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I believe “Naruto” is the memory of countless post-80s and post-90s animation, I think there are at least two reasons: on the one hand, the main character Naruto’s growth starting point and process with us more synchronous; On the other hand, the development of computers and the Internet has saved us from waiting for Transformers and Saint Siena in front of the TV like the post-70s generation. The reason Naruto is a memory is because my generation is already in the working world, and we assume that the end of Naruto is the end of Naruto.

For us, the whole story is from episode 1 to episode 699, which is when Naruto is born until Naruto defeats Sasuke and it spans from 2002 to 2017, as well as our generation’s middle, high school and college years.

Ninjutsu At first glance, the most interesting thing in Homage is the Ninjutsu, each ninja according to their own characteristics can use unique Ninjutsu, Akashi’s replication ability and Kai’s six doors of Escape (eight to the end), even Naruto’s seduction and shadow doppelgaya are also very interesting. In particular, in the battle between the third generation of Chalaza and the Serpent Mara, we even saw the Wooden Dun of the first generation and the Sea Dun of the second generation (it is said on the Internet that the Water Dun be littered the second generation), and the three generations of various Dun (any Dun can be used) were dazzling. The last move ended the battle with the seal of the ghoul at the cost of life, which made us see the wisdom and responsibility of the three generations as Chalaza. What keeps rolling in my mind is the famous saying of three generations: “Where there are leaves flying, the fire will burn.” The buggiest Ninjutsu in the story is Tourette’s turn, but without it, it’s impossible to know the story of Naruto, what the village is, and why the weasel betrayed him. Of course, after the six Immortals came out, the original definition of Ninjutsu should be Ninjutsu, which is the power of connecting people.

Faith Ninjutsu and body art in Naruto play an important role in winning battles, but the most important thing is inner strength, which is also the most attractive part of Japanese anime. Saint Siena, Iron Warrior, and Chinese Little Masters all reflect this concept: it is possible to defeat a powerful enemy by being admitted to it, observing it carefully and calmly. In my school days, these fighting spirits are inspirational. I even believe that the core value of Homage is this one: as long as you do not admit defeat, you will not lose, and temporary failure is only a prelude to victory.

Encumber. What Naruto advocates is different from the individual heroism advocated in Europe and the United States. What Naruto advocates is team spirit, which requires three teams to cooperate with each other and work together to give full play to their strength. On this point, I think it is three generations in the wood leaf made. In the early and second generations, most of the battles were racial, and the Thousand Hands and Zibo fought for their own living space. However, after the early generation reconciled with the Ban and established the country of Wood leaves and fire, it was not conducive to the unity of the village and the play of combat effectiveness to distinguish the battle groups by race and blood. Therefore, with the efforts of the three generations, a group of three people with complementary abilities was formed. The three generations also explain to Akashi, who is about to become the supreme ninjas, why the three include a female ninja. The comparison between the two men and the desire to win favor in front of the women will push them to improve, and the women will improve under their leadership. In fact, it is easy to find that the idea of three generations is very reasonable (the effect in real life is not known), the triangle structure is very stable, without the female, two male ninjas may only fight without friendship, and finally become enemies; Without a man, male and female ninjas do not progress together in their abilities, but in their emotions. A group of three people who are not related to each other, and who can work together and even sacrifice themselves for their teammates, can only be maintained by the power of bond (which can be simply interpreted as mutual trust). This power is not limited to the three people, but can be extended to infinity, and eventually even to the ninja world and the beast world.

Hate. There are many tragedies in the ninja world, many people may say that the culprit is black, in fact, not all, night Hue to human before, human mutual suspicion and distrust, will fight for interests, and so black is just the use of direct mistrust between people. But he is really very bad, he in order to revive night Hue constantly stir up the contradictions between the families, and the hatred of the thousand hands and Zibo is made by his hand. This kind of hatred will form butterfly benefits for individuals. Once hatred for a certain behavior occurs, hatred for this person or even all people or the whole world will occur. The most obvious is the path of growing up with soil. There was only one thought in my heart: the world was full of holes, and only the infinite moon could save mankind. Hatred will be transmitted through the influence of each other, and the spot will produce hatred under the influence of black Jean. The plot will affect the belt to the soil, and the belt to the Payne. The hatred will be transmitted horizontally and expanded vertically, causing people who want to destroy the world one by one, until they meet Naruto and put a full stop to it. Hatred will give rise to power, which will be strong until the revenge plan is completed, but the distorted belief will eventually return to its place. When Naruto met Negate, he talked about his original mind and belief. Negate recalled the education he had received under Terraria teacher, and was finally influenced by Naruto, who would rather die than use “the art of reincarnation of nature” to save the people he had killed. He chose Naruto for his belief that Naruto could fulfill his dream of saving the nation from war.

Love About love, I think Naruto is much luckier than Sasuke, because Naruto has never experienced pain, and gradually learned to love and be loved by others, starting at 0, but gradually gaining points. Naruto is a nine-end human being who has experienced pain since childhood and has a good understanding of the pain of others. He firmly believes that people can understand each other, just as “darkness gave me black eyes, and I will use it to find light”. Naruto lacks a lot of love in his childhood, but he keeps experiencing love (from Akashi and Arabiya) and giving love (to Go Air and Sasuke). At the same time, he conveyed his thoughts to those whose beliefs had deteriorated (including Payne, Teach and all the tailor beasts). At first, I thought that Naruto was due to the unique power of the nine tails, but later I realized that he controlled the nine tails with his own power, so his greatest power was not the nine Tails, but his inner faith in love. Sasuke was the best loved but fell into the abyss of hatred due to the coup d ‘teat. The starting point was 90 points, but it turned into -20 points after the extermination. Even if the weasel explained the truth to him, he was still full of hatred, but the target changed. When Sasuke fought with Tango, it was clear that he risked incense phosphorus to kill Tango, and he would stop at nothing to get revenge. He does not like Naruto stronger than him, after the defeat of Night Hue still angrily said “why always you”. From the mouth of the second generation, Jumbo family is actually full of love, and very sensitive to love, once damaged will cause changes in the eyes, this is the blood wheel eye, the more hatred, the greater the pupil force, it cannot be denied that the idea of revenge in the Sauce got a kaleidoscope, but the heart also accumulated countless hatred, do not know the truth when want to kill the goose, know the truth and want to kill the regiment, After realizing that Jumbo s tragedy was caused by the ninja world, he tried to kill the Five Shadows (in short, he wanted to do something wrong), but finally he realized that Naruto sincerely said, “Because you are my partner.” Talk about other people, the source of hate of love, plaque love brother, love Zibo family, but brother died, the family drove him out, because of love hate; With earth love Lin, but because Akashi killed Lin, because love hate; Penn loves his country, yearns for a peaceful world, and believes in Yahoo’s leadership, but because of Yahoo’s death, love is born of hate.


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