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How do you evaluate the movie Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse?

No object is not terrible terrible is no money.”

Do not know since when, such comments quietly occupied the public opinion on the Internet.

In many people’s minds, getting rich overnight is obviously more attractive than having a partner.

The Hungarian poet’s tear-jerker has been rewritten today as

“Life is precious,

Love has a higher price,

If money is the reason,

Both can be thrown “.

This is a time of lack of love.

But even so, there are still many people trying to compete with this materialistic age.

There are those who seek philosophy, those who seek religion, and those who seek literature.

Among them, there is also the need for animation, with animation works to express love, spread love.

Today, Amway’s animated film is a typical example.

Warmth, healing, tenderness, love…

Any one of these labels would fit perfectly.

It is a French animated film released in 2012

Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse


Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse is dare I say it, an animation that will keep you safe.

It won the 38th Cesar Award for Best Animation in 2013;

On Doosan, more than 30,000 people gave it an unsparing rating of 8.9 —

Many people praised the animation’s watercolor hand-painted style, which is fresh and light.

In fact, the original animation is really the picture book.

The series, written by Belgian writer Gabrielle Vincennes, has been translated into many languages and is a global bestseller.

The title and poster of the cartoon “Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse”, Red Fruit Land tells us a lot of important information about it:

Aid Bear and Sean Mouse, the two main characters in the animation;

Bear and mouse love each other and kill each other, is the main content of the animation story.

Put that way, I think you might find the animation uninspiring.

After all, everyone has seen Tom and Jerry.

We’ve watched Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse kill each other for hundreds of episodes.

However, Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse is not Tom and Jerry, and the difference between the two is not as simple as replacing a cat with a bear.

In the short 80-minute running time of “Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse,”

We get a warm and healing bear-mouse interaction,

You can also feel the very real questions about race, class, education, capitalist society and so on.

The author put a lot of thought into it.


There are two opposing camps in this story:

One is a kingdom of bears on the ground, and the other is a kingdom of rats under the ground.

Protagonist of one of the small mouse Sauna, since childhood living in the rat country orphanage

She and the other orphanage mice were “really scared.”

For Grandma Mouse in the orphanage often told them stories about the great evil bear.

She instills in them the idea that bears are the most ferocious animals in the world.

When it comes to excitement, her projection on the wall looks like a giant bear strutted stuff.

Her day – to – day brainwashing was of no use to little Sauna.

Little Sauna did not believe that the bear was born to be a bad man, nor did she believe that the Rat had to be against him.

Not only that, but she also had a hobby that her elders considered frivolous — painting.

In her paintings, bears and mice can play happily together.

Finally, one day, accidentally fell asleep in the trash can, the little mouse Sauna, was picked up by a hungry bear.

The big bear was Aid.

He picked her up from the trash can and was about to open his mouth to eat when she stopped him.

Sauna told him calmly that it was only a legend that bears ate mice.

If Art believed the legend, he was a big, stupid bear.

Inside the Aid Bear OS: This little mouse doesn’t look like any femme fatale I’ve eaten before?

In exchange for letting herself go, Sauna pointed him to a place — a bakery warehouse.

Art could sneak in and eat like a pig.

After all, it is not right to steal other people’s food.

Aid soon paid the price.

As a result of this encounter, and a series of other events that followed, the fates of Sauna and Aid were firmly intertwined.

The American version of the animation poster has a better performance.

Titled “Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse,”

Aka Bonnie and Clyde, aka The Fugitive Lovebirds (not really)

The cartoon Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse is actually about two people on the margins of society, hugging each other for warmth in loneliness.

Aid and Sauna are two very similar people.

Atbara loved music and played the piano well;

Sean Mouse likes painting and can draw very well.

If these two put in human, no problem two literary young people

However, these hobbies are frowned upon by both bears and rats.

They are heresies of two different groups.

Aid lived alone in the woods, far from the world. Before little Sauna came along, his music was no doubt lonely.

As for Sauna, the people around her despise her dream of painting, but easily accept art as her little fan.

Aid built a small studio for Sean and from time to time urged her to produce food quickly.

They are like bosom friends, appreciate each other, and cherish each other.

Since they found each other, they have their own little place in the world.

No matter how bad the outside world is, no longer afraid.

Because you have friends who can share the joys and sorrows with you

Because they have a place to shelter themselves

Let’s talk about some interesting Settings in the animation about rats and bears.

The rat and the bear are two different species, but the two societies are equally absurd.

Like hypocrisy in society.

In the story of the baby Bear family, father Bear is a candy store, mother bear is a dental shop.

People who frequent sweet shops are more likely to have rotten teeth, which in turn boosts the business of tooth shops.

Don’t be too careful with this abacus.

Father Bear smilingly sells candy to his son’s classmates, but orders his own son not to eat sweets.

Whenever the baby bear wanted candy, he would say:

“Do you want all your teeth to fall out?

Are you going to buy teeth from your mother’s shop across the street?”

It’s full of irony.

The same goes for rats.

One minute, everyone was overjoyed when Sauna Mouse got a big bag of bear teeth from outside

Hold them up and shout hooray, regardless of their rightful origin;

A second later, when they saw the sleeping Aid bear in the cave, they immediately accused Sauna of “leading the bear into the house” without giving her any answers

The chance to release

As the song says, “Love and hate in a moment.”

No sooner had he been put on the pedestal than he was dragged off it.

There’s also the courtroom trial of Aid and Sauna.

Whether rat or bear, all interrogations and cross-examinations begin with the assumption that both men are guilty

The rat judge said Aid Bear should not be excused for frightening children.

Aid Bear turned and asked the mice below if he was really frightening them.

As Grandma Mouse clapped her hands, everyone who did not feel afraid immediately began to scream.

Who has a mind to beat his stick will easily beat his stick?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have proof, as long as you can build it.

Animation unravels the ugly veil of rat and bear society in such a light-hearted and funny way.

Do they just exist in animated rat and bear societies?

Apparently not

As long as you pay a little attention, you will find that the animation is full of refraction of the real human society, revealing the dark elements of human nature.

But the author of “Aid Bear and Sienna Mouse” is kind.

She created the two little angels, Aid and Sauna; to work together to resist the darkness of society, and even change the darkness of society.

Perhaps, in this story, there is nothing to stop them except reproductive isolation.



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