• May 29, 2024

The onmyoji of the double star

Since February, observant viewers of the Double Star Onmyoji may have noticed a relatively unfamiliar name — Tomohisa Taguchi. Taguchi, the new supervisor of Clown Club, sat down with NewType to talk about the differences between the TV version of “Double Star” and the original set, as well as the production of anecdotes.

Taguchi first explained why he took over the Onmyoji double Star. It turned out that during the planning stage, the company was interested in hiring a new director. First, the producer of Studio Pierrot recommended him. Coincidentally, the editor-in-chief of Jump Square had seen the theatrical version of the Goddess series at that time and voted for him. So he became Ben’s supervisor.

The taste of the field is placed on their own high expectations. He also hopes that in the work of “Double Star”, he can use experience to maximize the potential.

After reading the original, Taguchi felt that Double Star is a typical juvenile manga that combines traditional onmyoji themes with modern elements, and should be adapted into a very interesting animation. However, even if the same manga is different when you read a monthly serial and when you read a single book, the animation version will naturally be different. What he wants to present to the audience is an animation that cleverly combines the emotions of the characters with the narrative of the plot.

When it comes to the composition of the original animation, Taguchi said that first of all, he would respect the basic setting of the original work, so as not to make the audience’s impression of the work greatly deviated. However, considering that it is a long story, in order to strengthen the readability of the work, he would integrate the small interludes of the original work with the original animation content to enrich it. Taguchi also mentions that the teacher in charge of the series, Mimosas Arakawa, is willing to try various challenges after listening to the opinions of younger students like him. Taguchi calls it his most powerful creative support.

As for the main line of the story, we cannot do without the emotional entanglements of Pulley and Hong. Taguchi summed up the relationship between the two as: set a pro hot-blooded teenager and high cold girl, in the noisy feelings gradually heating up. Taguchi wants to put the familiar romance into a format that is popular with young people today. So he played down the relationship and focused on the comradeship. Of course, as members of the opposite sex, we have feelings for each other more or less, but we don’t always see each other as love objects. After all, the sense of detachment between the main characters is what makes these romantic comedies last.

In addition, readers of the original series will certainly be aware of the anime version’s original character, Hsu’s style god, Fox Cat. Taguchi said the furry creature, in addition to providing a necessary supplement to the information about the Onmyoji, also serves as an atmosphere conditioner. Of course, I would take care not to let it spoil the beautiful moment of the pulley and the Red dish.

Of course, known as the highest and strongest level of the division of the “twelve days will” is also a big point of view, Taguchi first evaluation they look full of personality. Then he said: in the original, the twelve days will appear sometime after the pulley has met Suzuki, but in the animation, he intends to show them all at an earlier stage.

With respect to “Onion,” Taguchi described it as a different space “inside and outside the real world,” based on the advice of the manga’s original teacher, Katsuaki Sauna, Just the sight of the familiar landscape suddenly changed is enough to frighten the heart. Moreover, filth does not rely solely on bloody exaggeration to scare people, but also borrows from the Japanese style of horror that gradually pushes people to the point of no return.

Talking about the fight scenes, Taguchi exuded confidence, saying that the production level was quite high. He said this was mainly due to the help of assistant director Tatsuya Igarashi, who is skilled in action depiction. The original Igarashi is the original professor Taguchi show master. So Taguchi was delighted to hear Igarashi say, “It’s really something I haven’t seen in recent animation. It’s something new.”

Finally, Taguchi expressed his sincere thanks to his colleagues in various departments for their assistance in his various wayward requests. In order to make the audience say, “Animation can even do this!” He is willing to unreservedly offer all the inspiration he can think of at the moment, and strive to become the explosive agent of the “Double Star” project.



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