• May 29, 2024

Shark gang

It has to be admitted that the commercial system of the United States is very perfect, and it can continuously produce outstanding cartoons. Although it is no longer compared with such cartoons as Spirit and Coco, the cartoons mainly aimed at 7-16 years old are undoubtedly outstanding. The animations need not be so elaborate and real, but they need more emotion and meaning, and more need to wash the minds of children.

Shark tale is undoubtedly a touching cartoon that conveys important positive life ideas to children: integrity, truthfulness, kindness and honesty are far more important than vanity and money in the real world. Its emotional rendering is brilliant, and its use of traditional revenge scenes to target villains is subversive.

But shark tale has its problems, too. Oscar’s predicament is too weak to be relatable. The cost of lying exposure is too low and does not reflect the stress and struggle of lying. The theme is clearly expressed, but not enough depiction of both gain and loss.

We strive for a better life, but are such a vain and successful life really good? If the daisy can attack but the price is always living in lies and pressure, even losing friendship and love, will he still choose a successful life?

However, all films are about human emotions at the end, and this film is not perfect in the play of false feelings and truth. Lenny is not too sad and guilty after his brother’s death, so his escape heart cannot support his follow-up action alone. The mob boss wasn’t looking out for the best interests of the gang, and even though Oscar didn’t kill his son, he was still the fish that took Lenny. Where the film makes a mistake is that it gives too much description to each character and distracts from the main character’s identification and arc. Meanwhile, because the overall character is too full and kind, Angelina Goddess Fish becomes the biggest villain.

I have two very special and strange toys. One seems to be an octopus with jaws and claws, and the other is a sexy and attractive mermaid that looks a little black. I had to sell them online, so I goggled the English words on the package — “SHARK TALE”, an animated film, “Shark Tale”.

What’s the shark story? Put the toys aside and watch the movie first.

Sharks really do have stories! This story seems a little strange and cliché, but it have life lessons and are very funny. That smile, can be no matter the occasion, young or old without thinking about the smile.

This is the story of a bustling town under the sea. The town is built among coral reefs. Myriads of fish are as busy as all the people in the city. The town has tall buildings, huge billboards, and light boxes. Oscar was an unremarkable little fish who lived in this small town. Except for his constantly moving limbs and thick lips, no one remembers the tongue brusher at the whale car wash. In order to change his lowly status, Oscar cannot do anything. But an accident makes Oscar the number one hero of Coral Reef Town. When the two sons of Mafia godfather Lion Don chase Oscar, Brother Frank is sent to heaven by a large iron anchor. Lenny helps Oscar escape, making everyone think that Oscar killed Frank.

Oscar became the “shark’s layer”, the hero of all fish. He lived on the long longing reef top, endorsement advertising, and money beauty fish followed. Oscar was thrilled. And Lenny in order to escape the heart of guilt and the bad habit of eating fish, to Oscar. The vegetarian shark befriends Oscar and disguises herself as a dolphin to work as a tongue washer at a car wash. After many twists and turns, Oscar enforces the help of his beloved and supportive colleague Angie, a beautiful fish, to set the record straight and convince Don to accept that his son is a vegetarian. World peace, little people win big love, big fish small fish vegetarian fish meat fish happy together.

It’s not a very mainstream cartoon, but I’ve watched it five times. Every time I think, does anyone imagine themselves as a fish? If I were a fish, what kind of fish would I be? Like Angie? No, she has Renee Kiva’s amazing blue eyes. Like Oscar? He has Will Smith’s black natural musical talent. And certainly not Laura, the gorgeous fish with Angelina’s sexy lips, a magnetic voice, cool eyes, and a fantail that makes you kneel like a long dress. Nor could it be Seth, the flounder, the car wash owner with the thick eyebrows and thin, constantly rolling lips of Martin Scorsese, the film’s director. Every fish here is very individual, very familiar, and very distinctive. But they are fish. I can’t believe it! It’s even harder to imagine a shark being a vegetarian dressed as a dolphin. My strange toy is actually a squid, and Luca’s head is not as nimble as his claws. No one would have thought that Luka, the valet of Lion Don, the powerful Mafia godfather, who only calls take-out coffee all day, looks so ugly that no one would want to be him.

It’s kind of a fable, but it’s modern and gorgeous, the colors are bright, the characters are alive. No one imagines the bottom of the sea as a small town, no one imagines a blue sky from the rooftop of a building under the sea, and no one imagines the joyous, dazzling, grotesque parties of fish. There is a father-son bond between the leader of the countless fish-killing gangs, an ugly jellyfish who plays video games, and a shrimp who has the tragic experience of raising a baby for his dead sister.

Who says cartoons are for kids? Even if it is, adults should share it enthusiastically. Wang Jing said that if a person does not have a childlike innocence, it will be very hard to live.



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