• May 29, 2024

High intelligent formula car

Recently, I had a chance to watch all 37 lines of gpx TV again, and I still remember the excitement and passion of my childhood. What surprised me more was that I saw something that I had never experienced before. I have to admit that the story itself was mainly about young people, but it was adults who made the animation after all. I think all the main creators (including Fukuda) more or less put their own racing dreams or expectations for future technology into it. When I watched it again at the age of 28, it seemed that every bit of them could understand their feelings at that time.

This topic is not new. I first came into contact with Knight Rider, when Mike drove his guitar around to fight criminals, which really made people’s blood boil. It turns out cars can be cool and human, like your own friends. I remember a scene where the guitar seemed to have been swallowed up in mud and could no longer exist. I felt as sad as if something had happened to a friend. And in the gpx, the producer is to strengthen this point, the machine is no longer a machine, but your trusted friend (this seems to be a more common setting in the daily marvel), but the excellent gpx is patience (after a few ova protagonist and a people are to grow at their own speed is the best example), this process is not sudden, Instead, it used a whole 37 words to describe, from the rejection of the lightning system at the beginning of the wind, to the preliminary acceptance of 5 ~ 6 words in the first paragraph and the qualification of being selected for the world Championship, to the withdrawal of the first world Championship. It’s kind of the first round of the man-machine partnership. – Acknowledge your role but disagree with it. And then it’s interwoven with scenes like someone snatching Abrade for military use, and the monk secretly protecting the wind, and that’s the old story, that the machine is not the fault of the machine but who uses it, but the producer doesn’t go into that, and really doesn’t have to go into that, The purpose of this paragraph is to explain the original intention of the design of Abrade by the father of Wind (indirectly expressing the author’s attitude towards the machine), highlight the difference and super performance of Abrade, and let the wind to realize the recognition of Abrade from the heart. From then on, Fengshan began to get rid of all kinds of uncomfortable feelings in driving and really stepped into the right path of cyber formula racing. Combined with the aura of the protagonist and super growth, Fengshan won the champion in the fifth stop. This can be counted as the second round of the man-machine partnership, when the inner recognition begins to cooperate. But this is not to get the champion, because others have already reached this state, the wind as the protagonist must be further, that is to reach the highest state of man-machine integration. In order to reach this climax, it is necessary to reflect on the man machine partner again. In 34 ~ 36 words, the exit of Oromo became extremely natural, because Oromo only relied on its own strength and basically did not rely on the power of machines. In the ninth station in Germany, which needed to completely rely on the machine partner, Oromo gave up the machine cooperation, resulting in the exit and even could not continue racing. And the wind also has doubts about Abrade, resulting in withdrawal from the match (Oromo’s situation can be accepted, the wind so quickly thoroughly doubt is really a relatively sudden – hey, this is your late father designed the system, before also promised, so soon as a bag of anger ~ ~). The author indirectly expresses his attitude towards man-machine partners – they should be accepted and trusted. The 37 words after that fully show the meaning of Nirvana and rebirth. Fengjian and Abrade reach the highest state of integration of man and machine, and work together for the same goal. There is no mutual complaint, but the perfect unity after the combination of two swords, and finally realize the dream of the championship. Young marvel has to have a young marvel finale isn’t it, ha? However, even before knowing the result, watching the final episode still can be inexplicable excitement, should be the previous emotional foreshadowed in place. In my opinion, the first part of the TV version is also the most complete part of human-computer interaction in the whole five-part series. In the subsequent works, I think more people interpret various aspects of racing cars from the perspective of humanity or the relationship between characters, rather than from the perspective of machines.

Two, the growth of life

The growth of life is the indispensable theme of youth, youth, is always a blood, senseless, self-willed, but often has a sincere to good heart; the wind also basically belongs to this type, not very special. As mentioned before, the whole series of GPX is special because it still belongs to the same formula, but it is very patient and little by little, without any mention of it. It really makes you feel that you have grown up together with the wind, and this kind of growth is not only the growth of ability (most young comics have the growth of ability). The growth of life and self-interpretation is also in place. However, at my current age, most of the growth scenes are not special or the intention set by the author is obvious and not very natural. For example, the communication with the former world champion after the withdrawal of the USA competition; Compete in a death car race with Kanga; Use Abrade to send Richie to the American base; The appointment with the girl in the wheelchair; Help girls participate in hot ball competitions; They are relatively abrupt, in short, it is not natural to connect with the main line, but it often brings a great boost to the wind, in today’s words is a little false. Others are lectures that feel obviously reasonable to you, such as Kara’s “your biggest problem is that you focus too much on others and disrupt your own rhythm” to Kisumu during the death car race. The new rule’s stubbornness led to the decline in performance and the team’s status to show the importance of teamwork; Landau’s genius performance is conceited and arrogant, which leads to people’s dissatisfaction and disagreeableness. On the contrary, I also see some insights that are not revealed on the surface but are interpreted by characters and events. For example, at the beginning, Fengjian really wants to be a motorcycle driver rather than a racing driver, especially a lightning bolt driver. Just like Shoji Guan Sheng, he hopes to win by relying only on his own power rather than mechanical power, which is the consensus of men. But what Kisumu went through throughout the competition really taught me what it means to go with the flow, to be dedicated, and to work with a team. From the beginning had to sit on gsx, wind between the driving twists and turns, the results also ups and downs, this time the state of mind or about him, open well is my, open is not good you want me to open, and not fully invested, and there is a set of description of the wind also specifically to see the motorcycle championship and Land met bridge segment, I can feel that the wind at this time has not put my whole heart into it, and Landau’s subsequent confrontation and Landau’s final speech of failure, I think it is also precisely pointed out the importance of focus and dedication; Another thing I have a deep feeling about is the amazing performance of Fengjian in several competitions. For several times, Fengjian chose to run long distances without rest or adopted unconventional ways when the competition was very unfavorable. I used to think it was just the aura of the main character, but now I think it is partly due to the needs set by the main character, but it is reasonable. First of all, Wind is the youngest player, we that cannot sit always do something age, physical strength that. And from the whole process of the Guan Sheng team description, in addition to the individual need for emergency maintenance, most of the time the team personnel regular work and rest, rarely by outside interference (less nightlife), including the wind, this is the so-called military maintenance for a thousand days, the key time can withstand, and the wind is young, mentality is not afraid of losing, anyway can come again. Do what must be young, don’t think to wait for everything to be ready, practice comes true, improve in practice. In addition, it is necessary to keep regular work and rest, so as to have the physical strength and energy to fight at critical times. I think all the above represent the author’s outlook on life and values, which is full of positive energy. However, I could not understand these things when I was a child.



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