• May 29, 2024

Song of the sea

Leo Tolstoy once said in Anna Karenina that happy families are all alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. “Song of the Sea” tells a black fairy tale about family and family, unfortunate and sad. Inspired by Irish folklore, director Tom Moore takes an otherwise sad story beautifully and artistically. Extraordinary imagination, fresh scenes, flowing color, this film has a strong sense of European art film.

Tom Moore is deeply influenced by Hayat Miyazaki, both in his work and in his design; there is a tribute to glibly. “Anthem of the Sea” is reminiscent of Spirited Away and Pony. The whole film is hand-painted frame by frame, with beautiful painting style, accompanied by beautiful Irish folk songs, meet the Sedge elf. A good work can overcome cultural and language barriers and achieve worldwide success. Emotional resonance is the first thing that moves people. The use of magical elements such as fairies and witches is just right, which also adds many highlights to the film.

Deconstructing the film, the first story line is redemption. Brenna died to give birth to her daughter. This once happy family is on the verge of breaking up, full of depression and sadness. His father, Connor, was depressed, addicted to alcohol, devastated by the loss of his beloved wife. For children also do not care, basically can be selected in Doosan “parents are evil” group. Brother Ben is a problem child, think mother’s death is because of Satires, look at sister everywhere, all kinds of find fault with her, hate her, and even some hate her. Satires are autistic and nonverbal. His sister was also the anniversary of his mother death. Grandma felt that the island environment was not suitable for children to grow up, and she wanted to take them away from the island to live in the city. In this way, Ben and Satires became left-behind children. Ben is unhappy and takes Satires to find the big dog left behind on the island. Satires blowing siren conch attracted three elves, they said Satires is the seal elf, hope she can sing, rescue many petrified elves, and send them home. But without the seal fairy clothes, Satires not only cannot save the fairy, her body gradually weakened and was dying. Ben retrieved his forgotten memories from the elf Shaw Nagy. He said he hated his sister, but he was honest. To fulfill his promise to take care of his sister, Ben embarked on an adventure. Even the front hard just owl witch, finally found the seal fairy coat, save the sister, Redemption is accomplished.

The second story line is the farewell and reunion. There is an Irish legend that the soul of a drowned person turns into a seal after death. Also, Brenna is the Seal Elf (Selkie), married to the everyman Connor. The setting is based on an Irish folk myth similar to the cowherd and the Weaver Girl. When the seal spirit gets ashore, the humans hide her seal coat, and she can’t go back to the sea. She’ll find someone to marry. But if she finds her coat, she’ll head back to the ocean. After giving birth to Satires, Broach did not die, but said goodbye to her family and returned to the sea. Satires wear a seal fairy coat and sings to save the stone turning elves. Barona returned to the island, a family of four brief reunions, after again farewell, staged a departure song.

The third story line is symbolism. Giant Mac Lir (Mac Lir) is a sea god, lost the person he loves, so heartbroken, tears into the sea, overflow. The owl witch Macha, not wanting to upset her son, sucks his emotions out of a glass bottle and turns him into an island. She’s lost all hope, so she wants others to lose hope, too. Father Connor and McKee look alike, and similar circumstances, after the loss of love, heartbroken, become silent. Grandma, much like Marche, wants Connor to take the baby off the island and back to the city, start a new life and suck away old emotions. Although it has a fantasy color, but in the film can see the shadow of reality in it

Unlike Hollywood films, which commonly use three-dimensional CG animation, director Tom Moore’s two animation works are hand-drawn. Compared to its predecessor, The Secret of the Book of Kills, Song of the Sea is technically mature and more emotional. It deserves to be nominated for best animated feature at the 87th Academy Awards. Used to the Disney and Pixar formula, you can change the style. A dark adult fairy tale, a sad fairy song,Under the bright picture there is a black core, although unclear, but sad and moving.  

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