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At first sight to see Shepherd Genii, I feel he is a standard Japanese sergeant. Leading a team that has dominated Kanagawa Prefecture for 17 consecutive years, victory is not an honor, nor is it a burden, but a responsibility, but also a habit. He trained himself, trained his teammates, and trained everything he could, with a simple and clear goal: win. Victory after victory

Is there another shepherd by the shepherd gentleman’s side? Nobunaga Kiowa? He may be just as bad as Samurai Hanamichi, if not worse (in fact, every basketball player in the show has some), but the confidence under his bad ass is more like self-hypnosis under his bad ass. But it is also this kind of self-hypnosis to dig out his potential bit by bit, but he is not a shepherd after all, because he does not have that kind of leadership temperament, that kind of innate leadership temperament like crazy ah, dictator, that although can enjoy what independently, but more must bear what alone.

The reason why Hainan became the king is more not the talent of the players or the coach’s strategy (in fact, Ling Nan is better in these two aspects, Xiangbei after the king of the mountain, it cannot contend with it? They already have fairy paths, you know!) They are more like an army than a team, also because of this, this is my least favorite team of all the teams, although can win again and again, that is still a dream victory?

Like the tingling in the sun

Rattan really more brilliant there are two games, one is Xiangtan to Xiangbei; the second is Xiang – Ling versus Xiangbei. His power lies in melting, in harmonizing, in making one plus one, one plus one, one plus one far greater than five, as opposed to the dazzling techniques of others. His existence will make things qualitative change, of course qualitative change before what? It is the quantity change, the flower shape and Nagaya.

Sheng Yang was one of the so-called long men, the kind whose physical strength was more than their willpower, but there was no mistaking the flower-shaped, tough look behind the broken glasses, the balky figure of Hasegawa under Mitsui’s pressure. Unfortunately, such a team has a fatal place, at least in my opinion: Fuji in always knows what he is chasing (the same is true of Yukawa in the early days), but the peak never rises in the chase, he does not realize that he should stay and wait for those unconscious sesame mug beans, so he is forever chasing, but cannot catch.

Now I do have two coaches. Tina Oka in the south of the Ling and Anoxia in the north of Hunan It is the existence of these two people, “irrigation blue” behind really qualified to add two words: master.

Xiangbei always reminds me of White Fuji High School (” Volleyball Girls “), just as Anoxia always reminds me of the old coach. There are also campus violence and associations. From this moment on, you and I, who used to be on campus, start chasing girls again, start skipping classes again, and start wanting to do a lot of things again. And coaches like ANSI are the first reason to be warm. However, in contrast to the basketball as “Tao” Anoxia, in fact, another coach is more like the fierce animal version, or like the fierce animal: Ling Nan Tanging.

If Ling nan on Hainan or ferry road and shepherd Gentry a duel, then axis after the absence of illness, Ling nan and Xiangbei game is Tina post’s individual show, but also a nearly successful individual show.

For plot consideration, Hainan finally emerged as the first group identity, so Xiangbei and Ling Nan fight became a battle of life and death (many senior three bosses don’t want to repeat this is the last chance). In the case of Xiangbei opening firepower, Tina oak Shige through the sweat of the field sharply put Xiangbei flowers under the remnants of the willow root to pick out: Mitsui physical strength, foul too much, on the stage of the team too little, faint recruit persistent Sakura road…… Of course, the most important point – the absence of coach ANSI due to illness. He through his career boil out of sensitivity, like a hunter found the entire flaw, in turn to their hands of every card: with the end of the torment fish live in advance, with Sakura Hanamichi excellent force Fukuda, more in the most appropriate moment played his strongest ace – ferry road. Just like two arm-wrestlers, no matter what kind of deadlock, inch by inch so save the tide.

Here’s a quick segue into what I think is the strongest person in the entire Inoue world (anime version, of course): Send. A lot of people might think of Yukawa Kaifeng, but he and Xian Dao were just like Fan Kauai to Han Xing, the former was at most a fierce general, while Xian Dao was able to lead the whole army, even lead an era. Ferry road first is fairy, such as idle clouds wild cranes, not for the shape of detention, he is usually just a fishing to the blue wave Wan Qing; Even when he played, he lazily tucked his clothes into his trousers. But don’t let him get the basketball.

