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Genius mahjong girls

I’ve seen the 19 words and I’ve been completely overwhelmed. Although the evil GONZO is still often out of shape, but this hot mahjong-based Yuri-based story is in the beautiful, look at the gorgeous sound list, please do not miss this SAKI, because she is unexpectedly really good-looking.

The only men counted in the play are the society followers and that bald male narrator, so this is a very orthodox Yuri drama, read the manga know that although each word is very short, but very delicate, the painting style is also good, the animation is very good to ensure that the story is compact, especially to the second half, will make you look forward to the development of the next word, because the story to go without question, but its twists and turns are very expected. The two female insects, Xiao He and SAKI, are really a very Yuri pair, a huge breasted angel mother and a poor breasted doll girl, what an exciting pair of ah.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. The important thing is the wonderful plot. And the story is supposed to be about many teenage girls, so the group scenes make the story more complete. The abundance of mahjong just also makes this film look more energetic and professional.

What ridge on the flower, under the sea and then with is now and then out of the Yuri shot is simply a rare beauty. In short, no matter what you CP that pair of this drama will make you like and look forward to continue, now look forward to GONZO don’t suck.

Of course the drawbacks are also a lot of, such as the rough persona, compared to the cartoon is indeed much worse, but I believe that look at look at you will love instead, here please let me positive value of skip.

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Honey 2012-05-16 21:21:11

The second time I watched it I realized the loneliness of small clothes

I don’t know what it is that makes me like this work that doesn’t have a lot of depth in its content. I just remember that when I was watching it, I liked Saki more, because the main character halo? I don’t remember. I like Yuri more at that time, I think she is more cute, and I think Koki is also cute, but I don’t like it too much because it is a rival to the main character. I don’t have any special feelings about the most sought-after Haramura and.

Not long ago the second season came out, waiting for so long, but very disappointed, because the original team is gone, the back of the time will occasionally bring a little to make me more excited. Today the school’s pt. site uploaded the first season in HD and the first six episodes of the second season, the first down the second season, see Koi, Saki when excited, so decided to down the first season to watch again, and today’s time wasted in this, really sinful senior life ah.

A. Saki

Small Saki is actually a very considerate girl, do not tolerate family sad, do not tolerate friends sad, so every time you play cards are plus or minus 0 points, that is to say, this is also very powerful, may not be a cute persona, Moe war in the film 4 people into the top 8, but there is no her figure, and the second season to the 6th episode only appeared once figure, I do not know if it will be abandoned by the author.

Second, the original village and

The first time I watched it, I thought she had no characteristics, except for her appearance is more attractive to boys, there is no advantage to be found, and self-esteem is very strong, at that time really do not like her. When I look at it again today, I realize her strengths. She worked very hard, online mahjong world is a legend, initially in order to break the record of positive and negative 0 points of Osaka also made a lot of efforts, but really is still the strength of the player, tile theory is very strong, do not believe in supernatural genius and other talk. Luckily, the only players she encountered in the tournament were power players, and the only one who was strange enough to be “invisible” was not a threat to people like her who are used to playing online mahjong. If it had been one of those “children favored by mahjong”, she would have lost very badly.

3. Tortuga

She seems to be a spoiled young lady, and I’m sure I don’t like her from a child’s point of view. But I am not a child anymore. Tortuga is definitely no less hard work than Hara Murakazu. She is also a powerhouse who has practiced a thousand times, will analyze everyone’s card list, find expert statistics, and is a very hardworking child. It’s just that she doesn’t have the main character’s aura, so it’s always her who loses when facing Hara Murakazu. Although Tortuga seems to be capricious, she is actually very straightforward, saying whatever she has to say, and her jealousy of Kazoo Haramura is never written on her face and vented in her words. She also blushes when her “exclusive maid” holds her hand. Tortuga is also very affectionate to Xiao Yi, as long as Xiao Yi said she will do everything, Xiao Yi will be unhappy she will worry, will remember the other people do not remember Xiao Yi’s wish to go to Tokyo again, will read a story to Xiao Yi before she goes to bed, really like a baby in the love of her.

Four, small clothes

The first time I saw it, because the middle of the little clothes beat Saki very badly, so despite her cute, but still do not like her. But today, after a closer look, I realized how lonely Xiao Yi has been. Both parents are dead, and her uncle or whatever has to say that she is an unknown child and can’t make friends at school. The friends introduced to her by her cousin Tortuga were only summoned by Tortuga (of course this is because Koi herself did not realize that these partners were taking herself as a real friend) because she was winning too much every time she finished playing mahjong her opponent had a face of the end of the world and no one wanted to play with her again. How lonely she has been, a small family restaurant will make her thoughts complicated. It is so sad that such a cute child is not favored. Luckily, there was actually a Fujita player who liked her and Tortuga who loved her, and in the end she was finally reborn. Now, she is the child I care most about in the team competition.

The team competition, which was seen in the general competition, they are children who do not give up easily, and each has its own ties, so in the face of the situation dominated by the small clothes are not broken, very gratifying.

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