• May 29, 2024

A wanderer with a sword in his heart

After watching Jinxing, I have a feeling of understanding love, that is, the deep feeling between Jinxing and Ah Sun.

Ah Sun’s love is deep and outward, while Jiangxi’s love is deep and inward. Anon loves Jinxing to make him feel happy and happy. Jinxing loves Anon to cook and wash clothes for her, to fight for her and to trust her.

I read the book of Reminiscence first. Although many people like it, I still want to say that I hate Xuedeba. People often compare Xuedeba with Hun, who does Jinxing love more? In fact, this is not a comparison at all.

Ken shin has been attracted to Holon since the first episode, so he cares what Holon thinks of him and wants to leave before Holon knows who he is. Although Jinxing is a gentle man, he is lofty and proud in his bones. He never cares about his reputation in others’ hearts. Even if his hands are stained with blood because of people all over the world, he has never been afraid.

It is lucky to meet Ah Sun Jinxing, Ah Sun’s tolerance and Ah Sun’s enthusiasm give Jinxing happiness. The cross scar on the face of the heart of the sword represents not only the pain of killing snow Diana, but the doubt of the heart of the sword for their own belief, even if strong as the heart of the sword, in hand caused by the sea of blood will also have doubt and uncertainty in the heart, and snow Diana is caused by such uncertain beacon-fire.

It is not the sad love that makes people move. Ah Sun’s love is more profound than Snow Diana’s regret. Snow Debar is dark in love, she is in love with the sword heart and the struggle of revenge, she chose revenge, die for the sword heart let him kill himself, and draw on his face unhealed scar, let him forget has been regret. Xuedeba love was selfish. She could not let go of her revenge or her love for Jain Heart. Finally, she hurt Jain heart and herself.

Ten years Jinxing spent ten years looking for his future. It was in the ten years that he met the most important person in his life. There were many important people in Jiangxi’s heart, but Ah Sun was undoubtedly the first. Ah Sun is a great woman, it can be said that she is kind and stubborn, but also extremely strong and tolerant. When she meets Jinxing, she is fearless to kill thousands of people, when she tells Jinxing that she doesn’t care about his past, when she laughs with Jinxing, when she holds back her tears and lets Jinxing leave, when she returns with a smile to meet the bloody Jinxing… Happiness in the dribs and drabs adds up to great satisfaction. Jinxing finally realized that what he was looking forward to have appeared in his life.

Jinxing sealed his sword after the Reform and wandered for ten years to find his own future and persistence. Ten years later, Jinxing becomes gentler and Ah Sun becomes strong from a crybaby. Their meeting is a miracle, which belongs to Jiangxi’s life miracle. A Sun protects the jean heart with his steadfast love. He does not ask about the past, but only sees the person in front of him, who makes his heart ache. Even though he knows the past, A Sun’s insistence never changes. Jinxing finally stopped wandering, because he knew that no matter what happened, as long as he turned back that person in the firefight of goodbye. Even if Zhizhixiong goes to hell, he still wants to occupy the hell. He has only regrets but is not very persistent about everything in this world. Because he has the person he loves deeply and never leaves him, so his wounds are no longer so important, and his ambition and vision can be realized anywhere as long as the people around him are still there. Because happiness for them is not in any place but with whom

The word “home”, which had not been in Jain’s heart since the tragic death of his relatives, became clear again because of the presence of Ah Sun. I still remember that Jiangxi’s embrace after saving Hun was the outbreak of deep fear. If losing Xuedeba is the wound in Jiangxi’s heart, then losing Hun is the biggest pain and fear in Jiangxi’s heart, and Hun is the softness and warmth in his heart. The pain of losing Axon may be too strong even for Jinxing to bear.

A lot of people have asked if Ken shin still loves Sherdeba. After reading it, my answer is no. What Jinxing feels for Sherdeba is a kind of nostalgia and guilt. Sidebar’s death makes him start to doubt himself. To meet Ah Sun’s sword heart is to truly understand how to fall in love with a person. Jinxing takes up the sword again for the continuation of the faith, but also to protect the happiness with Ah Sun. I hope that such days can continue.

When seeing Akon’s love for her when she was lost after the battle against Zhizhixiong, Hue’s words to Akon make everyone understand that Akon’s love for Akon is no less than Akon’s. Only she can pull Jinxing out of the abyss of death. As long as Ah Sun is by Jiangxi’s side, Jinxing will have the faith to survive. Hue’s words wake up A Sun, she is the power of Jinxing to continue to survive, as long as there is her Jinxing will not die. Jinxing can die for many people, but no one can let him desperately live, except Ah Sun, so Hue said that he was jealous of Ah Sun, because although Jiangxi’s love is deeply hidden and unspeakable, it is so deep that people sigh.

A Sun for Jain heart bit by bit to repair the scars, for him to erase the sadness, so that he can face all kinds of sadness in the past

One may fall in love with two kinds of people, one gives you pain, and the other gives you happiness. And meeting the one who gives you happiness is a miracle.

Ah Sun is the miracle of the heart of the sword.

She gave the sword heart happiness.


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