• May 29, 2024

Despicable Me 3 –What do you think of this movie?

So far, only one studio has made a fortune from a single film: Illuminating Entertainment. It all started with Despicable Me 1, released in 2010. At the time, the show was called Despicable Me, not under this tender title. If About had his choice, I’d prefer the name “Despicable Me,” which is what I saw when I first saw the anime. Despicable Me 1 immediately set off a yellow storm around the world after its release. Minions dominated the world with the speed of viral transmission and became almost everyone’s favorite animated characters.

That’s not what Illumination, Universal Pictures or even Minions creator Christopher Meredandry had in mind. What we can’t deny is that the Minions are indeed the most recognizable and commercially valuable new generation of anime characters of the past decade. The goofy look of these yellow capsules with their big eyes makes us love them. And most importantly, the Despicable Me franchise’s super “IP” has been thoroughly hit by the minions. The Despicable Me series has become one of Hollywood’s most successful original animated films of the past decade, bringing huge financial benefits to its producer Illumination Entertainment and redrawing the landscape of Hollywood animated films. Founded just 10 years ago, Lighting Entertainment has become a strong competitor to Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks and other veteran animation studios with its Despicable Me series. You ask how deeply the Despicable Me series is loved by viewers. Let me tell you, it’s just July, and Peaches has been on pins and toes all day. She rushed to the cinema the night before last to see the midnight show, and today she came to the office with a look of satisfaction on her face to tell us the plot! Baranovichi would have punched her in the face if she hadn’t been a woman!

I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and then you tell me the story. This afternoon, ABU can only take peach revealed plot into the cinema. To be honest, Baranovichi was prepared for a bit of a drop in quality in the third installment, but I didn’t expect to get a one-star rating from a lot of people on the Internet, which is… a bit much. So far, Despicable Me 3 has scored 7.0 points on Doosan.

There are two main reasons why many people score low. The first is the confusion of the storyline. If Baranovichi is to judge, Despicable Me 3’s main story line can be described in one word — search. Grub looks for his brother Drew, Lucy looks for the missing motherhood, and Agnes looks for her beloved toy unicorn.

It’s dangerous to tell three storylines in one movie, let alone in 90 minutes. You can see that the scriptwriters want to say more in this animation, but the end result is to steal the chicken. Instead of better expressing their own ideas, they told the three story lines in a very confusing and inconsistent way. One of the most fatal drawbacks of adding three story lines to the Grub family is that the villain’s screen time is reduced to a minimum, making the villain’s character and scenes with Grub less interesting.

In fact, the Despicable Me series is not very strong in story and logic, and we don’t need to expect a strong logic from an animation that focuses on family and humor. But if you think about it, how much was Victor the badass rookie in the first movie? How much of Basazza Blade is the villain in the third film? In the first film, the story was simple: Grub wants to do something really bad, which is stealing the moon. The producers spent a lot of time portraying the baddie newcomer Victor as Grub’s rival. The story line of Grub harvesting his three daughters was drawn out of the struggle between Grub and Victor.

In other words, everything in the first part is geared towards the rivalry between the two. In the third film, the villain is rarely depicted, and the villain appears to be a character created by the producers to solidify the Grub family, which fundamentally changes the way the film is perceived by audiences. The second was that Grub had “changed”.

Despicable Me 3 is telling a story the old-fashioned Hollywood way: the main character struggles to defeat the villain and save his family. It’s a familiar formula in Hollywood all along. This formula makes the main character too mediocre, and in Despicable Me 3, Grub’s shadow has faded, and even his brother Drew is left as a funny, goofy thief.

In the first part, the image of Grub is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, sometimes silly and sometimes witty. In the face of the new thief Victor, he fought back again and again. Finally, his resolute eyes when he was trying to win back the trust of his three daughters left an indelible impression in the hearts of many viewers. That’s when we fell in love with this unusual “bad guy” Grub. However, in Despicable Me 3, Grub changed. In order to work, he would smile obsequiously at the leader and beg her not to fire him. When Lucy stood out, I thought Lucy’s performance was what Grub should be. Mr. Baranovichi is understandably loth to accept Mr. Grub’s transformation. In the first part, Grub is not afraid to fight with Victor and can rush into space without hesitation to steal the moon. The main reason is that he has no regard for the commander alone. But by Despicable Me 3, Grub not only has a wife, but he has three lovely daughters, and he has a care and a bond that makes it impossible for him to be the same as he was in the first film.

This is just like us in reality, most of the time, the elders will tell us: “while you are young, go out a little more, to see the outside world, to explore more.” Because they know that when we get old, when we get married, we won’t be able to go anywhere with our swords like we used to. The main reason why many friends on the Internet are disappointed in this movie is because of the above two points.

Abramoff says it’s inevitable that this will happen, that Grub has become a man with a family and children, and that it would be impossible to make him the villain he was in the first film. And the creators are very careful to do this animation, there are many small details can show their intentions. For example, the villain was an American child actor in the 1980s, whose background music provided the title track “bad” from Michael Jackson’s seventh official album, which was released on August 31, 1987 through Epic Records and went to number one in 25 countries worldwide. “Bad” became the first album to have the most number one singles on the Billboard 200 album chart by recording five number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. “Bad” was a household name in the United States at the time, so it was the perfect song to use here. Second, as attentive viewers may have noticed, Grub and Lucy both wear wedding rings on their ring fingers. Third, and most interesting, Grub is bald, his brother Drew has flowing blond hair, and the picture of their father on the wall, bald and surrounded by blond hair.

As mentioned above, there are many small details, in order to avoid revealing the plot, no more. Baranovichi is not the kind of person who takes all movies seriously, so I’m not going to treat them all in a fixed way.

Many movies are like a “steak and wine” combo, where you have to chew through steak and wine to find out what it’s like, and then go back and forth after you’ve eaten it.

A lot of movies are like the combination of “fried chicken and beer”, so that you can eat thoroughly dripping wet, drink large chunks of meat, and get unprecedented refreshing and satisfied in the process of eating. In my opinion, Despicable Me falls into the latter category. Don’t be put off by the online reviews; Despicable Me 3 is worth the price of admission.

Finally, in Despicable Me 3, the minions will leave Grub because of his transformation.



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