• May 29, 2024

Masonry ace

I remember that when the drill A was put in the beginning, it was not in the plan to catch up. It was one time when I was chatting with my partner about it, and I opened it at random. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I accidentally ate my friend’s Amway.

There are too many hot-blooded youth in the animation works, there are too many stories of struggling for dreams, but no matter what works I saw before, I was just moved. Although I think that the struggling youth like this is what the youth should look like, I have never felt that there is anything bad about the ordinary and lazy youth along the way. After all, now in my 20s, from a student to a social person, I have never regretted a single choice I have made so far, except for the first semester of my freshman and sophomore years. But after seeing drill A, I felt from the bottom of my heart that I never shed sweat, tears, never for the so-called dream so single-minded struggle of youth is simply eaten by the dog.

“I wish I could have met the work of Drill A earlier” — I often think this way, especially after stepping into the society, I know what I really want to do, but because I wake up too late, I didn’t make a good effort in this aspect in my school days, and when I want to do it, I find it seems too late and I can’t make the effort. The idea will grow stronger.

But fortunately, it is not too late, although it may require some detour, but at least not immediately sentenced to death.

Captain Zhen said, “Hard work is not deceptive.” I wrote down this sentence and posted it on the most prominent place on the wall to motivate myself and remind myself. Yes, although in this world of winning and losing, it’s either win or lose, but hard work doesn’t cheat. Although hard work may not lead you to victory, just like the predecessors of Qingdao, they failed to realize the dream of Gijon despite all their efforts and even though they sweated more and cried more than others. But in the process of hard work, what you gain is real. Working hard may not make you a better person, but it will certainly make you a better yourself.

I didn’t know anything about baseball at all. I couldn’t understand what those pitching and squatting and catching were doing. I couldn’t understand who was on the same team and why sometimes when someone hit the ball on one side, someone ran off on the other. At the very beginning, when I watched Drill A, I was in a fog all the time. I was just infected by the warm atmosphere. In fact, the rules of baseball are complicated and unpredictable. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next. There are too many examples of a ball affecting the flow of an entire game. Many people shun baseball because of its complexity. Baseball is by no means a hit in China, which is partly why A, a hit and a hit in District 11, is not popular in China.

But as long as you look at it, you can find that drill A is really too many bright points, it is a little cruel reality. In my opinion, the greatest charm of drill A is its reality. First of all, Zeamura Rongjun as the protagonist of this work, the body is not a trace of halo. He had the potential to be an ace pitcher, but he had no professional training and was a fool. So he was in danger of being dismissed from the first day he joined Chengdu, a strong baseball team. Then he went from the second army to the first Army to the first team. Not only is that, also in the same class Satanic Xiao, a monster with baseball talent that Zeamura will never become an ACE without defeating. Chris senior also said to Zeamura, want to be an ace can choose to leave to go somewhere else, or can only be defeated down valley. Along the way, Zeamura has been suffering the blow of reality, but at the same time, also in a setback to learn experience, a little progress. Moreover, not only as the protagonist Zeamura does not have a little protagonist halo, even as the protagonist team green road is no halo… Six years later, the team failed to reach the final round of the regional qualifiers. If you want to reach the summit, you have to start from the regional qualifiers without losing any match to see the final victory.

After watching the perfect game between Aichi and Enamor, I had an Epiphany about the rules of baseball. Then, I fell in love with baseball completely. The reason Ado and Infamy were considered perfect is that both teams played as well as they could in a game that was a no-brainer no matter which team ended up winning. But Amici lost in the end, despite all the efforts she had made all along. Although it is not surprising to win, the strength of Seadog is still a little bit less than Iasi, so finally lost. That’s the reality. Temple stepfather ruthlessly wiped out the dreams of his predecessors. I remember when I just watched this game; it was several days in a row. I could not help shedding tears when I saw the relevant content. I always thought that it was just a comic book, and the temple’s father could not be gentle and learn the basketball next door so that I could have a little halo on the green Road, at least advanced Jiaziyuan QAQ

As mentioned above, after having an Epiphany about the rules of baseball, Amway was completely thrown into the baseball pit. Then I began to watch the games of previous years. The more I watched, the more I realized what an interesting game baseball is. After watching some actual baseball games, I feel more and more that drilling A is really a rare good work. I have seen many other classic baseball works, but in my opinion, those works are more about the baseball background, the focus of youth friendship, or the spirit of fighting for dreams. Although these elements are present in Drill A, they are rarely depicted. The teams are either competing or practicing for the competition, and there is little routine for them throughout the work. In this way, Diamond A makes readers thoroughly feel the charm of baseball itself through the detailed depiction of a wonderful game. It is also after seeing the real Jiaziyuan that I can appreciate how exquisite and realistic the depiction of each game by Drill A is. I remember when I saw Carolers running so fast and jumping to catch my captain’s ball that I didn’t score, I thought it was exaggerated. But after seeing the fielders who literally walk over the wall to catch the ball, Tirade was already conservative. It is full of drama, but that is what makes it so charming. Like last year’s qualifier star edge open hanging in 9 back still behind 8 points in the case, in the last round of a breath even nine points a breath to win the game, such a god spread is afraid even comics do not dare to draw it.

Later, I went to make up for the original comic book written by Terada. I have to say that the script of the animation is really excellent. It not only retains the most exciting parts of the original book, but also makes the plot more coherent. It is precisely because drill an animation has such a script in support, so even if the animation is not sincere to the character collapse even he does not know himself, the animation frame number is less like PPT, or the same people cannot stop.

In A word, it’s really nice to meet such a rare and good work as Drill A. I’ve always said, if I could, I’d give Diamond an Amway to every potential stock.

Now that the second animation season is underway for the fall competition, these guys are growing up all the time, hoping they can grow up with you. Let’s win together and take the coach to Iasi Garden!



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