• May 29, 2024

The super electromagnetic wave of a science

To say that Super Electromagnetic Cannon is a dessert to Forbidden Books is, I think, underestimating the show.

I don’t think “Super Electromagnetic Cannon,” let alone “Forbidden Books,” maybe even outside. In my opinion, the only similarities between the two plays are the common world view of “College city” and some background Settings. Occasionally, the characters of Forbidden Books by Magic appear on the screen as passers-by, and the content is basically two plays performed on the same stage, which should not be confused.

Maybe some people will hold a kind of in order to see girls sell cute ah, spoiled ah state of mind to watch Super electromagnetic Cannon, although I cannot deny that the girls in this play are not generally cute, and each has its own specific cute point, but not just to see girls, also look at the script ah.

The previous episodes are similar to the introduction to the characters, the electromagnetic attacks of the sister Bang, the gorgeous debut of the sunspot “Judgment”, the skillful computer skills of the early spring, and the Level 0 but full of blood. The first episode or two is a prelude to the girls’ friendship, and a foreshadowing of their bond.

Then, the incident of the woman with thick eyebrows, the incident of the waste otaku, and the appearance of the Mushin teacher, everything is set for the hidden line of the Level upper event, and after the decisive battle with the Mushin teacher peeping memories, let me think that the nominal villain is actually not bad imagination. Have to mention, is one of the students on the ability of the vision and the ability of their hate, I think in fact can be reflected in every one of us, we have had such a period, a very want to give up everything but unwilling to concede the period. It’s a little bit poignant and a little bit empathetic, and at the end of the AIM Burst, she launches coins and says, “Try again.” I think that’s one of the best motivational words ever.

After beating the AIM Burst, it’s three or four episodes of the everyday, with a sense of service and a sense of calm before the storm. I have to admit, the swimsuit thing is a terrible routine, but each time it brings a different sense of relief. However, when she appeared on the big TV in the street wearing a childish and cute swimsuit, she really thought she was adorable. Housemaster and great pseudo-love story is also a people slightly helpless ending ah, originally thought housemaster can get rid of the single fate of what. Then there is the maid costume, violin music, and finally, the summer holiday of the struggling Anti-Skill teacher is also relaxed and natural. What people have to laugh at is that the weak and slightly useless women like the iron teacher can be competent to Anti-Skill, but she is also working hard. Really have a feeling of urban struggle, casually mention, Xiao Men teacher and Huang Quechan teacher bath expression is too cute. ~

After relaxing, it is the preparation for the final battle. Skill Out event has a kind of tenderness, but it is undoubtedly the clue after that, and it also gives play to the Capacity Down in the last episode. Then there is Poltergeist event, actually I thought it was the last event before. I didn’t realize it was just a clue. Of course it was a big deal. Then after a series of small clues in series, arrived at the last word, personal think the most burning word, just started is on the road battle, all the way thunder sister gun, fight side by side sunspot and marriage, technical house general early spring and firm determination of the wood mountain teacher, when the gun sister shouted to the day: “sunspot!” Coupled with the background music LEVEL5 -Judgelight- foil, let a person have a kind of cannot say why exciting. In the facility, when everyone was paralyzed by Capacity Down, Zoo Tina waved a baseball iron and said, “You are not allowed to hurt my friend.” Combined with the power of the gun sister and only my rail gun’s two swords, the instant fire to the extreme, the Boss also achieved the desired Game Over.

Finally, in a small romance, small warmth and small moving circumstances ending. In fact, I’m looking forward to a second season, although I know it’s a long shot, but it’s not a crime to think about it.

The daily life of the same four little girls was not plain and leisurely, but a different kind of excitement, mixed with friendship, faith, longing, bonds and other rare things. Anyway, if you watch it with a rife mentality, you lose.


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