• May 29, 2024

Wind talk charm

Compared to animated series, all chivalrous rishi in the move when finally don’t call the name, in one go, but the corresponding sense of existence is weak a lot, a bit of the feeling of passers-by. Slow, unable to move, Beating than season 7 ugly. The fake leaves are not only handsome, but also stronger? Ballad uncle, Yunnan shot too little, not satisfied. (here to tease, float hill is supposed to be the old river’s lake, so cunning, deep undercover behind the enemy for many years, the seventh season inside how easy with Pei left’s road? At the beginning also thought Yan Run baby is a floating hill disguised).

There seems to be no familiar martial arts secrets in the world view of Xia LAN. Xia LAN’s moves are more dependent on self-understanding, so everyone’s Xia LAN’s skills are different. In the movie version, the hero goes from being weaker than the ordinary man to being stronger than the Wuxi Xia LAN. Wuxi’s Pei Zoo in front of the sealed chaos, is a battle five scum), well, only a cup of tea time, can only say, the ancient Xia LAN is really strong. For a person with a disability, it is actually more difficult than ordinary people, not to mention becoming a Xia LAN, which is just a distant dream. When the real Xia LAN appears, his dream is broken together with those discarded Xia LAN stamps, and he instinctively wants to find his mother, but finds that his mother is gone.

The theme of the film is guardian, and the interpretation of guardian is also progressive layer by layer. From the parents of the hero, to the hero himself, to the little evil, and even the mountain cannon and villagers, the story of guardian is passed on. Men began to know how to protect, is in the attack of the little demon to tell the story, the story and reality is opposite, but the little demon died before the memory of the story told by the man, the heart is she believes in the good, in addition to the evil are only these. When the male master said willing to use their own eyes in exchange for a small evil man, he grew up, understand the need to protect is the price, and willing to sacrifice for it. There are too many helpless and demons in the world, for the people you care about, the purpose of protection, is not to be those dark and pain, block out? The hero’s parents are the two lines buried in the movie: the whole story has always thought that the hero’s father is Xia LAN, but the last day of pure sand memories, his father actually lost the election, even so, has been protecting others, even to defend a pure land at the sacrifice of their own; It has nothing to do with the top, but with Mei’s sacrifice. These two lines were revealed at the end, which sublimated the theme of “guardian” at once.

Men’s ability to control the wind is in front of the bedding, easily removed by the wind property Yuan Qi barrier protection of gyro (Yuan Qi wind attribute should be extremely rare, heard have never heard of a drama, may also belong to the power of ordinary people), hand imprint because the rockets, he tied his dad on the kite “feel the power of the wind”, after the men in the village of tree leaves, The most important thing is that only his father can spin a top, and the combination of superpowers and special attributes and experiences of blindness, the final Epiphany is not particularly sudden. Male master his father should have basically practiced into the wind language charm can use the top seal Tao tie, but not good enough to meet the Tao tie body of the village head.

Some points to note: The opening ink style amazing, the protagonist appeared & Ugly woman bath to pay tribute to Stephen Chow’s movie, selling the background music of the Xia LAN seal is the piano master at sea, gambling square and chase scene inside the painting of the river’s lake role cameo, the money is written on the change of the disciple, male master was hit by Lou Shisha flying there in the air like Monkey King and big fish begonia, Flying in the air and telling the audience that he is the protagonist is similar to breaking through the wall of the dimension of Dead pool, why would the doctor remember the number of times Mei bought medicine (2333 times), what it means to find the money bag in the ruins of Mei, the scene change with the little evil on the road has been used in several Hollywood animations, the hero almost fed the crocodile where the middle finger was actually passed the trial, The little demon throws a gun to salute the Hulk throws a gun to Thor and his brother, seems to have been used in Monster Hunt, the gluttons’ big eyes and the Lord of the Rings, finally put out your hand to salute Kung Fu Panda 3, the boss is like Clash of the Titans 2, the village painting style is like Sanxingdui, the tree in the village is like the tree in the Spirit Lord, The village people pray “ask the patron saint bless us wealth and auspiciousness” and the name of Wang Fugue should be a metaphor, Mei sister head was burned out a V, Xia LAN seal there is a child did not hit the male master but let go and fell on the ground, small evil took a ring and did not take the top, the protagonist repeated his father’s words when the two figures overlap together, The ending animation is similar to the ending of the City of Two Moons, with the female protagonist’s clothes turning white, the most mischievous villain in the character, and a tribute to the Lion King, according to friends, as well as several tributes from which I can’t remember.

