• May 29, 2024

Lightning dog

It’s a little late to watch this movie now, the reason is very simple, for this big red thunder poster is extremely unloving, the poster dog looks extremely naughty, and I thought it was another naughty dog caused a street movie. With such a commercial name as “Lightning Dog”, I was filled with repulsion for this film.

A few days ago, I suddenly read the story introduction of the film, and suddenly became interested in a dog living in the role he was playing. What an interesting setting reminds me of the barrier of self-cognition in The Truman Show. If handled well, there will be a lot of drama and psychological effects, and for a cartoon, how should he deal with such a serious psychology Questions became what interested me most.

After watching the movie, I was very satisfied with the treatment of the movie, especially the black cat’s reconstruction of the dog’s living habits and self-cognition, which was quite wonderful. It was not only humorous and cute, but also made me think about some traditions and conventions in my love. A dog just sticks out its tongue, makes pathetic gestures and bites sticks. Maybe they’re more than that.

BOLT was bought and adopted by a girl named Penny shortly after he was born. He lived in the studio all the time before growing up to is a lovely dog. He was exposed to evil forces, bad people who wanted to kidnap his good master, and he was a superhero who had super powers to protect her Arranged to spend the night in the same van, but spent the day punishing the bad. His love for the girl is firm and unreserved, so the girl is moved and troubled, on the one hand, to maintain the dog’s recognition of the false environment, on the other hand, cannot bear to lie to the dog repeatedly to give it a normal weekend. Of course, the dog doesn’t feel any of this. He still lives in the heroic rescue story that everyone is trying to create, ready to step up to the plate.

Rushed out of the studio at that moment, all the established fantasy is broken, it lost all abilities, by fat pigeons, by black cats to play to play, but it still did not have doubts about their own identity, it blamed everything on plastic peanuts, this change is reasonable, according to the understanding of human consciousness, such a big self-cognitive disorder is bound to have their own recognition People don’t deny themselves easily.

As the adventure continues, the dog gradually found that what the black cat said is true, especially after the cat lying in the tree to yell invalid, it has doubts about their own existence, which makes it at a loss, and the hamster opened the door to rescue it, he finally returned to reality for their cognition, his hand to erase the black paint painted on the body, lost refused to continue to save the hamster He realized that he was just an ordinary dog and had no ability.

At this point, the hamster’s trust in the dog plays a key role. His trust in the dog is unquestioned, regardless of whether he knows that the dog is just a character on TV and has super powers. His praise and worship for the dog’s bravery and responsibility are unreserved, which also makes the dog realize that his ability is not an interface for not trying hard Hasty. As a rule of law, a mind that has just broken its self-knowledge is not so quick to rebuild its other cognitive system, which needs a certain amount of time to digest and rebuild. But the movie doesn’t have that much time, so it just lets the dog get up again. This is also the objective requirement that animation must give up the strictly psychological, and it can be stopped.

In the last rescue, the dog realized its value to me. Although it didn’t have super powers, it could still save its beloved master. When the camera focused on it, it set up a position and screamed at the air vent with a lion, but what came out was just an ordinary dog barking, I was moved I got a warm feeling in my heart. And the same picture, the dog to the tree of the black cat also roar out of the ordinary dog bark, is so poor, live in the fantasy of ordinary people, in the face of the reality of cruelty, powerless and unaware, the poor.

We are not conceited, but all kinds of signs on campus make us really think that we are talents. When we step out of the ivory tower, we suddenly lose ourselves, just like BOLT, and don’t fully play our former abilities in the end; we have to go back to the very beginning. Like dogs asking for food, we also do meaningless things in the company, serving tea. Later, we gradually understood our own positioning, reality gave a slap to the dream, completely broke the beautiful fantasy, so we followed the black cat predecessors to learn how to socialize, how to socialize, how to stand in the society, become an ordinary dog.

Not every dog will be lucky to meet a small hamster, not everyone will meet that give you strength, they believe you are the best, no matter what people around them think, they always stand by your side to give you encouragement and support, with this kind of motivation, many people realize their own value, they are lucky, you know, we are not too much different, some people try Force, some people give up, some fail, some succeed.

If according to the order of love, the hamster first, the black cat second, the dog third, the hamster cute lies in its innocence, lies in its fear of heaven and earth, the black cat cute lies in her mature accident, she taught the dog how to play the ball and stick when the face helpless expression, is very cute, and the dog is too mean, there are too many people around us, sandwich between the ideal and reality Struggle and find no way out, of course the dog finally got happy, but we haven’t.



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