• May 29, 2024

Goblin’s tail

“Goblin Tail” tells the story of a called the goblin tail guild, there is a group of powerful sorcerers, and among them, there is a

The strongest team, after numerous battles, they continue to improve their abilities, thus becoming the strongest.

The reason why they become the strongest, because they always believe in a word: “goblins have no tail, is to keep us

Explore, so that you can become stronger.” Yes, the same is true of learning. Only through continuous accumulation and continuous exploration can we

I can get better grades and make myself better.

They became the strongest because they had a dream. Dream is the most important for every human and every animal

A man without a dream is tantamount to a monster walking dead. Every dream is like a ladder, you succeed one step, you

You can take a step forward, and with each dream you reach, the ladder stretches to the next goal.

They became the strongest because they learned to unite. They take other people’s business as their own, if their own

Partners want a life for a life, they will not allow it, it can be said that the ups and downs, share the benefits. It’s the same in life, than

For example, in the sports meeting, if there is a classmate injured, the class will be concerned about the situation, and then sent to the hospital.

They became the strongest because they learned to persevere. No matter how hard it is for them, they will fight to the end,

Even if it cost them their lives, or cost them a lot of magic, they will keep going. If they can, why can’t we

What about it? Let’s talk about sports, sports is our very important subjects, standing long jump, one-leg jump, high leg lift, sit-ups, leg presses…

Many sports, we are not unable to do, is no strength, now I read this, learned to adhere to the physical exercise


See the “goblin’s tail” I feel a lot of knowledge, I will learn to use.

“The Goblin’s Tail” review part two

A few weeks ago, I was hooked on “Goblin’s Tail,” not to mention its exquisite production and twists and turns of the plot, which is scattered everywhere

The “power of friendship” is the most attractive part of this cartoon.

“Goblin’s Tail” is a Japanese anime, is Mayashima Hiroshi since 20xx serialized a young manga, later was filmed as an anime

Come on. Fiore Kingdom, a permanent neutral country of 17 million people, it’s a magical world. Magic is sold by ordinary people, into people

However, some people manipulate magic and make a living from it. People call them sorcerers. The magicians belong to different guilds

There are many guilds in the country that receive commissions and do the work, but in one city, there is a guild of sorcerers

Go, no, there’s a guild that will continue to spawn legends, and it’s called the FAIRY TAIL. In this

The world’s noisiest, most violent, but also the most happy guild, created countless legends, through various client tasks

And keep getting stronger, partners also join one by one, so the story gradually opened…

The wizard of the goblin tail will have some mistakes and setbacks in the completion of their mission, but

Yes, as long as it is against the guild, against the friends, they will be desperate to fight, even if it costs them their own lives.

It was a fine day and the two friends decided to climb the wild mountains to relax themselves. Next to them was the cliff, the one in front

He slipped down, and the other guy jumped right in and grabbed the guy’s hand. So they stand on the brink of death

For a long time, the one in the middle of the slide had tried to persuade his friend to let go, but the friend said nothing but comfort the other one: “Don’t worry, there will be someone

To save us! Sure enough, it wasn’t long before three wayward explorers found them and rescued them, only to find them clinging to their friend’s hand

Man, his hand has been severely deformed……

There is no lack of friendship in life. I think this is turning friendship into strength, which gives the “deformed” friend persistence

The power of it!

No one knows whether goblins have tails, so keep venturing to explore. You often fall in an adventure, and this is because

The existence of friendship will be strong, where to fall from where to climb up! You must not give up.

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