• May 29, 2024

Nezha’s Trouble at Sea

In Nezha’s Trouble in the Sea, there is the common theme that we are used to: the oppressor and the oppressed are both weak, only the system is truly strong, and it is the system’s rope that makes the two face off against each other. For example, Li Jing is naturally the system of the unlucky, the four sea dragon king and where is what the exception? Eating people although brutal, but as in the case of the Scotsman’s right of first night is originally a treatment given by the state, which is considered part of the salary. As a result, the state coaxed you to say everything, the fact that Li Jing was also greeted; the result in the end, the son still hitched in, and the state did the master? So there is just a sudden everything to see the “Tamiya Real” smiling out to say: “I just an old man who loves to fight for justice”.

First called Nezha ambush in the South Heavenly Gate, as if an old man also wanted to fight the Dragon King, they cannot do, so and the dolls said: you go to the punch, I support you. Looking at the Dragon King who was uncovered scales and pulled the beard tumbled on the beach. The dolls laughed, and we laughed, watching the Dragon King wailing and retreating into the East Ocean: “I’ll never dare again.” I don’t know how many times the voice actor Mr. Qi Yuefeng has said this line. So the four brothers rose up, and so all four brothers ended up being double-crossed.

But there is something very uncommon about Nezha, and that is that it clearly tells us that fathers can be killed.

China is a godless zone, or a pantheon of gods. So we may not have the fear and angst of blasphemy here, but the proposition of “patricide” is still a scary one. Nezha’s Haunting of the Sea in 1979 is different from the kind of political manipulation of kings, in that it is a complete denial of the gift of flesh and blood from one’s parents. I give it back to you, in front of you, with a sword and a knife. This fundamental denial of paternal authority is quite little, the sage to rule the world with filial piety, even if the king called the subject to die you can still not die, your own father forced you to die, you always have no excuse, otherwise it is really worse than animals. But Nezha to this rigid and bloody means to tell you: you are my father, but I can also return to you. When my lotus comes back to life, if you have no tower in your hands, I have to kill you a world without a way. This is almost nothing I have read in the second story. One of the reasons why this kind of cartoon is so unprecedented is that it is still fresh in the memory of the late seventies. Husband and wife are flying apart, brother to brother rebellion between friends betrayal in fact cannot really call people tearing their hearts out. However, if the parents are turned upside down and collapsed only then really called people crushed like mud, its hate as before. Famous as Chen Paige as a son slapped his father and told him to kneel down and confess his sins, famous as Goo Moro son jumped off a building the father had to write something to criticize his son is to cut himself off from the people, such entanglement with six brother Zhang Li Xian words: long ago is not bestiality but humanity.

Li Jing until the last moment still feels that Nezha does not learn and go astray. Even if the flesh and blood will not be the slightest bit upset. He just thinks “”it’s a pain in the ass to get so much going on. “Just like Nye Hay in “The Black Hole”, the most anxious is to tell his son not to talk nonsense; there is no benefit in talking about it. Nye Mingy gently responded: “Which you make a gesture to tell me to give you up to save my life? Don’t worry; you can do your official work in peace. “It is said that parents give to their children without complaint, is it, there is only one Li Jing in this world. So the sky is big, so I have to use a “nonsense, there is no parent who is not!” Cover the past; cover the past, a thousand years, a thousand mountains and a thousand rivers.

Compared to other cartoons, even the “Greatest Hits” inside; the Monkey King can still compromise on compromise, otherwise where to be a lifetime Pilgrim’s mouth? But Nezha never wanted to give in, beaten, a man overturned the sea; cannot fight, a man fought for his life even if. But his own father lied to him, tied him up, and more helplessly, he must accept. Just watch and know that he had all the skills but could not exercise them: “Father, where is my weapon?” Just so dumbfounded to see him die in front of him: “Daddy, I return to you, I do not drag you ~ ~”…

So “Nezha haunts the sea” let me know for the first time in my life what it means to have a broken heart, at an age when I did not know there was such a word. Think of him shouting: Dad, I return to you. The deer ran desperately, the stars fell, the soundtrack or, like the mixed sky damask that slowly tied us up, like the Quantum circle called us nowhere to run. He went from a doll to a doll’s corpse. Tears, all steamed dry. Western film “Deadly Magic” has this line: only children know that the reappearance of the bird is another, the bird is dead after all. What I instantly thought of was Nezha. When Nezha fell in a pool of blood, he killed himself, which means he raised his hand to the sky alive and his hand was broken; he howled in the wild, but the fawn could no longer hear.

Even though the lotus is reborn, that is not Nezha.



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