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This is a little poisonous not quite poisonous, but nothing toxic resistance of people to look disgusted for a while if you want to see this fan and not afraid of spoilers, you can look down and then decide.

The completely no toxic resistance really don’t look at this fan never promote this fan setting is actually not very fresh persona can be when the first so tricked into the beginning is still good female lead set quite good and then I put the second season together a total of more than 40g of bud (supplemental fan) next look at the snow sound came out of the beginning of the arbitrary time I think nothing first time on the day and have h reaction time also think nothing .

Then it is the second time also should be b station pop-up reaction is the biggest time (guessed this time did not look at b station but after reading a few comments) to be honest this move itself after all was stopped from the result is not a problem but honestly the persona a moment, it collapsed if it is daily interaction when there is h reaction is not too bad but here is the heroine worried about snow sound took him home to take good care of before a foot or The moment you turn around, you want to get laid?

A moment I minimized the player first Baidu encyclopedia look at the main line of the process to prepare your heart next a series of illegal operations what steal things steal money smash glass what see I froze if what is remembered what memories of life I can understand the result is to say “I’m dead I have nothing” …… honestly do not have much empathy male and female are so concerned about you of course here you can shake off the pot say is being wildly good induced feel that they are just a tool of the male lead own less than the former tool …… this logic really fan and not God only can have a magic weapon .
In fact, they also want to jump to the gods in short is not much resonance problem is that the 9th episode on the use of a minute to whitewash a minute is still a lot of the previous memory fragments and then completely changed for the better you can say that growth but even the character persona have changed (you can look again at the beginning of a few episodes in the interaction full of sense of inconsistency) reversal is too big after the return to everyday and then the end of the original 2 episodes of the anime male lead because the main female memory was But the front is not very conspicuous setting problems .

Here is very prominent just ask why strong key is not strong a little bit two points directly explode table the main character got a new ability artifact has a new change? Then why did the heroine not explode when she was attacked? The memory was destroyed before the outbreak … whether the heroine’s life or memory is important …… But after all, the original can be understood but this will be the battle confusion all exposed the overall battle is basically entangled and then a knife seconds key seconds when the animation is still universal … …
The female author of the battle setting is generally understandable la I started to watch the second season with this mentality The beginning of the first season of the female lead to sleep with the male two sperm I almost feel faded to forget and also feel as if they are raising a son or brother a family of three is also very good The female lead to the male two remedial lessons found that the male two mental age is a little younger than their own and then honey blush The author in the end want in How to divide the relationship between the two men and one woman did not understand …… and then the main film Wu Shen (the name of the god is too complicated for the Chinese) to see the want to doze off how to say it pavement actually can first talk about the relationship between the god and the god weapon and then talk about the relationship between the god weapon and ordinary humans or a little deep feeling but the use of conspiracy is too pedestrian it instead The blonde is set to be very annoying, always in hysterics, feeling that other gods hurt your artifacts, you have to take revenge, and you hurt your own people by messing up?

The deepest impression is that the traitor is still laughing at the protagonist group is playing house …… honestly I think it is playing house …… Anyway, the end is still over the protagonist artifacts also Bankai …… line The main character was placed under house arrest and disappeared for a month because she had not been in contact with the main character and ran to the playground to play with a yellow hair. The result of the back of the beginning of an episode to a strong kiss memories or a close-up and then the heroine touched her lips and also blushed …… shrimp and also pig heart said thinking that the beloved was forcibly kissed by other people this is directly a minotaur it or a yellow hair (guess pop-ups to explode) and to the back also know yellow hair is the hero’s father adult (the biggest villain) this minotaur The level of a bit high ah ……

This kind of operation last dare to do so the first reaction is “Kannagi” but people just play word games and did not pay action (may also be a variety of razor blades scared to modify) this side is so blatantly play operation bottom so thick? And most of all, the main thing is that this strong kiss has no meaning to the main line neither what the heroine through this kiss know their own feelings for the hero nor because of this kiss caused heart fluctuations so as to find the bond or something (that is to say, was a strong kiss not even a push away action at the beginning of the male entanglement reaction is quite fast and agile pseudo-fighting home settings? (Understandable to avoid, after all, the villain, but you do not even have a reaction?) In short, the author wants to feed the shit is to disgust people and then is the normal routine plot to find the memory to save the hero but to be honest by the previous operation also did not have much mood to look at must have said too glassy-eyed honestly you give a reason to feed the shit I can still accept

You are abusing for the sake of abuse forget about the most funny is the b site hot comment there is a yellow hair is a strong kiss the female lead body soul of the first kiss is still in … this …… in the end who is glassy-hearted? The same female author you see people “into the room into the magic” sand carving enough sand carving hot blood enough hot blood depth also some of the most important is the same two men and a female lead group people more harmonious how to speculate are good to say even if it is corrupt to the Aziz stock can also be accepted (President Clara all line harem best)

The plot is full of positive energy, and the setting is normal.

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