• May 29, 2024

Draw the bad people of all rivers and lakes

I want a fire to burn this mountain and river.

The comic-turned-reality drama “Bad People in Rivers and Lakes” was born in a state of melancholy. With its stunning beauty and magical restoration, it got a nearly perfect reputation of 8.4 points on Doosan, but in my opinion, it is a gentle reply to all doubts.

Comic adaptation of reality drama itself is a huge gap between the two dimensional aerial world and the three dimensional real world. Many fans of the original novel strongly resist the adaptation; in fact, for fear that the shackles of the adult world and ubiquitous unspoken rules will ruin the dream world. After all, some people have an extraordinary talent and obsession when it comes to destroying the original.

During the broadcast of “Bad People”, “god restoration” has become the key word throughout, from the original novel’s grand world view, story framework and atmosphere, to a character’s movements, expressions and an accessory on the head. This is a clear attempt to break through the “dimensional wall”, is the virtual world into the reality of the bold idea. In view of the concept of “2.5 dimensions” proposed by the director Wusih during filming, using three dimensions to represent two dimensions requires not only a high degree of restoration in costumes, props, scenes and special effects, but also a balance between reality and virtual scale in the feelings of characters and story context. At this time, both craftsmen and poets are needed, and the director must have a knife in his hand and a bright moon in his heart.

It is a good story that the black brick is still trampled upon after suffering six blows, and the stone statue is worshiped after undergoing all sorts of tempering. In my opinion, there is a lot of magic about “2.5 dimensions” hidden in the “reduction of God” that everyone talks about.

If we interpret the reality drama “The Bad Man in the River’s Lake” according to the definition of the new school of Wuxi: Conceived with new literary techniques, combining Wuxi, history and romance, the core of the story is still the traditional case and modern reasoning and knead into one of the Wuxi setting, among which the big “hero in distress”, “three checks and balances”, “Dongguan Treasure” background blueprint, small “hero rescue beauty”, “meditation healing”, “absorbing internal forces” story details cannot be separated from the traditional Wuxi style. However, when the director put all the strange and alternative elements in the binary world into imaginative restoration and network processing, it gave the meaning of the new school of Wuxi renewal.

Li Xingu Lu Youhek was poisoned by dampness. Instead of traditional black spots, he used a cloud of moving black smoke to replace them. Zhang Zofran and Lu Lingual did not meet the enemy in the woods as chivalries block in front of the body, but hold the small sister hand sword dance to tease sister; the smoke on the ground is like a flash bang after the online game “fire in the hole”. “I” in front of the door of the South Yonkers on Li Cunzhong’s name of the scene restores the classic “Ma Dongle” name in Goodbye to Charlotte; all these are full of the earth of the net wind and young people’s casual attitude towards life…

A wicked little fresh meat version of prince, white hair non-mainstream MOE system little master, perennial dew of the world’s big chest cute sister Jib such as snow, high cold royal sister type of female emperor, dark department of despair cp black and white, SAO wave base spokesman Fan Yin day, foot control welfare voice square sister group, Li Cunzhong’s Li Cunxiao, such as Altman and small monster like inseparable, northeast plus Tianjin section hand combination of the beautiful sisters, Androgynous pseudo-kiang Shang guan Unique, I drop a darling, at first glance this is the alliance between the two, but think carefully will find: royal sister, queen, Shanghai, girl, B female, proud Jiao, abdominal black characters are the prototype of the two Yuan in the fresh and lovely character image, they break through the dimension wall, incarnation into the lake’s amorous children……

The turbulent times were barren and the wild times were boundless, but there were delicate and new rivers and lakes. This is also the charm of the “new school of martial arts” created by the Internet thinking, without following the so-called iron rule of bullshit logic. And song and line and calm, will be beautiful and ancient style, martial arts stories, legendary epic, two elements of a hybrid, with the real world as the backplane for restoration and display. First use a fire to burn the old mountains and rivers, and then use three days to rebuild the dream world, one more burn a sick bone, two more plants blazing flowers, three more blow to the spring scenery, is also romantic.

