• May 29, 2024

The basketball of the spot

The girl who pinched Snippy said don’t compare black basket to SD, they are different types.

Of course, look at the painting style to know that they go in opposite directions, SD realistic wind, the focus is on blood, youth, and growth, and there are a lot of actual combat details. The rise of Samurai and other people’s strength is also according to the process, from the practice match to defeat Ling Nan to the national competition to defeat the mountain King to love and defeat, articles are in logic.

And the black basket, obviously, the game scene is obviously repeated, it can be seen that the TV production team did not spend money on the game, under the title of “Basketball of Sunni”, it seems to depict the focus is fire God. Despite this, there are plenty of anti-human, anti-science and even anti-rule killing techniques. To show off one’s skills and go it alone shows a disregard not only for the rules of basketball, but also for the spirit of the game — if a basketball game can be played by one person, why play with five?

The film has a clue is “five people with basketball values” to save “a person’s value of fighting alone”, Huang Se is the first to be saved, black fire this pair of salvation also in the “positive three views” on the road to go further and further…

The whole point of this is to prove that the two are very different, both spiritually and physically, and to show that the film is bad not because it has classic SD, but because it fails as a pure gay film, whether it is science fiction, and it fails, it hurts.

First, the plot In view of the Japanese animation industry is close to saturation and the overflow of sports themes, in the case of almost constant upgrading routes, the game – lose – together – match – win, the general routine has almost not changed, the leading role team naturally cannot win, but will eventually win. No doubt about it. But to keep a cliché from going off the rails, it has to be reasonable.

The most puzzling thing about this film is that Hay Chang lost when he came out. The front of the bedding is almost a joke, the last episode also said that you now even the miracle generation of the heel cannot touch, the next episode immediately knocked over, not a bit of cohesion, not enough experience, not a good fight blame you actually upgrade ah!

Second, people where the black basket fails the most! On the painting style, the same, people set character obviously has the traces of plagiarism routine, all say that the god of fire looks like Samurai and Yukawa’s children, even the number is No. 10, and proud of the jumping, how not to Samurai direction to think? Besides, the yellow hair that says sorry all the time looks a little like Satori Okuda. Squint eyes belly black glasses, a look out – the city mare silver through?! It’s like a movie can’t get enough people together without a few squints in it.

I spent two days basically watching the film cannot recognize a few people! Every miracle generation has a new CP, 1+1 mode is a bit monotonous, isn’t it? The B super girl who can see a bunch of numbers is obviously a reference to the color son, folding fan + hot temper, can be a little good? Is pink hair E cupped female called May? Seeing her mind loop Mary Sue a hundred times, did she travel through time? Manager + pink beauty + childhood sweetheart + ability stick + and all miracle generation know…… Sorry, I failed.

In characterization, they only know how to use additional skills, but they don’t know how to explore the inner character of the characters, that is, to distinguish the characters with some small characteristics. For example, the low presence of sunspots, green arrow divination, and Qingfeng arrogant and Siouan food attribute. These are only a small part of the character’s external attributes, like emphasizing Send’s love of fishing, but not showing his multi-faceted personality. Pale, remember only the most superficial things, but never shape up a living person. Vulcan, by contrast, is much more three-dimensional.

In addition, the generation of miracles, especially the Chieti, has paved the way for a God-like existence, with a sense of distance, which makes people feel that they are not high school students playing basketball but playing monsters to séance to the gods. Moreover, because of this, the outline of his character is even more blurred. After the deification, such as really go to fight strange that day, I am afraid not to take out eye-catching battle.

BLEACH’s previous lessons are still there, and the ones that repeat them continue to repeat themselves — make Aisne sound miraculous, collapse of jade, conspiracy, Ichihara Yin’s rebellion, second section liberation, Zero, masquerade… Turns out Chigoe Kuroki didn’t hit with much of an impact. Because you know you are going to win no matter what great hero halo shining, there is no possibility of losing. Is that interesting? Everyone shook their heads and went away. A few tricks upgrade to upgrade, enhanced version, enhanced version2, enhanced version3… An old stalk repeatedly chewed, tasteless.

It’s not a matter of different styles or different atmospheres. Technically, out!



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