• May 29, 2024

The Incredibles

Big Hero 6, even though it’s an animated movie, it’s cute and informative, and the story twists and turns, and it’s funny.

It’s a lovely movie about healing. The whole story is about a genius boy who loves invention and creation in San Francisco, a super city of the future world Hero, encouraged by his older brother Teddy, entered Professor Robert Callahan’s robotics competition at the Institute of Technology. By virtue ofThrough the magic of the micro magnetic robot to win the audience, contestants and examiners like praise, who knows the sudden disaster, will be Hero Your dreams and your life are gone. The fire destroyed the exhibition hall, and the brother died trying to save the trapped professor Callahan.

Hero is traumatized, and Baima, a healing robot left behind by his brother, is his only companion to comfort him. Originally thought to be miniature The robot is also destroyed in the fire, but Hero and Baima accidentally discover that someone is mass-producing his invention in an abandoned factory. After

Hero’s brother’s friends, Fred, and others join in, donning Hero’s invented Super Soldier combat gear and harboring sinister intentions

The story of the mysterious rivals of the conspiracy and the final victory with Baima’s help

This animation is full of jokes and tears, there are so many worthy of review and collection, Baima’s tenderness for Hero is the only, from

The first time I walked slowly across the street on my short legs without looking straight, unaware of the screeching brakes and shrill whistles on both sides, just because Hero

His unintentional answer was that he believed that finding out where the robot wanted to go would ease Hero’s discomfort

Undistracted Many times after that, every time Hero asked him to do something beyond his understanding or even against his nature

Would it make you feel better? Baima asked earnestly. At first for Hero it was just a slap on the big robot

It’s just a derivative, because Baima is willing to do whatever he claims is good for his “health,” even though he doesn’t understand “flying right.

How is it helpful to be a nursing doctor? “And still learned to punch and kick, to fly and karate; He is flying

When riding on the roof of the car, but also do not forget to bend over to help Hero fasten his seat belt, in the attack will never hesitate to act as Hero’s shield, guard

And cushioned cushions Baima is gentle and loving to the world — whether it’s petting a kitten when he’s delirious because of a low battery;

Or do your best to protect all your friends in battle; or when Hero decides to save Abigail from the time warp

Carrying him hesitantly through the devouring portal and even in the face of Dr. Callahan, who had harmed everyone, he

What amazes us is a man who acts on command

The robot, in “I am a nurse doctor, I cannot harm human life” and “I will do everything that can relieve Hero

His hesitation and struggle were so flesh and blood, so real, that he kept asking, “Abort card

Raman’s life will cure your pain, won’t it?”

Baima is an artificial intelligence robot; he even has human emotions, his love for humans. Movies don’t have that deep path

Yes, but the details move people, the scene is very delicate, and cute has been the language of the world. If you treat the world with kindness,

And the world will repay you with kindness.

“If you are angry, bully me, anyway, I like you so”, “rest assured, you are in my arms, no one can bully Negative you, I will protect you well “, “believe me, even if one day, we accidentally separated, I will come back to you!”

“I am good to your friends because I love you, but I am best to you.” Baima’s words, gentle and warm, will inadvertently

Poke my tears a little.

What really looks good in the film is the touching that makes you laugh and cry from beginning to end. This move comes from your memories and scriptures

Calendar Such as being gently cared for and treated by the moment, and those parting but still good memories Baima didn’t just cure you

The robot that invented it is also you. But love is to find a weak spot, cast off the armor, and return to the true. Loveless

People are defined as patients in need of treatment. And the details of love and finding out where it came from, down to the smallest detail, are called regret.

And “don’t give up”. After watching the whole movie, I have a feeling. In fact, love is always there, but it is always forgotten how to express it

The calmer the assembly is, the more it hides its feelings, but it is not. The more mature it is, the gentler it will be to the world, because it has experienced all the suffering of others

Difficult, so gentle to everything the only thing better than giving life is to give life with love this is a story about love,

About family, about affection, about friendship, it can be said that there are some old-fashioned stories, but often such stories still move people’s hearts.

Because these have always been one of the most precious things in human society and will not fade.


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