• May 29, 2024

Vitality girl edge knot God

I really like this kind of funny and sweet girl fan ah! Girl fan is such a beautiful existence!

First, let’s talk about music.

I brag! Whether it’s Season 1 or Season 2, I’ll barely skip op! Because it’s really full of energy, and the picture is very beautiful!

Ep is also very good to listen to ~ I was the first to see the second season, when the sentence “Moximoxi” with the end of the thought of good timing ah! And see the ep screen on the right side of the figure is the left side of the obsession!!

For example, Nanaimo’s mother is Nanaimo’s obsession!

The music is definitely a plus. Besides the theme song, some of the music is just right! Happy sad, all right!

Let’s talk about characters.

Ba Wei is worthy of the girl heart harvester! ~ Loyal dog attack + belly black proud Jiao + Asian vinegar King’s people set too provocative! And long hair is really handsome ah!! I could literally lick it for 100 years. In the last episode of the first season, Barley said that he wanted to “really want to make an angel pact,” and boy, if you want to kiss Nanaimo, you can just say so!

In the beginning, Pawed Chan took care of Nanaimo as an oracle, so it was normal for him to say to Nanaimo, “I put you first.” But of course the teenage girl Nanaimo is attracted to (considering Nanaimo’s history, maybe Bowie Jiang is the first person to be so devoted to her, she is naturally attracted). But the first season of the fox is not very enlightened, not to marry how to tease ah boy! The second season on the initiative more Liao!

And Nanaimo Many friends mentioned Nanaimo’s Madonna character. I agree with this, because sometimes Nanaimo really likes to try her best to be brave. But then I think that is precisely because of this character, she is Nanaimo! In the first season, she helped Pommel Horse wipe his face, because “Pommel horse is a star, can’t let down the girls who like him”, I was still touched by her. It is also because of this kind heart, she has this unique healing power, can heal Rishi, and let the small dogs feel warm. It is also because of this desire for healing power that she named her style god Hu. I love Nanaimo and her bright smile in the opening song.

The pommel horse the side horse is so funny ha ~ he is a man playing with dry ice + BGM. I’m going to sing Pommel Horse when I hear that. Every time the bgm comes on, it has its own punch line.

Rishi dub and Takumi the same dare to believe? The voice actors are demons. Rishi is a haughty little angel, and his daily bickering with Pa Wei since he became an oracle is hilarious (although he often gets kicked out by Pa Wei). Rishi is more of a protective character. At first, I thought he liked Nanaimo, but after watching the first season (because he watched the second season), I think he became dependent on Nanaimo because the original owner disappeared and felt lonely, and wanted to be her angel. Ottoman is more like a home to him.

Beige The wind god and Nanaimo became “uncle aunt”. Is also a funny role, but the growth of Nanaimo also help a lot of it, from forcing her to practice good jaguar fog, to teach her to use type God, uncle aunt is very good you ~

The characters are so cute. The occasional bickering and sudden Q changes are hilarious.

Just finished watching the comic book version of the finale: Huawei became human, and Nay Sang returned the earth God’s mark and became human. Or the purpose of tears I don’t see why they can’t go on living as monsters and gods. But the memory made it clear to me that Nay-sang no longer wanted to live the days when he was a child gambling with his father on an uncertain future. The life of the gods was like a dream for Narnia: Huawei could take her in his arms and fly away at any time; I made all kinds of monster friends. As a human god between the two realms of the demon Nay, or to return to human society to be a girl Girls also grow up, will be able to establish a foothold in society, can make their own independent life.

Just after watching the series, I felt very lost in my heart, as if I had lost something important. Let’s call it the world of the gods. No matter how good the animation also has an ending, not to mention the short “Yuan knot”? But I am very naive hope that it can always be updated, never go away. The reason why I envy the life of the gods is that my life is too ordinary and small. I admire Nay Snag’s choice, if I had experienced the dream of the God’s life, would not have the courage to return to the ordinary.

But what the author wants to tell us is that even the most wonderful party has an end. Nanaimo, who has become an ordinary person, will never see her monster friends again, and Bowie will no longer be the fox who can do anything like magic. They say goodbye to the past and start a new life, a life as ordinary people. Ten years later, Nanaimo was no longer the young girl and Pak Wei was no longer the Fuchsia. But Pawed said he was happy as a human being and would never be lonely as a monster again.

“Yuan Knot” is over; I also have to wake up from a big dream, brave face the next life ah.

Do you like something so much that you’re afraid to touch it? When Yuan Jibe is over, I will be afraid to recall the scenes. Because the swing between fantasy and reality is the most painful but if I can grow up to be a brave person, will look back! Look back at this time; look back at once their own, Hahira this part is super cute! The Evil King was reborn as his mother’s child, but it was a little girl. King Evil and Pawed share the same memories, so they have a bond across ages (at least as far as humans are concerned, they’ve had a bond for hundreds of years ha ha).


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