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Spring night is short, girl forward

“The Night is Short, Girl Go” is an animated film adapted by director Masaaki Yuasa from the novel of the same name by Tatum Morikis. The story is presented under the background of rich charm Kyoto, tells about a young girl who just turned 18 years old in a night of wonderful experience, at the same time along the identity of the “seniors” struggling to love female master this story line, make the opportunity to meet again and again, in a roundabout way “as far as possible appear in her line of sight”, just to say a good coincidence ah. It is worth mentioning that the elder voice actor is Hoshino source, black hair girl is by flower zee coriander dub. Such a good combination adds a lot of color to the movie.

When I first saw this film, it was its fantastic style that attracted me. Director Masaaki Yuasa has a reputation as a genius director in Japan. He uses simple and even slightly old-fashioned lines to outline characters, but creates a distinctive and bizarre character image. This imaginative film gives full play to the director’s unrestrained creativity. You can see the distorted space, the collision of colors, and the ingenious logical conception. All of these are the director’s intention to express the invisible but authentic experience of the real world through the form of animation.

Many of the characters in the show can be traced back to people in their lives. The predecessors of love girls timid, not confident of their own, Higuchi and Hackamore meet Higuchi at night, and the two often drink around at night. One of the few friends of the predecessors, Fat Cu, we call him the underpants man, because he swore that he would not change his underpants when he saw the object he fell in love with at first sight under the apple rain that day, and planned the campus mobile theater to find her, which is a highly romantic figure. Another friend of the elder, Taken Matron, was a handsome man who secretly liked to dress like a woman. In my opinion, he wanted to pursue his heart bravely, but he was bound by various practical morals because of his high position.

Of course, the most outstanding and the rarest is the character of the heroine, she is full of expectations for the adult world, full of enthusiasm and innocence forward. She loves the taste of alcohol and even fantasizes that the Pacific is made of rum. Meet interesting people at night, and defend himself by throwing the “friend punch” when harassed by Mr. Donating. In the world that the best drink pseudo-electric Prynne wine, resolutely decided to find rich Mr. Li Bay to fight wine. Wine for girls, just taste its delicious, less to the temptation and lust, so girls drink wine will be transformed into a butterfly floating overflow, a thousand cups not drunk. A person’s state of mind determines the nature of your drinking, so the wine can become so dreamy, positive.

The girl and Li Bay fight wine that part is very wonderful, after a cup of fake electric white drink, Li Bay tasted out of the world’s suffering and loneliness concentrated by the harsh world, the girl tasted out of wine is sharing, is rich, is a good hope for life. This is a contest between two different views of life. Li Bay is drunk in loneliness and depression, while the girl is still sober and continues to move on.

The book tells the story of the girl’s experiences over four seasons in a year, but the film compact them into a single night: wine tasting, old book market, mobile theater, and a cold. First of all, because of the director’s consideration of the nature of the film, in fact, I think it is different in the same night, but also more “spring night is short”. If you look closely you will find many clues of the seasons. He wore a yellow jacket when tasting wine in spring, a red skirt in summer, golden ginkgo leaves at his feet in autumn and heavy clothes in winter to venture into the cold wind.

There are many descriptions of time in the play, those who always feel lonely, always dwell on the past or gains and losses, time flies, and compared to life is easy, seems to do some meaningless business of the girl, her time is not busy, let people envy. Then other people’s year may also be the girl spent a night time, which confirms the above mentioned night and the four seasons.

The director is not shy about the ugliness of love and human nature. The Taken Festival includes breast climbing and inflatable doll exhibition. Of course, it is creative without any evil thoughts. Even in the end, the elder wondered whether his feelings for the heroine were love or sexual. The portrayal of erotic love in this film actually gives many answers.

Seniors are always trying to follow the footsteps of the girl, secretly watching tying in the banquet, desperately to participate in the abnormal hot pot competition, with tying stage drama, for her to do all things did not loudly out, in the face of shining tying, how many people like him live in the shadow of inferiority escape, Maybe the reason to like the heroine is also another kind of desire for their own character. Like Japanese full optimistic state of mind, nothing is she cannot turn into a bright thing, when the cold ravaged the city, but she was all right, and she drove the wind cold, save everyone. The climax of the film is the inner trial of the elder. Two kinds of personality in the body to hold a general assembly, in the end are to choose to escape or brave attack, it is precisely the existence of these tangled, missed the best time.

Underpants guy was trying to track down a girl sitting across from him when it rained apples on both of their heads and he fell in love. In the planning of the mobile theater she appeared, but the plot began to dramatic reversal again, meet again she is actually cross-dressing Taken festival director. The final falling koi just hit him and another girl on the head, that moment, he fell in love again. Love is always erratic, cannot be described specifically, love can be a moment of existence; you may just fall in love with such a moment of coincidence.

The most thought-provoking thing was that when the wind chill hit, everyone caught a severe cold. The girl visited the people with cold one by one and brought them eggnog. She also learned from other people’s mouth that seniors do things for themselves, she began to reflect on their own before did not pay attention to love, she blindly walked forward, explore the unknown world, live in their own world, constantly discover new things, meet new friends, but did not meet again and again under the coincidence of seniors feel confused. She suddenly realized her senior’s feelings for her. It has to be said that the story of this night also witnessed the heroine found self-growth.

The origin of wind chill can be traced back to Mr. Li Bai, who brought the wind chill and pessimistic character to make the cold spread throughout the city. The wind chill here is a metaphor for loneliness. It can be seen from the wine fight that Li Bai is lonely in heart and thinks that everyone in the world is going to be lonely. He thinks that the world is full of emptiness and hypocrisy. This concept is passed to all the people he comes into contact with, and then swept more people like a storm. While Li Bai is lying in bed in despair, the girl tells him that you are not isolated from the rest of the world. Your “cold” infects one person, who then passes it on to another, so you are inextricably linked with many people again. The idea that you can’t be an individual, that you can never be alone, is a constant theme in the film. The appearance of many characters is the traction of fate; you will find that they have a story connection. Mr. East Hall of the alcoholic met in the bar is the father of the bride, underpants men fall in love at first sight object is every day chase mobile theater director.

Chance is love!


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