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How do you evaluate Hotel Transylvania 3?

As a vampire as the protagonist of the “super monster big league” animated film, many people put the success of the Hotel Transylvania series down to three words: cute contrast.

Vampires, Frankenstein, mummies and werewolves all made the American Film Institute’s list of the top 50 villains of all time, with virtual monsters from horror and thriller films dominating the list. Cold, grim, bloodthirsty, cruel, cunning… “Hotel Transylvania,” a family animation that combines some of the most famous monsters in movie history into “Scream Hotel,” is exactly the opposite of those adjectives: anthropomorphic, cute, and down-to-earth.

“Scream Hotel” CEO vampire Baron Dracula, hypnosis flight memory elimination ability is not small, but only never sucked human blood, even afraid of humans by using Dracula’s words, the director has also discredited the romance vampire in Twilight

In “Hotel Transylvania 3,” the revelers leave their hotel and embark on one of summer’s most popular luxury cruises.

Dracula said no to his daughter’s unexpected arrangement. “We have all these services at the hotel. It’s just on the water.”

The body, however, had honestly changed into its most coquette floral shirt and beach pants, and was twisted on the deck.

“Olympic-standard swimming pool, all-you-can-eat buffet, full spa,” casinos, fireworks, underwater Tours…

Unlike most entertainment movies, which start with a black-and-white good versus evil, and focus on action-packed action scenes, the villains aren’t prominent — even Hotel Transylvania 3 has the Van Helsingr family, the vampire hunters who barely compete with Dracula’s family; And it’s a weak enemy who has to try and fail.

Because, all its contradictions and conflicts are based on love as the starting point, under the drive of love misunderstanding, estrangement, struggle, and then misunderstanding elimination, reach agreement, prove the power of love.

Its position remains the same: to reflect family love in the way of laughter, to tell the story of parents and children.

Six years ago in Hotel Transylvania, Dracula became hostile to humans after his wife was burned to death, and kept his daughter captive in a secluded place where only monsters and humans were kept away.

Despotic and old-fashioned, he strongly disapproves of his daughter Mavis and Johnny the human. I didn’t realize the true meaning of love until I saw my daughter unhappy: “I always thought the worst thing that could happen was that you would leave me. In fact, what saddens me most is that you are not happy.”

Dracula, who accepts the “interracial lover” in the second part, encounters the identity confusion of the hybrid grandson Dennis.

On the one hand, like father, like daughter Mavis, who has a surprising grip on her son and wants him to return to human society completely; on the other side, Draco, who wants his grandson to carry on the noble vampire tradition, is troubled that he can’t fly without vampire fangs.

What happens when a vampire eats garlic? Super awkward date, ha

The third one was changed. Dracula, who has experienced “one hundred years of solitude “,” Zing, falls in love with a mysterious female captain, who has a negative IQ and is clumsy, With the mission of the female captain bearing hatred of him full of hostility, chasing love journey step by step dangerous.

Mavis begins to play the role of “parent”, doing everything possible to prevent Dracula love. Nominally, she fears her father’s harm because “a female captain makes me feel wrong”; Deep down, she was afraid that the captain would take away her father’s love for her and her dead mother.

Some parents respect their children’s choice, let them go to fight, to break, even if hit the head of blood, it is better than a muddled life.

There are also children who give their parents the space to find their own simplicity and happiness without being confined to the small world of the younger generation.

Super born guerrilla werewolf parents are the representatives of children bound to the extreme – even if only a day to the children’s paradise, the couple is happy like winning the lottery millions.

On the contrary, Hotel Transylvania series points to the universal value recognized by all mankind on the basis of building good stories and personalized characters: respecting love and giving love its due outlet. With such emotional core, the soul of the story and characters can be established, accepted, known and loved by generations of audiences.

