• May 29, 2024

Chess soul

Taking advantage of the Go craze brought by Alpha Go against Lee Solo, I watched the Japanese anime “Go Soul” recommended by everyone. The rating is very high, 9.1.

Because the professional Wii is not very good, also do not have enough experience in playing chess, so the part of Wii and the psychology of the players

There’s not much resonance.” The two words “chess soul” throughout the whole animation, here just wants to record their understanding of it and speculation

Where the “soul” of Go goes after Alpha Go

Fujiwara pseudo-left is the “soul” of “chess soul” of the first layer of meaning. Although Wii originated in China, it originated in Japan and spread far west from there

Square (ego). The pseudo-left of the Heian period (AC794-AC1192) represents the source power of the Japanese game of Go, followed by the Honinoburo Shuck

(1829-1862) appeared in the body, and fused and sublimated with Imago Hiker (Kohikari). This represents the recognition of the Japanese nation to go. Value

It should be noted that at the time of the anime’s production (~2014), Japan’s Go power was actually the most decadent among the three countries

And weakened, the film can be said to appear between the old generation of chess players and the new generation of Qi, and the so-called “new wave” may be just then

A hot call in the go world

Pseudo-left is just a concrete image of “chess soul”, which carries not only the recognition of Wii, but also the spirit of Wii as a profession

Core, this is the second meaning of “soul” of “chess soul”. If we look at the combination of light and false left from the perspective of A Beautiful Mind

First, it’s easy to fall into the thinking of words like genius, crazy, split personality, etc. This animation borrows this expression,

The purpose is to borrow a third pair of eyes to see the stability of the spiritual core of Wii, including integrity, hard work, willing to “bet” defeat, and continuous learning

Long. The rules of Go evolve, the way it is played changes, and the players come from different ages and countries

Go and the spiritual core carried by the players are respected and inherited.

The third aspect of the “soul” of the “chess soul” focuses on the individual. Chessboard millennium unchanged, pieces black and white, but everyone in its

A unique way to go Masters sees not only the pieces that fall, but also the whole person displayed between the pieces

The state of mind Light is lucky, Tanya Ryo (Ryo) leads him on his way, and is the only person who perceives the fake left and light. I

At the end, they thought they would have a spectacular match, but instead they ended up bickering in the Go hall (here, yes

See my state of mind is low author several levels). Not only light, Angel because of mental quality problems several times failed career

Exam, and finally through conscious exercise to overcome and pass the exam first Here the animator gives us a comfort, and that is

There are natural chess players like Xiao Gang, perfect chess players like Xiao Liang through acquired efforts, and there are shortcomings like Yi Jiao but pass

A chess player who constantly pushes himself to success even the lofty Tanya Yoyo showed nothing but new energy in the final stop, no

There are limits. In the whole world of professional flag-bearers, they know their opponents through Go, but more importantly, they breakthrough themselves through Go.

At first they played Wii, and later they played their own Wii. False left, light can go further.

In addition, there are many details worth pondering, such as the change of Wii situation and mood change; this is still waiting for me to go

You have to know more to understand.

Going back to the way the game is changing, the animation mentions veteran players reaching out to online go communities and even a middle school

Chinese chess players develop programs to play human chess and say it will take 100 years to beat humans. Today, some 20 years later, such a thing not only exists

And recently beat one of the best players in the world by 4 to 1. I read a lot of discussions and reports on the Internet about artificial intelligence

There are also those who talk about the future of Wii.

About artificial intelligence, I agree with Wang Yin’s opinion in an article, Alpha Go shows strong computing power, and a

A certain degree of learning, but a long way from true intelligence but the distance here may not be so far. The rest of the technical details here

Outside of my field of study About Wii, I can imagine that there will be more people playing Wii, but Wii as

A career becomes less attractive. This is similar to the aftermath of Deep Blue’s victory over Chess Grandmasters. In the long run,

The way Go is played, whether amateur or professional, may radically change, with machines deeply involved in our decisions.

I have been fortunate to witness and participate in the changes that technology has brought about over the past decade and for decades to come.” I was inspired by “Chess.

One is that if anything is a profession, it is worth striving with passion to survive the changes.



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