Get the basketball Send is like a sword in hand, he can be a global attack center like Maki Shinichi, he can also be Fuji Zhen coordination hub, he can like a God like three-point shooting, can also like Acai cover hot pot, even like Samurai Hanamichi like rebound, of course, the most critical is that he can like himself, like Send let opponents fear. Then, winning or losing is just a look back on the next fishing trip. Among all the smelly basketball players, he is the only one only on the court to win and lose the man, just like the monk holding the big sister across the river, after the river, put down is. As CAI Shao fen said in “White Bread Long Xing”: He is not very smelly.

So in front of such fierce Tina oak and Xian Dao, why Xiangbei can win this is also the fatal defect of Xiangtan I just mentioned.

There are two people in Xiangbei, one is Anoxia, the other is Samurai Hando (in the Chinese music track, the wonderful thing is that the same music for them ^_^)

The former is not so much the technical master (this Tina oak will always come up), as there is a huge spiritual appeal: for example, Tina oak heart to incur the Mitsui and Miyagi are for him to run to Xiangbei (although the latter is later for the color son, who called the color son belly how are more beautiful than ANSI?) He wants to open the basketball team inside already flesh and blood flying basketball arena, he wants Xiangbei in the national competition before the face may lead to the team confidence destroyed Xiang · Ling United (although this with the elite of two companies to train another company’s practice is too romantic), slow “he” below is slow confidence, not quickly, but like a constantly rotating screw chisel.

However, this year’s Xiangbei key or have cherry blossom road. The horror of youth is an accident, and Samurai is such an accident.

This is also the last thing that Xiang Ling and the united team are missing, that I think they are the most deadly place: they don’t have Samurai Hanamichi such a talent. A genius for whimsy

I have seen an interview, asked why NBA people want to use so arrogant and complicated shooting skills, answer: this can ignite the passion of the audience and the players themselves, and passion, sometimes even means everything. The near-juggling of shots and breakaways is scary because you never know what’s going to happen next.

Samurai Hanamichi often has such two lines:

Why was he there? Why was he able to do that?

Why is there so much? This guy with a bowl of noodles to handle three high school gangland, his nearly infinite physical strength and nearly “shameless” spirit as invisible as water, as silent as fire. Forced by fire and water, the normal team Xiangtan, Ling Nan is not normal to lose patter :But what was behind the broken basket? Hot blood

“Irrigation blue Master” before and after the size of the campaign, the last only mountain king After the First World War, the invincible mountain king was defeated by Xiangbei, Xiangbei also because of the fight too hard and finally did not control the national hegemon.

Just two people, one is the eight three-point game Mitsui; one is the back of a serious hit and eventually ended the basketball life of Samurai.

The first appearance of Mitsui is to destroy basketball, that is, to smash the hall caused by Xiangbei basketball team disbanded. He loved basketball so much that he knew how to insult it to the point: For example, spitting to basketball, for example, repeatedly beat the players hope to frame each other to the point of Our, is so jaws and jaws, but in the end, when saw that had been in China during the period to encourage themselves not to give up the ANSI coach, Samurai iron fist cannot destroy Mitsui knelt down, blood and tears washed together that stubborn wake up past: I want to play basketball!

Mitsui due to participate in the underworld, there has been a hidden danger of physical exhaustion, even if it is in the face of Xiang Yang he also fell on the court, but before the end, every point of his strength will be used in the projection of three points above, one, one, one! Another one! Unless every muscle has been drained of strength, unless every drop of blood has been burned: “Kanata is Kanata, Acai is Acai Who am I…? Tell me who I am…? Tell me my name. Who am I?! … Yes, I am Mitsui Shoo, the incurable man!”

At any rate, I have nothing but blood, but blood is all I have.

Samurai joined basketball for a very simple reason (does this person have the ability to think complex) to impress Hark, who also loves basketball. But when the judo man holds Hauk’s picture, he raises his skirt: I want to play basketball! Basketball to him, equal to his Samurai for Samurai a sign, even thousands of people, you will not ignore him, you will not forget him, and you will see him, even only see him. When he was panting and sweating, when the pain gnawed at him: Is this my race?! “And I……. The time is now!” Basketball for him is what, is hot blood, just hot blood, he burned has not for anyone, not even for their own, because once the blood boils up, do not burn dry, do not boil dry, is not going to stop.

What is the purpose of sports? Is to let you know, you think you cannot, you think you can, as long as you burn their own blood, as long as you really know their burning, there will be a moment of bright, there will be a moment of burning eyes, even if there is no applause, even if there is no championship, even if you are shattered, soul God all destroyed.

So as long as there is blood, enough to represent everything! It stands for everything that people who believe in blood believe in!

Is for the dunk: my dream, I just want to be able to stick to my dream!



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