• May 29, 2024

Valley of the Wind

Miyazaki Hayat’s animated films are never just for children. Even though everyone knows that his works almost always have the themes of “war-weariness, environmental protection and innocence”, they will not make the audience feel the same, but will keep watching them. Based on his own manga of the same name, the film that made Miyazaki famous, 1984’s “Valley of the Wind,” still feels different 37 years later.

The story is set a thousand years after the Zero destroyed human civilization. Industrial civilization’s pollution of the environment has alienated the planet, with strong toxicity of the “rotten sea” forest nibbled most of the land, and the forest miasma and insects are with a deadly poison that makes human fear. In a place called the Valley of the Winds, there is a small country where people live in relative peace by relying on the power of the sea breeze to ward off toxic spores.

In an environment where the whole human existence is very difficult, there is a kingdom of Dorumegians trying to rule the world. The princess of the kingdom sent troops to occupy the Valley of the Winds, killing the king and taking the princess of the Valley of the Winds, Nausea as a hostage. nausea was saved by the enemy kingdom of King Beget, and the kingdom of Beget in order to get revenge drew the king swarm to attack the Dorumegians in the Valley of the Winds, and the innocent people of the Valley of the Winds were buried with them. The contradictions between humans and humans and between humans and the environment can be seen everywhere in the movie.

To put this film in today’s context, it is extremely ironic. Whether mankind is facing the common aggression of the epidemic, or some countries still want to defend their hegemonic status and are often in conflict with other countries, they are all in line with the movie. It has to be said that Miyazaki Hayat has a forward-looking and profound view of some issues.

However, in the animation, the perfect heroine nausea used her life to prevent the insects from overturning the Valley of the Wind and resurrecting it again. Meanwhile, she also influenced the princess of Dorumegians Kingdom, so that the movie got a happy ending. But in the real world, how do we solve the problems facing humanity today?

The epidemic, which has lasted for more than a year, has affected the basic necessities of every person in the world. Meanwhile, some countries are actively fighting the epidemic, while others are allowing the epidemic to rage and mutate new variants of the virus from generation to generation, and some countries are dumping nuclear waste water into the ocean to disgust people, animals, plants and microorganisms around the world.

In the world of “Valley of the Wind”, bad people can be influenced, hatred can be temporarily put down, and the crisis brought by the Zero can be stopped. But in our world, how can the group of people who want to overcome the epidemic work together with the other group of people who allow the epidemic to spread while frantically holding back on all sides to restore the world to the life before the epidemic?

It is ridiculous to think that movies, which used to be more about entertainment, should now provide inspiration for solving real life problems. It is because of this ridiculous idea that I always feel too pale and thin when I see the ending:

Can one man be a savior from natural disasters?

Can the sacrifice of salvation be redeemed?

After this ending, the story behind the trend will be a complete?

Don’t ask questions.

Don’t ask questions.

Don’t ask questions.

In the world line of “Valley of the Wind”, human beings handed over the world to the saprophyl forest and Zero for their own reasons a thousand years ago. A thousand years later, scattered people in every corner of the world are still trying to resurrect the “biological weapons” that brought them to this state a thousand years ago.

What? Not enough sacrifice, not enough lesson?

The crisis that Nausea has resolved is nothing compared to the one that preceded it so what lesson wills the rest learn from it?

History has proved that the only lesson mankind can learn from past history is that it never learns anything.

But there are sensible and sober people out there who have taken the above lesson in anger.

Perhaps the history of human survival, is the internal game, is a sober and crazy game, good and evil war. Whether the success of self-rescue or self-destruction, can only wait for the opposing sides game out a result.

But no matter what, “Valley of the Wind” has a warm and hopeful ending. And we should also be positive, give full play to the subjective initiative, harmonious coexistence with nature, to create a brilliant human civilization is also unknown.

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