• May 29, 2024

Inside Out

It must be admitted that the vast majority of people, is no chance to grow up overnight. We may have an Epiphany for a thing, understand a truth, but this truth has to be proven over a long period of time, in order to finally become a part of growth. Therefore, chicken soup for the soul is a terrible thing. It transcends the process of polishing and directly throws us a so-called “universal” truth, but that truth cannot make “me”. Some truth some growth, only really experienced, to understand.

This growth of self has always been the main thread of Pixar animation.

Of course, this kind of growth doesn’t happen overnight, which is why there are so many “total mobilization” in the Pixar animation family. They are always through a need to explore things, slowly deep into the heart, and then let the story of the hero’s natural perception, the original life should be such a look.

In the case of Inside Out, to paraphrase chicken soup, it’s about accepting your negative emotions and being whole.

This is supposed to be a weird thing. Because every one of us has been taught in childhood, we should be lively, enthusiastic, open and generous people, as if only this is the right way to open life. And how much a child’s life depends on being “right.” Correct exercise answers, correct mannerisms, and correct ways of expression…… Thus, being lively and cheerful becomes “morally correct” in character.

So at the beginning of Inside Out, it’s all about happiness. She tries to digest every possible negative emotion, and uses a variety of positive examples to make Riley think on the positive side when she meets setbacks. This is an optimistic attitude towards life, which is pleasant. Sadness, however, seems to make mistakes all the time. She touches happy memories. He makes Riley depressed. While watching the movie, my friends around me couldn’t help teasing — this “sadness” is really annoying.

Yes, “sad” of their own really annoying, how much we will resist this negative mood, even when the wish, have to make a “happy forever” dream. As if “sad”, “melancholy” such emotions, are inherently weak, wrong pronoun.

But in reality, people are more than just happy, as if “extroversion” is not an attribute for everyone. Melancholy, anger, criticism, cowardice, these are not positive emotions together, make us a whole person. Especially melancholy Melancholy, sad… If I hadn’t watched the National Day holiday and “Inside Out”, I would have thought that people don’t have such emotions.

If there is no sadness, what is the point of happiness? Unlike happiness, sadness is a very private emotion. It is usually internal. It is the softest pain in the heart. It is not easy to show your grief in public. If you do, you will be labeled as soft and weak. So after entering the society, the “sadness” is hidden. All the people are singing and laughing, all the youth is positive energy, flip the status of the hair on the circle of friends, eight out of ten are happy; we instinctively, subconsciously, resist the sad thing.

But of course, sadness has its meaning. Because it is a hidden emotion, when we expose it, it will often trigger the resonance of people’s hearts, so that relatives, friends more closely connected. In front of a group of teammates, Riley doesn’t show any sadness about her performance lapses. The only time she confesses is in front of her parents.

What’s more, sadness is a catharsis of negative emotions. Life is always so hard, our pain, is because of the realization of this. We will be sad because we face this point.

How simple it is to face up to your emotions. But doing so was enough to provoke a brainstorming session. I have a friend who looks very lively all the time. If I sing sad songs in KTV, my friend will cut it off and say “it doesn’t look like him at all”. There are also usually look careless girls, with countless do not care to pile up their own fortress. And it took me a long time to admit that I’m an introvert.

Although I still get laughed at once.

So “Inside Out” is still a fairy tale, in which Joy affirms the value of melancholy and helps her find her niche after a series of adventures. Since then, each memory is no longer a single color, but a “rainbow”; From then on, Riley had a complete emotional life; since then, the childhood virtual partner disappeared, the deep memory of the jingle is now and then out to join the fun.

This is also growing up.


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