• May 29, 2024

Young football player

During the “Tokyo Eight Minutes” of the Rio closing ceremony, Japan brought its sporting image to the world, including two appearances by soccer stars.

Big empty wing, this familiar name, including Mutsuhito, Masts, Wakabayashi those Japanese boys’ names, evoked my memories.

Our generation after 85 saw Japanese anime probably between primary school and junior high school, and the age of “Soccer Boys” is also set at this stage. The growing mind sees the peers in front of the “mirror” living such a happy and hardworking life, which has a certain influence on us.

Yoichi Takahashi created the manga in 1984, and by the time we get to the ’98 World Cup, it has influenced generations of Japanese teenagers, including Hidetoshi Nakata and Yoichi Inmate.

Japanese football has long been the dominant team in Asia, and although the recent entry of Australia and the rise of South Korea seem to be on a par with each other, Australia’s outmoded prowess and underhanded success will not last long. The real representative of Asian football level or Japan Japan’s success lies in its structured youth echelons. The rich levels of J-League from professional teams to high school leagues really make the Chinese Super League, which spends a lot of money in the world, feel ashamed. It is because of such emphasis on youth football that Keisuke Honda and Shinji Kagawa keep pouring into Japanese football.

Kings loved Cajun, played and enjoyed it, and now football has entered our classrooms. But that year, we are in the county-level city of a middle school, physical education class are brought to math, six years of school only held a football game, or the students themselves organized. We see “football”, each community has several fields, the goal has a net, is grass when do not know how much envy. Conditions were worse, but we all felt like fairies as we piled up our bags to make goals, squared off behind the regular field goals, or even between the two trees, playing black and white soccer balls on the sometimes gritty, sometimes muddy field. Learn “Soccer” in the “tiger” shot (is actually shot), “through the pass” (is actually cross pass), “upside down hook” is not difficult, as long as not afraid of pain, back to the goal when the ball over you, natural back on the line.

At that time, “Soccer Boy” and “Slam Dunk” and “Baseball hero” together became the symbol of Japanese sports comics, now watching “Soccer Boy” is undoubtedly naive, the most criticized is – exaggerated. I’ll never forget the goalie who saved the ball at the left post and bounced it to the right post for a rebound, and this kind of magic show filled every episode: The first one was that Little Wing transferred to Mange Primary School, which was a football underdog and competing with another school, Xuzhou Primary School, for the football field. Nanga only needs one point to win. Small wing newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, facing the strong enemy Rollin, at the critical moment, the camera swept countless people, small wing imagination open, choose to pass rather than shoot, of course, Rollin is not the ordinary generation, save the shot, and then small wing is a makeup, into.

Pig-like teammates and magical opponents just like in “Seven Dragon Ball”, under the firm inner belief, teammates constantly upgrade and opponents become teammates. Under the halo of the protagonist, little Wing gradually grows and matures into Big empty Wing.

Big air wing is a Japanese translation, in Hong Kong has been translated as Dai Howie, and called Dai Wing Wei, Taiwan translated as Fang Yuxiang, at that time the meaning of Xiang has not changed, are aspirational, flying meaning; There are also Xanthan, which is translated as Wu Yuma, and Zhao Day, a forward for the Chinese men’s soccer team. These localized translations have helped transform the positive attitude of Big Konya into a universal national image. Because the positive meaning of this cartoon is that Big Empty Wing is an optimistic person with ideal. His every technology is not the most extreme one, but it is the most comprehensive, from technology, tactics to the art of getting along with people. He is the embodiment of the Japanese dream, the Messy of Japanese football.

Positive energy surrounds the progress of little wings every day. For teenagers, many of the famous words in the play have become the motto of our life growth, such as Robert Benzene said “football as a friend, as a life”. Indeed, in the growth of our life, we always face the loneliness of a person, at that time, no matter little wing, big empty wing or Dai Howie, any ordinary person, football can be our friend, accompany us through a long and short life.



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