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I admit it is very easy for me to fall in love with a cartoon, from “Flower Fairy” or “Daemon” starts? I don’t remember. But I know that I have always revisited the Saint. I still know the twelve golden GG by heart, and I can now sing the Chinese version of the theme song to “The Adventures of the Mimi” in Japanese. Every cartoon played a precious role in my growth. Now it’s Inuyasha, without which my upbringing would be incomplete.

The first time to see is a complete cartoon, bored freshman, small store rent comic books to relieve boredom, then the “Inuyasha” out of three collections, do not remember the number, only remember I can find the back to read a breath, cannot stop. Pirated four-panel comic book with small lettering and rough paper Then is the animation, computer city to buy compressed disc, picture quality is bad enough, eight sets of a disc of vcd, slowly can buy four sets of a disc of dvd, dozens of plates, so spectacular. Then began to be good at downloading, because impatient of the weekly update, so every few months or even a year and a half, from the beginning has been to see the latest, so, the animation for five years from the beginning to see several times, until the 167 sets of TV version of the end, now, finally see the end of the comic, can directly watch online, through a few nights, finally ended.

It was first recommended to Sanxincao. She also thought it was very beautiful, but she told me that she was crazy about platy codon and hated Gower, saying that she was a third woman. I was surprised because Episode 48 of the TV version was the only episode that made me cry, when Inuyasha chose platy codon for the first time and Gove opted out to return to the modern age. In retrospect, it is because from the beginning of the cartoon, I had a preconceived idea that Inuyasha and Gower is a couple, and I had never thought of the old love between Inuyasha and Platy codon. Therefore, in the past memories of platy codon, I would be surprised, disappointed, disappointed, envious and jealous, and my mood is exactly the same with Gower.

It has to be said that Gwen is a standard popular manga woman from any point of view. She is beautiful, cheerful, simple, lively, warm and strong. According to the language of Inuyasha, she has a strong and huge soul and a clean and pollution-free heart. But it was the only thing that took Gove’s soul to the dark side. Platy codon, I didn’t really like her. I always thought she was really pretty. And recently I read the whole comic book, let me clear up the relationship between the three.

Facing Gower, Inuyasha can indeed feel relaxed, trusted, warm, and healed, while facing Platy codon, Inuyasha will shudder, a throb that is close to worship. Platy codon is the divine being, and her every move will create ripples in Inuyasha heart that will eventually overwhelm him. This will be close to the ecstasy of betrayal immediately overturned, the ultimate moment of love and hate is sealed sleep, wake up again that things are not melancholy, even if the past, can no longer return to each other’s love of the past. The beauty of platy codon, platy codon sadness, has been repeatedly rendered, I for Gower is not worth, because Inuyasha soul really only platy codon has.

“You lost the woman you loved the most in your life, and you even thought about dying with her.” After Platy codon died, the monster Flower Emperor explored Inuyasha heart, saying that he also explored Gower, saying that the girl was hurt more than Inuyasha. In fact, Gower is great, she deeply knows that it is their first love Inuyasha, so they need to be strong in the face of all the predictable damage, she did survive, and Inuyasha went to the end. Inuyasha said that only when he is with the orange terrier, he doesn’t look stupid. Inuyasha said that only Gower could make him completely relax and trust him. Gower said that she had seen more faces of Inuyasha and shared more time, so she didn’t lose to the orange Terrier. Indeed, platy codon is Inuyasha cannot touch the care, floating in the high sky, Gower is Inuyasha always warm backing, pull him back to the practical ground. In love, the dead one is always more important than the living one, but living is indeed more should be cherished, Inuyasha impulsive, simple, but not stupid.

Next, I have to mention that, of course, Sadomaru is the absolute NO.1 of all the comic characters in history. Today, I was amazed with babacha that Takahashi, now in his late 50s, can still dream up such a killer heartthrob, which is really a girl’s heart. Such as Saga, such as Takashi, but Status Mara is absolutely incomparable. Maybe it comes from my inner desire for power. I want to be like Satinomaru, strong enough to solve anything, confident enough to look down on the earth, even blind and arrogant, for no reason, no need to please anyone, with an attitude that is never cute, rotten to the extreme, but with an aura of invincibility that makes everyone who meets him fall for it.

What moved me the most was his anger at being looked down upon by Kauri’s death? Kauri’s love for him was never even expressed, never hinted at, but was still in his mind. He read the meaning of her presence at his side when her body was broken, and let her see her one last time when she was dying. I didn’t like Kauri, maybe just because her appearance was not noble enough, but her death made me pity once. After all, she used her death to seek her freedom, the freedom of the wind. Likewise, I can see the pity that Sadomaru has for her, and for others. He pitied the frailty of human beings, the defects of half monsters, and the dead body walking with the help of some objects, so that the soul can never be redeemed. All that Misaim Mara disdains on the surface is actually all that he spends. Under his cold appearance, he has a broad heart. Guided by the bell, he begins to save one Inuyasha companion after another, until he helps Inuyasha complete the ultimate change of broken teeth, and finally makes himself emerge from his father’s strong power and become a great independent force.

Naruto is also a place of sadness. It’s fair to say that if Nero were just a heinous, gross, powerful ultimate boss, the charm of the manga would be diminished, but his tactics vary from the theme of “playing with the human heart,” thus making the entire manga fight about “humanity,” offering the possibility of a deeper interpretation. Naruto will be the heart of the dark side of the magnification of the extreme, with jealousy pollution love, with killing stir up the family, with selfish tarnish trust. At the same time, he uses his freedom to hold Kauri, he uses his bell to hold Sansei Mara, and he holds a precious part of everyone’s heart for his use. In fact, the war with Naruto is to conquer his own heart. Only by slowly strengthening the heart, strengthening the bond between people with love and responsibility, and doing everything for his partner until he is willing to die, can he finally break the curse of darkness with the brilliance of humanity. In this sense, Inuyasha is a comic that can grow up.

Said Nay fall sad, because he Cu to the four soul of the jade only desire, is to get platy codon In love, there is no such thing as high and low, so every time Inuyasha shouted angrily, “Don’t stain platy codon with your dirty thoughts,” I still feel for Naruto. Nay Lou hate his love of platy codon, it will be separated from the body again and again, want to become strong, but again and again back, because, with the love of the heart to leave, and hate, jealousy and other Nay Lou necessary darkness and dirty. The human heart is too complex, even if strong if nay fall, also cannot separate all kinds of emotions accurately. It is naive to want to accurately discard the heart of love.

The end, care Inuyasha five years, looking at the happy ending, tears cannot help but fall. I can see myself for five years, and the biggest dream a comic can hold for me.

Maybe they are really happy to live, Coral and Maître have more children, and Gower really became a hexenbiest, with herbs and spiritual powers to cure the world, Saishimaru waiting for the bell to grow up, by her to choose between him and him. I truly believe that in some space, at some time, there is such a meeting point that Inuyasha and his friends live happily forever.


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