Generally speaking, the director’s storytelling ability is strong, the rhythm control is good (except for the ending, which is slightly rushed, it is said that the original 120 minutes was reduced to 90+ for screening), the music is excellent, a rare domestic animation masterpiece in recent years. By contrast, why does Frozen always score so high? Just because it’s foreign, it’s supposed to be superior?

In addition, in the world of Xia LAN, only those who have the impression of Xia LAN can become Xia LAN and better protect others. It seems that the rationality of this premise has never been questioned in the drama. But in the movie version, the important thing is not whether there is a Xia LAN stamp on the hand, but whether there is a stand to protect others, the concept of protection is extended, for Xia LAN’s world view, can be called the punch line. Those who really know what love and protection is, or have seen the series of Painting Jiangsu, should like it. There are a lot of surprises and resonance, with the help of Xia LAN’s world view to tell an independent story. Three brush three cry, many details are only noticed in the back of the movie, long time haven’t so indulged, get rid of preconceptions, pure appreciation mentality to watch the movie, it is really a great movie.

Let me tell you what I feel inadequate: one is that the top cannot come out, the sense is not elegant, although it can be understood as the plot needs, but it seems a little far-fetched; One is for the mother to return the wish, self-destruct binocular, some cruel, Xiao Fang died a Zip self-destruct binocular that abuse, is Qianlong eight inside I don’t like the plot, here is the same, fortunately the last egg surprise; Rakish chasing after the chrysanthemum where I see a tiger body shock, if Sen.’s evil taste, you know; And what about being tied to a kite, or a rocket, or something dangerous to teach a child? In addition, we all like to stand in the third party’s perspective to evaluate, and have nothing to do with their own best, can easily comment.

In particular, when the film tries to focus on a preachy theme, such as “guardian”, it is difficult to give an objective evaluation, because it is not an easy topic, and sometimes even produces rejection. “Guardian” means “price”, and this “price” may be difficult for us to face in real life, or even heavy. We instinctively look for problems in movies rather than ourselves. Therefore, this kind of movie, from the perspective of psychological experience, no matter how you shoot, there will be a lot of doubts. It is much easier to question you than to question yourself, which is what this intention must bear.

Is this the first animated film to be made entirely by a Chinese team? It is a milestone worth marking. The imperfect industrial chain, the audience and the degree of acceptance, as well as the lack of funds are all factors that restrict the development of domestic animation. It is said that the production budget of the whole Fengyinsu is only enough to cover the cost of Coco for 5 minutes, which is really surprising. From a development point of view, from season 1 to now season 7, it’s been a very different story. It’s hard to imagine where we are now. From the last few seconds of each episode, we can feel the pure heart of the director, scriptwriter and production staff to inherit Chinese culture. What is the point of debating conceptual labels such as “the rise of China Man”? As long as they are made in China, they will assume that they can’t do it, and then they will take a magnifying glass to force them to do it. They will list a wave of so-called arguments as support: the poster is beautiful, the content is inconsistent, the picture quality is good, the script is not good, the story is moving, the plot is conventional, the highlights constantly say that they copy old stories, and the growth Epiphany says that you care about sex… Foreign animation also has these problems, why not see so much effort to criticize with the same standard? What we see is that China is developing at an astonishing speed, and that is exciting enough. When the wind rises, go to the wind to find the answer


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