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The breadwinner

So much so The Breadwinner is a movie that can really be called simple and profound, ostensibly about a little girl pretending to be a man to support her family,

He was actually telling the story of the fate of Afghanistan as a whole.

Cartoon Salon is very restrained, so the audience doesn’t feel overwhelmed with information, but as the story unfolds, one

Step by step into the vast and desolate world.

Cut the crap and tell me one point at a time.

1. Why is the big boss the Elephant King?

Afghanistan is known to be a dry country with no elephants. So how did the animal figure, the elephant, get into Afghanistan?

First, we need to know what an elephant means.

The first one, of course, is the direct meaning of the animal, the elephant. There are only a few countries around Afghanistan that have elephants, the closest of which is India

Degree Elephants play a very important role in the history of India, and one of the most common ones is the elephant soldiers.

Second, mythological implications Elephants are very important in India. There is a deity in the image of an elephant. The god Ganesh

This picture is taken from Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. In Billy’s memory, they had Elephant God on their chariot in Iraq. Ganesh

The religious meaning is the god of success, removing all obstacles. In other words, it has to do with the war.

To sum up, the Breadwinner’s side story uses the elephant King, and it’s clear that the elephant King refers to war.

Afghanistan is at a crossroads, a major road connecting East Asia, West Asia, North and South, and almost all wars pass through it.

The closest they have to them is India. (At that time there was nothing to do with Pakistan because Pakistan was one with India earlier

The main mountain range in Afghanistan, the Hindu Kush, has a gap in it, the Khyber Pass, which is the gateway to India. Outside large

To enter India, the United States passes through Afghanistan. If India wants to expand outward, it also needs to go through Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is such a helpless painful fate, others’ goal is not you, but before achieving the goal, must first step on you. It starts with civilization, Alf

Khan has been fighting wars.

And the image of Ganesh, the elephant-like god, was introduced to Afghanistan in the midst of various wars.

2. Why did the Elephant King end abruptly?

In this case, we have to talk about Asoka, the emperor of India. Asoka’s image in the minds of Afghans is inseparable from the elephant. Due to the

For Asoka, the king who brought the slaughter He went to war, uniting most of India and parts of Afghanistan, his troops

There were a lot of elephant soldiers, and everywhere they went, there were rivers of blood.

Asoka at this time, no problem is standing on the mountain top of the elephant king, with a blood-red cloud behind him, exulting in a way that would make a child cry

Kind of

But such a murderous emperor suddenly stopped. Legend has it that when he attacked Malinger, in a fit of rage, he slaughtered 100,000

Men, taking 150,000 prisoners,The blood and slaughter finally brought him to his senses and put down the knife.

In the auxiliary story of “The Breadwinner”, it is the little boy who uses his own blood and death to move the elephant king and let the elephant king come to an abrupt end. In

In this story, the boy is actually referring to Afghanistan, who is all victims of war. They can only hope that their opponents, like Asoka, will correct their mistakes and let them live.

3. Why did the leopards grab the seeds?

Seeds represent the vitality of a nation. If seeds are taken away, it means that the nation will be impoverished and far away from civilization. So, this question

In reality, Afghanistan was once the center of world civilization. Why did it decline?

Afghanistan, too, was a much bigger country. After all, it was at the throat and could easily become a cultural and economic center. Over 2,000 years ago, Alexander the Great fought

When he was about to go further to India, he set up a palace in Afghanistan.

Later, the Daye tribe, whom Zhang Qi had sought out to fight the Huns together, established the Kush an Empire here. The Kush an Empire has a wide policy

Along with Afghanistan’s location, it has become a hub for doing business.

Economic development has also promoted the development of culture. India is the birthplace of Buddhism, and the development of Buddhism in Afghanistan is not backward. What is now Bayan?

Area is the Buddhist center, especially the Buddha technology, extraordinary prosperity. Even Master Xuanzang had to go to Bayan before he went to India


When did such an economic and cultural center begin to decline?

What’s hard to see in the movie “The Breadwinner?”

When the war comes, Afghanistan is in a dry region and an agricultural country, so irrigation systems are very important. Frequent wars preserved agriculture and irrigation systems

It’s very bad. Every war damages civilization here. What’s more, when the Mongols came, they not only attacked the city, but

It destroyed the irrigation system so meticulously that the level of agriculture here plummeted. Food and clothing cannot be guaranteed, the economy and culture naturally backward.

Later, in order to resist, Afghans took refuge in the mountains, and urban civilization faded. Since then, Afghan civilization has gone downhill.

4. The Meaning of Names

Parana’s name, which means “butterfly,” is very effeminate, and the boy’s name she later gave herself, Arish, means “fire.”

Parana’s sister’s name is a common girl’s name, surely, and there was a queen of that name in Afghan history. This queen Solaria

In the 20th century, working with her king husband to reform society, she founded girls’ schools, fought for women’s rights and even traveled to the West

When she bravely removed her veil and challenged the secular forces that controlled women.

Unfortunately, Afghanistan is not ready for such change. Queen Zulia and her husband met with unprecedented opposition, and finally the rebels occupied the country

Home, two people in a foreign land of melancholy.

Parana’s dead brother, Suleiman, was also a common boy’s name, given to an ancient hero. In the West, he has a

Different names, Solomon. The side story, with Suleiman as the main character, is also similar to the story of King Solomon.

The big soldier who asked Paraná to read a letter at the fair, saying that his wife had died. His wife’s name, Hale, means halo

Think. This beautiful name also appears at the end of the film.

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