• May 29, 2024

The Story of Colorful Clouds

Recently, I know that the story of Cheyeongwoon will be humanized in the mainland. It is not clear whether it has been authorized, but I am not optimistic about the humanization. If the TV series is actually produced, Zhou will definitely have what to say about the TV series “Color Cloud Country”? This question,But the story of the Cloud is the story of the cloud, in my heart is sacred and not humanized: 1. The overall rating is 7.8 out of 10.

Just revisited the animation and the novel,The first time to see or junior high school, now look at the mood is really a little different. Some friends think that this cartoon is ancient Mary Sue, everyone loves the heroine, did not intend to oppose this point of view, the original author himself also said that [this story is because of the beautiful will happen], and not all the male characters are in love with the heroine ah… Jing LAN’s favorite person is Liu Hue. I think what’s great about this anime, or what makes all good anime great, is that it can be endlessly re-created. Re-creation includes fanatics, covers, and even all kinds of research. If you are interested in the content of the novel but don’t want to review so many books, you can read this analysis post. From the Founding of the country to the later generations,

2. The lyrics blend in with the story; the vocalists and the music are great. OP “は じ ま り の wind” there is no doubt that is beautiful, since the childhood vision to become the king’s officers, and women try precedent, lie opens the king not because he is the wish of beauty to become official, has been resigned on their own, such as the beautiful palace at the moment. ED tells the story of Liu Hue. Important people around him keep disappearing, and he has been lonely in the dark all the time. After meeting Beautiful, his life changes “Let’s meet again when the cherry blossoms bloom, just as we met for the first time”, has always been so promised. The interlude is also very good. For example, the fireworks show in Shanghai Happy Valley Night Show contains the interlude of the Story of the Kingdom of Colorful Clouds, and the BGM of the pipe played by Beautiful in the time of the concubine, and the song Cangyaoji played by beautiful all the time. I have also heard it in many places.

3. Exquisite painting style is exquisite ah, the main writer, Uri Era, was only responsible for the cover and illustration of the novel at the beginning, but the original painting in the animation also added Miwa Oshawa. Who is Miwa Oshawa? Much aesthetic style of character design and total painting supervision ah, In addition to the Fairy tale of Cloud, there are also fool test summon beast, Minima Matchless and other two Yuan mixed you are familiar with the works.

4. Every episode is a Chinese proverb or a Japanese proverb, what a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a thousand miles to meet, rather than monotonous first words, second words, third words, fourth words…

5. The sound actor lineup is strong look up the sound actor table to know, here do not repeat.

6. Adapted properly the original novel is not a pure Mary Sue, and the questions it explores include but are not limited to: If gods exist, do they love humans? Why women’s participation in politics is called women’s interference in politics? Why do girls have to get married? Is it better to have a man with three wives and four concubines or to love/marry one man for life? Are there all good people and all bad people? The animation made a choice of the plot, so now looking back at the animation in terms of plot does have a lot of hard places, but without these adaptations of the younger age, the color Cloud country would not have become popular in China during the period of 2006 to 2010.

7. One of the disadvantages is the background music, which is used in many places because of the emphasis on Chinese style, but sometimes it does not fit in with the plot and the effect is very strange. The second is that the character is not properly handled when walking or running, which at first glance appears to be moving up and down


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