• May 29, 2024

Making peace with the Power of Instinct–A review of Frozen

The film “Frozen” has left a deep impression on people with its fantastic scenes and beautiful songs. The children are even more obsessed with it. Almost every girl wants to be Elsa and hopes to have the magic of ice and snow.

This is also a movie about love, only, the end of the movie is a little unexpected. True love is no longer a kiss between a prince and a princess, but between sisters. Among the many literary works on the subject of love, Frozen is one of the most profound films about love, at least in animation. The film shows the love of parents, friends, lovers, and even more love for oneself. Love of self is the most intriguing part of this film.

The song at the beginning of the film is meaningful. The song sings the characteristics of ice and snow: crystal clear, dangerous, and frozen; Share the same difficulties, life and death together. The song hints at the theme of the film. Here, ice and snow is a symbol of the power of instinct, which is both beautiful and dangerous. This innate power and the individual also share life and death.

As a child, Elsa was not afraid of her magic, she enjoyed it. She can use this energy at will, and transform into all kinds of strange and wonderful ice and snow worlds. Anna was not afraid either. She loved Elsa’s magic. This is the world as children see it — strange, dreamy, and full of possibilities. The ice and snow world is their paradise.

But their parents feared the magic, and Anna’s injury gave them every reason to suppress it. They protect their daughter from harm by hinting (magic is dangerous, “You’re out of control”), isolating (avoiding Elsa from human contact), suppressing (” Don’t feel “), denying (putting gloves on Elsa), etc. But it was this that hurt the most. Elsa lost the chance to learn about herself and live with her instinctive powers. Ever since, Elsa has lived in fear of losing control.

In fact, the real danger is not magic, but the fear of magic. As the goblin told Elsa: Fear is your enemy

There comes a time when Elsa needs to face everything in her life. She became queen, but inside she lived in the shuttered room of her childhood. When the public learned of her magic, she had to flee.

Escaping to the North hills, Elsa is no longer afraid, no longer oppressed, no longer bound by her father’s warnings. Here, she doesn’t have to face anyone, she doesn’t have to conform to anyone’s expectations, she can let go of the established role (princess or queen) and dare to break the limits of the past. She felt with her heart the power that came from within, the magic that she was born with. At this time, Elsa is truly herself, she can do whatever she wants, let the ice and snow into a variety of wonderful forms, to establish her own free kingdom. She was completely in her own world, experiencing freedom and joy as never before. The song “let it go” speaks for Elsa, and for everyone. I think that’s probably why this song is so popular.

On the other hand, the ice palace on the North Mountain is another “closed house”, which repeats her childhood experience. Her father had locked her up as a child, and now she was locking herself up. The palace on the hill is beautiful, but cold; the kingdom below is also covered with snow. It’s an interesting symbol — it’s not just the kingdom that’s frozen, it’s Elsa’s heart. A fiery Anna is determined to warm this frozen heart. She tried every means to take Elsa back, in the dispute; Elsa accidentally hurt Anna, magic frozen Anna’s heart. Only an act of true love could save Anna, the goblin said.

Anna doesn’t get a true love kiss from Hank, and the sinister Hank wants to kill Elsa and usurp power. In an emergency, Anna sacrificed her life to save Elsa, Elsa for this sad, crying. Love is warmth, acceptance, holding. Elsa felt the power of love, and both frozen hearts came alive, and love flowed naturally between them again.

Elsa was finally able to stop being afraid of her magic, and it was when she was able to control it that she began to shine. It’s so exciting to have a magical queen! People were fascinated by her magic and cheered for her magic! At this point, Elsa has completed herself.

We’ve all had or still wish we had some unique magic like Elsa, and we’ve always wanted an Anna to warm us up. In fact, we all have a “magic” in our hearts, this innate power of instinct constitutes our unique characteristics. We both look forward to it and dread it. Because we want to be unique, but we also worry about not being accepted,So we long for someone to love everything about us. We search all our lives, but we never realize that the one who can give us unconditional love is ourselves, and ultimately can only be ourselves.

Anna and Elsa are two kinds of instinct that exist in human heart at the same time. They both come from the yearning and longing for life. Both forces are very powerful. When we integrate the images of Elsa and Anna in our hearts, we become a whole person.



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