Funny but sweet Vampires vs. Van Helsingr,Drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of food and dance and DJ and save the world. The special effects are gorgeous and the pictures are colorful. Atlantis Adventure, funny but not vulgar A retired Goth girl has to pay attention to a middle-aged dad dating. With a new twist on an old theme, Dracula is the cutest grandpa. Take children and elders to see, also not embarrassing play. Laughter, but also touching heart

1. The least scary vampire ever and his monster friends are at it again.

In the classic monsters of movies, vampires are beautiful, powerful, cold-blooded and dangerous. However, “Hotel Transylvania” series has been in the opposite direction, showing the vampire warm and funny, very contrast cute side, the protagonist vampire Dracula powder skin big eyes, although the character is stuffy, but dote on his daughter more than human not to try to let, black clothes and black hair Gothic style, plus anytime and anywhere bat skills, is completely a MOE uncle.

Director Gondi Tatajkowski delivers a different idea in an unconventional way, and the least scary vampire ever and his monster friends are at it again. For example, in the movie, hundreds of years ago, human beings became the representatives of evil, while vampires, mummies and other monsters are good beings. They were burned, trampled on, and forced into hiding.

The monsters still maintain the contrast cute characteristics, cute anomaly. Increasingly huge werewolf family over – born guerrilla, husband and wife finally take a vacation. Jelly Monster Bribie got so seasick, he threw up a baby. Marry, the adorable mummy, gives brother Dracula all sorts of bad advice on getting girls. Frank Frankenstein, honest and honest, gambles like a man who can lose his hand to shrimp. All kinds of strange monsters gather together, under the appearance of terror each hidden from the lovely and funny soul, is simply a contrast cute masterpiece, contributed to the plot of a lot of jokes.

2. Retired Goth girls have to pay attention to middle-aged dads dating.

The concept conflict between good monsters and human beings runs through the first two chapters of Hotel Transylvania: In the first part, Rodgers builds an isolated hotel Transylvania to protect his daughter, but after her daughter falls in love with human beings, she finally chooses tolerance and acceptance; In the second part, Dracula’s daughter gives birth to a hybrid child with a human, and the conflict escalates into a conflict between a vampire family and a human family, finally reaching an understanding again. In Hotel Transylvania 3, the main theme of conflict is already covered, and the story digs deeper into the theme of self-awareness upgrading. The plot continues the family style of the previous film, with dense jokes and baggage.

Love and family affection are still the themes of the movie. Dracula, who used to be arbitrary, paranoid, abhorrent and fearful of humans, finally realist his mind? “Single dog for 100 years” gets over the pain of losing his wife, but falls into endless loneliness. Out on the ocean bound for Atlantis,Then the picture from cold gray, into the eyes of the warm tone, out of the mountains and forests of the vampire back down the black cloak, put on a full of SAO island style flower shirt, completely released themselves. All kinds of monsters dance and make noise and make fools of them. The bright lights, fireworks and electric parties on board make the whole story look like an orgy.

Fell in love with the wrong person, so eat garlic, break into the underground palace, in the arrow, and make countless jokes. And Dracula’s dilemma does not end there, the daughter is suspicious of the always mysterious female captain, does not approve of her father’s courtship. Dracula, who had accepted his daughter with humans and was trying to raise a hybrid grandchild, also began to communicate with his daughter, asking her to give him more space and freedom. This is a very good theme, fathers will also have the right to pursue love, and they need to. As a result, Hotel Transylvania 3 upgrades its self-awareness and acceptance section to make the audience think while continuing the humor.

3. the most important thing about a monster is to be neat.

In fact, the director has always discussed the issue of love and family. In the Hotel Transylvania trilogy, we are depicted as a father who loves his daughter and a grandfather who cares about the growth of his grandchildren. He is willing to make compromises and give way for love. And this time, he seemed to change a person, began to pursue their own happiness, but also staged a hero to save the beauty of the play. Or maybe he’s not changed, but love has made him braver and more aware of what he wants.

No matter what, family togetherness is the most important thing. There are problems to solve problems, difficulties to overcome difficulties, in the face of family, friendship, love, everything is floating clouds, let go of hatred, pick up happiness, no one knows the true meaning of life than the life of Dracula and his friends who do not know how long.

It’s a monster’s guide to happiness.



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