people to Shikoku house, Kondo ode and only 10 people went to Ikeda house, Shannon left, and then Yamazaki back report, said the exact location is indeed Ikeda house, let Yamazaki to give earthwork information, to support

Then Shannon did not know what was wrong, let the girl and Yamazaki go together, Yamazaki did not understand (I do not understand), Shannon said: because do not know what will happen, just in case

I vaguely wanted to flip the table, but I resisted

Is Shannon’s new team so understaffed that it’s necessary to put a naive little girl who’s obviously just getting in the way… Shannon, it’s not your arm that’s broken, it’s your brain. Hey… Little girls at this level… And go on such an important mission… How much do you overestimate her?

After that, it’s bad enough that Yamazaki, as a ninja, has to deliver information and ignore his mission to fight with the enemy… A mere four renin lurking around the village is a good reason for a ninja to chat up (and fight) the Shinko group when he’s on a mission of survival. How much do you distrust the people staying behind like Shannon or how much do you trust the people going out?

At this point I have been completely helpless to hold the forehead…

There is only one reason why all this is unreasonable: to create the intersection of Earthwork (the hero) and the little girl (the heroine). The film has done so much to make almost every member of the new team cramp in their brains. I can’t, no matter how beautiful I look, I can’t watch…

Goodbye Bo Sakura ghost, goodbye Miki Shinichiro, goodbye you Zoo Koji, goodbye fly field show male, goodbye did not show a few times short hair Chengdu.

Best wishes for the rest of your life…

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