• May 29, 2024

Finding Memo

The summer had been the most humid and sultry in a hundred years. It was persistently hot, and the air was filled with ambiguous and sullen moisture. People walking in the street sweat rain, frown, like a suffocating fish

In the hot afternoon, there is hardly a breath of wind in the streets, and the whole city is like a stagnant pool of water. With nothing to do, I walked out of the house, hid in a cool and empty movie theater, and went to a date with light and shadow alone. I was ready to melt into the joy and sorrow of a group of little lives in the deep sea, and evaporate the accumulated depression in my heart to pass the sleepy afternoon.

I read the first film review of Finding Memo published by Dijon in the United States on a magazine, which made me full of expectations for this cartoon blockbuster. After eagerly waiting for more than a month to see, but still have the value of the surprise. When I walked out of the cinema, my heart seemed to be wrapped in a piece of water Blue Ocean, cool and calm, to resolve the heart always filled with inexplicable irritability and restlessness. There is a circle of thin ripples, still in the heart of the subtle ripples; the surrounding air seems to be clear, blue up. Some almost forgotten memories, and some already faded emotions, suddenly in this afternoon became clear and fresh.

A good movie will always let people in the sensory enjoyment, still can harvest a little soul feeling and touch; “Finding Memo” is such a good work, it so easily through our indifferent mask, hit the softest corner of everyone’s heart. I sat in an almost empty movie theater, in front of the bright colors, ears are full of human interest and interesting dialogue almost can touch the blue water, smart fish. It arouses everyone’s deep heart, a kind of desire and attachment to the family. We may not have experienced the unforgettable love, the cold and gloomy despair, and the proud glory, but we must have cherished the warm memories and beautiful expectations of family affection somewhere in our hearts.

Parents for their children’s love, expectations, indulgence and care, I believe that everyone is not strange; and as a child, also have been like a small fish was carefully held in the hand heart love. But what is it that, as we grow older, comes between us more and more, and prevents us from snuggling up to each other as we did in childhood? What happened to the days when we were happy in our laps?

In fact, this is a too simple and too straightforward story, but we are familiar with the tadpoles looking for their mother’s luxurious extended version. And the theme of love and search in the film has been shown countless times in various forms. Perhaps because of too much dedication, perhaps because the film is really beautiful, for an hour and a half, the heart seems to swim in the blue water. Through the blue water, I see the love between parents and children that cannot give up, see the growth of all kinds of trials and setbacks we have to face bravely, see true love can cross time and space, across the ocean, create miracles.

Sitting in the dark, I, like back to childhood, again cannot tell the difference between the image and reality, accompanied the original cautious clown fish Marlin, in order to save the children and thousands of miles tracking, a lonely risk. In the happy laughter, actually will be childish tears. It is a kind of water blue moving, filled with clairhygmal into the soul gradually barren day by day. See marlin carefully guard his son, from the initial weak and tender life, to the confident and brave fish, the love has never changed, do not know why they will be moved, in the moment of the light still cannot be relieved.

At that moment, I was thinking of my parents, who had never fought so hard for me, and who did not even love me often, so that when I was young, I even felt that they did not love me and had a grudge. When I grew up, my feelings with my parents became weaker and weaker. I tried every means to live out by myself, but I did not feel that it was a big defect to stay away from the family. The pleasure of enjoying freedom diluted the faint yearning and attachment in my heart. But at the moment when my eyes filled with tears, I knew that I was still deeply attached to such a warm embrace, or longing for such persistent protection, or jealous of such a simple love; And I also believe that their love for me, no less than Ma Lin, if one day I lost, they will be so willing to seek for rescue. The growing child is like a wanderer out of the house, and the parents stand at the window overlooking our whereabouts, as the days go by more conflict, the window covered with dust. We all forget to reach out and wipe the thick dust on the glass, so that more and more cannot see each other’s thoughts and sadness, unable to share joy and sorrow, standing in the distance in vain, looking at each other, missing the days when we were close to each other.

In fact, what we need is not a search over the mountains, nor do we need to trek, but a little more understanding of each other, just like the end of the film Ma Lin assured his son to explore, although reluctant to part with, but ultimately understand to give it enough space to grow. The little fish also understands his father’s care and expectations, and is no longer as unruly and rebellious as at first. We have to reconcile with our families eventually, because we love each other deeply, but it just takes time to learn to express understanding with each other.

This is a film that transcends age, identity, culture and belief. Everyone can find their own happiness and moving in it.

As for me, as I hurried out of the cinema, I just wanted to call my mother, check on her and tell her that I would be home for dinner tonight.

And the water blue moved, still permeated in the air, brewing a heavy rain, to clean the city every window on the dust.



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