• May 29, 2024

What do you think of Jungle of Fireflies?

Male master A silver was abandoned by his parents in the forest, was saved by the monster in the mountains, the mountain god pity him, cast magic to save his life, but because of the magic

The holding body is weak, once touched by human will disappear forever.

Japanese little firefly six years old that summer stray into the forest lost, and wearing a mask mysterious silver first encounter, but not allowed to touch his body.

Ah Yin led her to find the way home.

With a silver curiosity and young childism, little firefly every day to find a silver play together. At this time A silver for six years old little firefly, is like big

The role of brother, very friendly, very gentle, is to spend time with her every day, play with her playmate.

However, the whole summer vacation passed, the little firefly must leave the countryside to go to school, so they agreed to meet every summer.

As time went on, year after year, every summer, they met here, talking, walking, and flying kites. Every year enthusiasm

They bring each other the freshest joy and fullness in the summer.

However, the feelings of the two people are little by little to produce subtle changes. Hoare grew older and older, from the six-year-old child into a girl

She was a little bit of sublimation for him. Meet the little firefly before, he is lonely in the forest, but since meeting the little firefly

Later, his feelings for the little firefly a little sublimation, step by step deepens.

He was never much of a talker, nor would he express his feelings. He seemed to have a deep heart, but in every appointment and every parting, in

Every long wait and every happy company, finally he in every cold winter, also began to look forward to the arrival of every summer, or

He said that the long winter was an ordeal for him to wait.

He was a step change for her. When she was six years old, she took A-Yin as a playmate and drove with him in the forest

Take a long walk and play. As she grew older, it became a hazy dependence. She was willing to share everything in her life

The joy of her own growth and change is shared with him, and at last this vague dependence becomes true love, and she is sad that she cannot touch him,

She would come to work in the country for him after graduation, just so that she could see him every spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Unable to touch each other, after all means that this is always no result of love, they can’t help but want to hold each other’s hand, but are about to touch

To each other’s moment to shrink back.

Short is always happy, long always dissatisfied.

What had hurt them most were the long wait and the parting after the summer, but now the affection grew stronger and stronger, and the love grew stronger

Is to meet but cannot embrace, parallel but cannot hand in hand.

Finally a silver and small firefly together to participate in the forest monsters held “summer festival”, there is a child accidentally fell, was silver pull up, but not

To think that child was human.

A silver body began to disappear, never thought, fate arrangement of parting can have so sudden, so fast, this sudden will say two words, let

Both of them were shocked, and at the last moment, they embraced, and at the same time said their final goodbye.

From now on every summer no longer have you, from every winter no longer have to look forward to. If I had one word to describe this ending, I would say “poignant.”

I’ve seen a lot of sad anime, but nothing “So Sad”.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful anime, but nothing “so sad”.

The emotional and tearful end is that the farewell comes so suddenly that the audience is not prepared for it, and their love should be left to them

The end, but they are not ready, not yet to say goodbye, and the farewell is so real, so plain

Light, if they hug each other, can also say a good heart; at least two people can be each other’s heart to each other, even there

For a short moment, the animation gives us a long shot to look back at the time when two people were together, but there is no such thing as a short embrace

After, two people even say goodbye too late, a silver in such a hurry disappeared. Gone with it, along with this incomplete love


Short is always romantic, long always dissatisfied.

If the little boy had not touched Ah Yin suddenly, their love would have developed to a certain extent, and they would have been willing to sacrifice for love, because

Less than the sublimation of incomplete love, survival is also withered.

In fact, when a silver is about to disappear, two people finally for looking forward to a few years of embrace, we can see whether a silver or small firefly

They are not sad. Their first expression and their heart are happy, happy, and content. Until A Yin disappeared, little firefly

Feel sad and sad.

In fact, if this anime with two people sacrifice for love, would rather disappear to draw a perfect ending for this relationship, the symbol of the whole anime

The meaning will be more obvious and intense, but this is too emotional, but in order to maintain a “plain”, “soft”,

The poignant and beautiful style of “implicit” finally ends with such a plot moving tears.

Choose to love even when you know it is impossible.

Die for love, even if you know the touch will disappear.

Love, is infinite possibilities without hesitation, love is so emotional, contains infinite power, this is also the achievement of this feeling

Great, the construction of many from ancient times, people sing the story.

There may be only one partner who finally accompanies us to burn a perfect youth, but the many fruitless love have experienced in this lives is still a moment

Bone is engraved on my heart, no matter whether we can finally be together, no matter whether we can hand in hand for life, once walked a road of life, once shared a period

Good memories, as long as both sides at that moment or that period of time are truly in love with each other, it is worth preserving the good.

When it comes to love, the journey is better than the end.

Brave to chase, sincere to chase, brave to love, sincere to love.


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