From the immortal Butterfly Lovers to the realistic Story of the Western Chamber, the romantic legend of the Peony Pavilion to the Love of the Falling City full of the new era, the view of love between classical and modern is also enriched with the spirit of The Times. While the reality drama “Painting the Bad People in Rivers and Lakes” covers the basic love pursuit of “freedom, pure and bold”, it is also full of dazzling modern martial arts, fantasy and fairy love elements. The “inclusive, casual, willful and unrestrained” concept of love not only changes the weak emotional lines and flat and stereotypical characters in comics, but also creates and plays with the emotional details full of imagination and sense of The Times, making many post-80s, 90s and even post-00s find a strange and interesting sense of inclusion…

Li Xingu appearance is not a small sister does not marry the flag, and then encounter beauty Jib Run snow after the moment to hit the face, not only the scene control after but also made about her wet dream, after a few sets of time on the street made the unbridle art hooligan called other people’s maiden, like a few more sets to have sex, flash marriage, dog abuse looks… And Jib Roué is not ambiguous, in the first encounter with Li Xingu was also conquered by his face collagen, without any rhetoric on the set, even at the cost of violating the mission to help him cross the river, as expected, the level of appearance is justice… Like all teenagers in the beginning of love, their encounter is full of random, here is not “Finagling ferry, once met Yang Goo mistake for life”, more is “love is a river, who is not feeling the stones across the river” attitude of wanton. Two hearts have scruples but love each other as high school young people express their feelings, so that this ancient love is full of modern warm fireworks, but also more like a natural flirt with each other.

Say less master Zhang Zofran and wayward little sister’s story, white hair classmate lost morality after drinking, in the street to touch the leg, frivolous speech, peep bath, but he is still a good young sunshine! He just met on the name Lu Lingual lady, not cover up the bold confession, every time to help her fight against the enemy is like a cool tease sister kill, even if the other side of their super official second generation identity is not interested, even if the other side has a sweetheart to do a short spare tire also don’t mind, every cell of his body seems to be telling Lu Lingual: you are the only sister I want to tease…… On the contrary, the attitude of the little sister is also very simple three no policy: don’t know! I don’t know! Don’t want it! However, the mouth said not to the body is more and more honest; those small eyes small movements slowly betrayed her…… This is like a very contrast cute Ago Fu handsome crazy love silly white sweet story, not Mary but very crisp! Their love is more like an unreasonable chase, a race without asking the future, no reason, no purpose, but I just like you.

Finally, for the rest of us, the black and white couple made up of the sinister man and the femme fatale is cunning and ruthless but lovable. Compared with those pure values, the image of the protective sister monster and the dark girl are popular. There is no right or wrong love here; Shang guan Unique a sissy compared to the blue flower finger chasing Li Xingu running around the world, put up the middle finger to scold Jib such as snow SAO fox, in order to Li Xingu and bad handsome intercede, rotten female eyes men and men cp in addition to the star fan and a pair of star queen, love here regardless of gender; The sisters first see son who “sleep” he, not reserved to recognize him to do the duke, a word will fall, here love unreasonable……

This is a modern view of an old sentiment, each relationship is labeled more inclusive and individual, and the living characters are more like the real people around us that we can reach or not reach. In my opinion, true love has no methodology. Restoring the dream world with the most real drops of pure love is perhaps the best way to express love in this era.

“Painting the Bad People in Jiangsu” adopts the main line of high restoration degree + details of secondary creation, and combines the popular ACGN subculture (animation, comics, games, light novels) with the delightful characteristics, in reality alive such an extraordinary Jiangsu, each character enrich the best practical significance, while not completely jump out of the established world. In addition to injecting new vitality outside the main line, it does not need to break the balance of rivers and lakes with updated thinking. In the feelings, stories and things in rivers and lakes, it has more charm.

GU Long once said, “The song of a singing girl, the dance of a dancer, the sword of a swordsman, the pen of a scholar, and the fighting spirit of a hero are all like this. As long as you are dead, you cannot give up.” In my opinion, the exploration of the restoration of the duality world to the real world should be the same. As long as those beautiful stories can move people’s hearts, no matter whether they are true, situational and historical, as long as the sword is in the pen and the fighting spirit is in it, it has the realistic significance of existence. Such as Li Xingu, Zhang Zofran such fresh clothes angry horse young, Lu Lingual, Jib Roué white picturesque girl, whether animated or real, whether justice or evil, whether flower heart or pure love, whether love hate or separation, are like the most beautiful people in the youth.



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